• My Stop

    An exciting new feature called My Stop allows parents with a smart phone (or a computer and Internet Explorer) to see GPS information on the location of their child's bus.

    The web address is: mystop.staffordschools.net

    The User Name is:     the student’s ID number

    The Password is:        the student’s ID number


    After logging in, parents will see an icon moving on a green route.  The icon represents the location of the bus within 2 – 4 minutes. 

    Arrival times at the bottom of the screen will be automatically recalculated if the bus is running late.

    A notice of "No Active Routes found" means that the parent can only see the route for 30 minutes before the route begins and for 30 minutes after the child is dropped off.

    Phone View of MyStop

    My Stop allows the user to toggle to see a sibling's bus GPS information. Siblings are linked by their home phone numbers.

    Smart phone users can find an "app" in the App Store or the Play Store. Search for 'my stop' and choose “Versatrans My Stop”.