• Welcome Students and Parents!

    Welcome to all of Buscher's Buddies!

    I am so glad you or your student will be in my class this year. We have a lot of learning to do and we'll certainly be having some fun along the way. 

    I know that we would like for everything to be back to normal and not be dealing with a bad worldwide virus. It is going to be a very different kind of school year. We are going to learn a lot about technology and how to use our computers. We'll work on new programs (that we will become very good at) and that is going to be a huge help as you get older. We will probably learn some things second graders never had to learn before and that makes this class very special. Even though we will experience some changes and do a lot of things different, we will also do a lot of things the same. 

    In science some of our topics this year include: scientific investigation, matter, magnets, weather, and life cycles of plants and animals.  In social studies, units include: citizenship, earth's geography, native Americans, famous Americans, and economics.  We work on place value, review basic addition and subtraction facts, tell time, count money, and learn more about measurement in mathematics.  In language arts we will improve our writing process skills and we will continue to practice and master phonics, word study, decoding, fluency, and comprehension in reading.  In order to ensure that we are all able to learn together, we will first spend time getting to know each other and becoming a community of learners.  

    I am so glad that you/your student will be one of "Buscher's Buddies" this year and I look forward to a fun year of learning and growing together!





Class Announcements

  • Please prepare your student for success the first day and every day by doing the following:

    • Have your child read to you each day, especially if this has not been a summertime habit. 
    • Ensure they have an appropriate bedtime and bedtime routine in the time leading up to the first day. A child’s success depends on them being well rested.
    • Help your student create a healthy breakfast. If a child is to get their own breakfast together each morning, help them know what their options are and when they need to be finished with breakfast. Breakfast is critical to prepare the brain for learning.
    • Tell them that you are confident that they will work hard and learn a lot that day!
    • At the end of the day, ask for one learning thing that was easy and one that was hard that day. Encourage their continued efforts!
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