Why Should I Join the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)?

    . . . . because your PTO is there for YOUR children.  By joining, you are committing to the organization personally and ensuring you have a vote in the way the organization spends the money it raises and the programs it funds.  Our PTO must abide by federally approved bylaws, hold elections, have public meetings, and be accountable financially to you as a member.  Joining will make a difference and you also will leave your prints on your child’s education!

    Payable to MBES PTO?

    You may be writing several checks now and throughout the year to MBES PTO for things like class t-shirts, the book fair, yearbooks, field trips, and class projects.  The PTO acts as a “clearing house” for the funds from these and other projects to relieve the teachers and staff from very complicated and time consuming processing requirements.  There is no mark up and the PTO does not make money from these projects.

    How does PTO Fundraise?

    With your support, our PTO raises funds and spends them to enhance the education of our children.  We don’t like to sell stuff and so we have looked for ways to raise funds thru activities - MBES 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run, Boosterthon Fun Run, and Boxtops from General Mills!  Cut out those boxtops – a simple way to get cash for our school!

    How can I buy Spirit Wear?

    Visit:Our Spirit Wear Store!

    How can I contact the PTO?

    Kim Grant - President (kim.mbespto@gmail.com)

    Sandy Pezzillo - 1st Vice President (sandy.mbespto@gmail.com)

    Leslie DeFusco - 2nd Vice President (leslie.mbespto@gmail.com)

    Corrine Mayhew - Treasurer (corrine.mbespto@gmail.com)

    Melanie Marcotte-Warren - 1st Secretary (melanie.mbespto@gmail.com)

    Antoinette Wohletz - 2nd Secretary (antoinette.mbespto@gmail.com)

    Sara Cordes - Spirit Wear Coordinator (sara.mbespto@gmail.com)


    What events are planned for the year?

    September -

              29:  Outdoor Movie & PTO General Membership Meeting 

    6-7:30 P.M. – Field



    October -

              1:   MBES 5K and Fun Run

                       8:00 A.M. – Parking Lot

              20:  Trunk-or-Treat

                       5:00 P.M. – Parking Lot


    December -

              18-20:  Holiday Shoppe



    March -

              20:  Boosterthon Kick-off

              29:  Boosterthon Fun Run



    April -

              20:  Carnival


    May -

              7-11:  Staff Appreciation

              TBD: Ice Cream Party & General Membership Meeting