• Stafford County ESL Vision Statement:
    Students will achieve a solid foundation of cultural, linguistic, and cognitive competencies while demonstrating proficiency in the English language for life-long learning in our global society.

    Andrew G. Wright Middle School’s ESL instructional program promotes the natural abilities of children in acquiring a second language. The ESL program is characterized by innovative, differentiated teaching strategies, which both encourage and challenge students. Second language instruction incorporates the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. All modalities of cognitive and learning styles are included to make instruction relevant and comprehensible. Co-teaching and Core-content based lessons strive to accommodate individual proficiencies.

    We value the knowledge, culture and language each student brings to school. The variety of cultural backgrounds provides experiences that relate the students' foundation of prior learning to the acquisition of English, making the transition into the new culture a comfortable one.

    *According to BICS: Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills take 2-3 years for a student to understand what is going on in the classroom and social skills with peers.

    *According to CALP: Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency, it takes approximately 5-7 years to acquire academic language proficiency!

    This program uses ESL methodology and research to develop the students' proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking in English and is intended to provide the students equal access to the Virginia Department of Education’s Standards of Learning (SOL’s). Our school is a member of the WIDA Consortium, a non-profit cooperative that aligns standards and assessments.