• Welcome to the Yearbook Club website!

    This club will be a combination of 2 different clubs this year. These 2 clubs will be open to either 4th or 5th grade students only. We will have a Master Photographer Club, which is only open to 5th grade students, and is based on student try-outs for acceptance. Students who are accepted into this club will be trained on how to use a camera and how to take good photos that can be used in the yearbook. Then, applications will become available at the beginning of January for 4th and 5th graders who would like to help design and put together the yearbook. This is the Yearbook Editing Club. Students who are accepted into this club will design the yearbook and will be adding the pictures that have been taken. PTO will also be assisting with taking photos for each grade level and classroom. 

    We will have a lot of work to do to get our yearbook ready, but I know that we are up for the challenge and we can all work together to get it completed. We will start to meet in October for the 5th grade master photographers and in January for the 4th and 5th editors to discuss the parts of a yearbook and how to setup a yearbook, while also starting to edit the photos that are in the yearbook. It is important that we set up our yearbook to have as many pictures as possible and students get to work on the designing part of the yearbook. 


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