• Dual Enrollment (DE) is a unique enrichment program in which high school junior and senior students are given the opportunity to take college courses in their own high school. Students earn college credits from Germanna Community College while completing their high school requirements simultaneously. Courses are taught in the building, by high school instructors who have the qualifications to teach at the college level. Interested students should discuss dual enrollment options with their high school counselors. Prospective students must have a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA; and will be required to complete an application for admission. Qualifying students will register through their high school in the spring of the previous school year.

     SPECIAL NOTE: Tuition is the responsibility of the parents. Financial assistance is available if needed.

    In determining whether to drop a dual enrollment course, the student must follow drop/add procedures and timelines as established by the college, not those of the school division. Certain dual enrollment courses require that the student pass the first semester (one college level course) in order to enroll in the second semester (subsequent college level course). In order to pass the semester, you must maintain a C average on Germanna's grading scale, not on Stafford County's grading scale.  Students enrolled in such courses and who are unsuccessful in passing the first semester will be re-assigned, if appropriate, to a non-college credit class in the same subject or an available semester elective.

    Currently, Mountain View High School offers the following Dual Enrollment Courses:

    DE English 12 - 3 credits per semester for a total of 6 credits

    DE Teachers for Tomorrow I - 3 credits total

    DE Teachers for Tomorrow II - 3 credits total

    • Students can choose to take the first level in junior year and the second level in senior year; or can take both classes concurrently in their senior year.

    DE US History - 3 credits per semester for a total of 6 credits

    • This class replaces the US/VA History class required to graduate and is normally taken in 11th grade. 

    DE Quantitative and Statistical Reasoning - 3 credits per semester for a total of 6 credits

    • The student must have completed Algebra 2 during the prior year.
Last Modified on September 20, 2022