• Welcome Rockstars!!


    I am so excited to be your teacher and introduce you to all the things we get to learn this year! My Hope and Dream for each of my students is that they are excited to come to class to figure out what we will be doing each day! There is a lot we will be covering and I can't wait to see them transform from 1st graders all the way to 3rd graders over the course of the year.

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    Buckle up and hold on... it's going to be an exciting ride! 


  • Who knew apples could be SO EXHAUSTING!?!             09-28-18

    Om nom nom... homemade applesauce!  

    Whew!! Today was apple day and first of all let me say a big thank you to all of you who sent in generous supply donations to help this day be such a success. 

    We had a bushel of fun tasting various apple types, graphing our favorites, then trying them with caramel and seeing if our favorite suddenly changed. We peeled them, tasted the skin, compared the flesh of the different varieties in color and flavor. We discussed the stages of matter with our sliced apples as we transformed them, chemically changing them with acid and heat, then furthering the transformation with physical changes of strength and a potato masher! We tried apple juice and compared it to apple cider, discussing what contributes to the distinctive flavor and appearance. We tried apple pie as well, some of us for the first time! 

    In the classroom we have JUST started to introduce centers and small group work. It's... a process. Many of our friends simply don't have volume control, and I will admit many of our friends do not know how to speak kindly in and effort to work together. We have people who are used to being very dominant and getting their way... and they are interacting with other friends of the same variety. It's made for a few tears and we've had to introduce what a big-kid apology looks like and sounds like. This is all in an effort to really plow into our assessments. I can't listen to a child read or ask them questions if the class is too loud or horsing around so it's time to crack down and learn how to be independent in the classroom in a big kid kind of way!

    Language Arts: We are working on gearing up for writing... getting comfortable with what I expect, and learning to check our "COPS". That's Capital letters, words in a good Order, Punctuation, and Spacing. It's not easy... but we are learning that second grade is ALL about practicing what is hard so we can get better and stronger!

    Math: We are wrapping up place value & comparing numbers for now... it'll be back throughout the year as we getting bigger and more complex in our thinking as a means to help figure things out. We will be shifting gears into skip counting, and sorting even/odd numbers. All of this will help us later when we get into counting money!

    Social Studies & Science: Our citizenship unit has wrapped up, and we are breaking into science... we are learning what scientific tools are, what they help us do, and we will be exploring the scientific method as we dive into matter. This is something they've seen since Kindergarten, but we dive much deeper and us bigger words like condensation and evaporation. Help us out and use these at home as you are cooking, or sitting around and notice condensation outside your glass or on the bathroom mirror during bath/shower time. 


    That's all for now... as always, if you have questions, shoot me an email @ alexanderfloresee@staffordschools.net & thank you for all that you do!

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  • Week 1: Check!                                      09-07-18

    One week down, many more to go! This week has been a whirlwind of getting to know yous and learning the quirks of our new class. 


    This week we made new friends, learned a slew of new names to go with new faces, and are getting used to being back at school rather than hanging out like at home. 


    Next week we will introduce wordstudy homework. It'll be light, and mostly about procedures and getting used to having to be responsible for assignments at home. My homework methodology is that it is your child's responsibility to do it and to put it in their backpack when they are finished. The adults in their lives have plenty of responsibilty, school is theirs! Be on the lookout next week for word study homework every night


    Feel free to reach out to me @ alexanderfloresee@staffordschools.net with any questions comments or concerns. 

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  • Welcome Ms. M!!

    I am super excited to announce that our class will get to host a student teacher during the fall: Ms. Lesya (/L-eye-za/) Melnychenko! She is coming to us as a College of Education student @ Mary Washington with a focus on a Technology Specialization. Welcome Ms. M! 

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