• Welcome To First Grade!!

    First Grade is a very exciting year, in your child's education and development!  You are going to see your child grow by leaps and bounds into full fledge, academic learners!  We have a lot of exciting learning activities planned, and cannot wait to work with both you and your child!  Please feel free to contact your child's teacher with any questions/concerns you may have! 


    General Information for Parents:


    Arrival and Dismissal Times:
    Students are to arrive at school after 8:35. Your child will be considered tardy at 9:00. All students will complete morning work during this time. Students are dismissed at 3:40. You are allowed to sign your child out at the front office until 3:00 for early dismissal.

    Ask your child what he or she is studying, and look in their red folder every night. Red folders are where you will find any newsletters and notes that are sent home, as well as any homework that needs to be completed. Please send any notes to school in this folder, as well. If you have any concerns or are wondering why something is happening, please feel free to call or email your child's teacher. We welcome all concerns, ideas, and feedback that affect your child or our classroom. 

    You should expect that your child will have homework most week nights. Occasionally, your child's teacher may assign projects to be completed at home as well.   You will find the homework assignments in the "return to school" side of their red folder. I encourage you to set up with your child a scheduled time for homework each day. Students should be able to do most assignments independently, but do help if it is necessary. If you notice that your child is not able to do an assignment on his or her own, please send a note or jot down a note to me on the assignment. See your child's teacher for more specific information on homework.

    Healthy Snacks
    Please send in a healthy snack (no soda, candy, or junk food please!) with your child every day. This snack needs to be in a separate container/bag from their lunch.  Also, please limit your child to one snack per day.
    Water Bottles
    A bottle of water or a refillable water bottle is not required, but highly suggested.  It can be kept at your child's seat to allow them to stay hydrated throughout the school day.   It also allows them to have a healthy drink option with their snack. Students are also encouraged to have one for PE days as well!  Please ensure that any water bottles are labled with your child's name (first and last) and have lids that snap securely, to help prevent messes, if accidently knocked over.  Please be aware that these are for water only (no Kool Aid, soda or other sugary drinks please!).
    General School Rules for Safety


    Playground Rules:
    • No Running in mulch area (no tag games on or off equipment).
    • Balls of any kind and other equipment belong out on the grass
    and on the blacktop and not in the mulch area.
    • If you can’t reach it (without help/climbing) you can’t use it.
    • Do not use playground when wet or too hot to touch metal.
    • Keep hands and feet to yourself.
    • Take turns using the equipment.
    • Your classroom teacher or any other teacher can limit what you use at any time.
    • Only 2 children (1 on each side) on the climbing wall (3rd -5th grade side) at a time
    going UP ONLY. Students are not to climb back down or jump off of the wall.
    • Only 3 children on the climbing mountain (K-2nd grade side) at a time going UP ONLY.
    Students are not to climb back down or jump off of the wall.
    • Only 1 person on a slide at a time. Children must slide feet first on their bottom.
    Slides are one way (down). Do not run up the slides.
    • All monkey bars go one way - from the middle of the playground toward the outside.
    One at a time on monkey bars. Walk around the monkey bar area instead of under
    to prevent injury.
    • You may not sit on or hang upside down from any of the equipment
    • Chinning Bars – only one at a time
    (hang from bar with hands and bring chin up to bar)
    • All ladders - UP only (one at a time).
    • Fireman Pole – DOWN only
    • No jumping off of platforms
    •Balance Triangle – No more than 3 students at a time (standing)
    Anthony Burns School-Wide Rules and Expectations
    Anthony Burns School-Wide Rules and Expectations
    Respectful and Responsible for Ourselves
    Respectful and Responsible for Our Community
    Respectful and Responsible for Our Environment
    Know and follow the Character Pledge.
    Be prepared and organized.
    Be honest.
    Do your best!
    Make good choices.
    Follow adult directions.
    Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
    Cooperate with everyone.
    Use proper language at all times.
    Ask permission before using things that belong to others.
    Clean up after yourself.
    Return what you have borrowed.
    Always walk silently.
    Walk directly to your destination.
    Make good choices.
    Always walk in a single file line.
    Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
    Respect the learning of others.
    Keep walls and floors clean.
    Be respectful of hallway decorations.
    Flush the toilet; wash your hands and leave.
    Make good choices.
    Give privacy to others
    Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
    Use the restroom silently
    Keep toilet seat and all areas clean.
    Put trash in the trash can.
    Remain seated.
    Raise your hand.
    Make good choices.
    Practice good table manners.
    Use a quiet voice when speaking.
    Respect cafeteria workers and monitors.
    Empty your tray in the garbage can.
    Clean up after yourself.
    Stay in line.
    Make safe choices.
    Make good choices.
    Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
    Be polite to others. Respect adult directions.
    Use playground equipment safely.
    Take care of sports equipment, the playground and the school property.
    Walk safely to and from the bus.
    Remain seated at all times.
    Make good choices.
    Use a quiet voice when speaking.
    Keep your hands, feet and belongs to yourself.
    Respect the bus driver.
    Follow all the bus driver rules.
    Clean up after yourself.
    Throw all trash in the trash can.