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Application Process

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Employment Process Explanation

  • Application Instructions

    Application instructions may vary by job type. Access the job category to the left for detailed instructions for each type of application.

    • Administrative/Management - Includes principals, assistant principals, administrative interns, supervisors, coordinators, and all managerial positions.

    • Certified/Instructional - Includes certificated positions (i.e. all teachers, instructional specialists, instructional coaches, counselors, SLPs, school psychologists)

    • Classified - Includes all non-management, non-instructional positions (i.e. bus drivers, food services, facilities, secretarial)

    • Substitute/Temporary/Volunteer - Includes all teacher substitutes, volunteers, student teachers, coaching, and temporary positions.



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  • Helpful Hints


    • Ensure that your contact information is accurate.

    • Be sure to hit "submit" on the last page of the application or your application will not be received.

    • Continue to apply to vacancies for which you wish to be considered. An increase in posted vacancies will occur in the spring and summer months.


    We are in the process of transitioning to a new application system, MUNIS. Your patience is appreciated as we work to have the system operating as smoothly as possible. If you submitted an application previously in Winocular and would like to access it, please click here (Winocular). All applications received in both systems will be reviewed and considered for positions. After June 30, 2017, the Winocular application system will no longer be available. To ensure that you are considered for positions after June 30, 2017, you are encouraged to create a new application profile in MUNIS.