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    Thank you for your patience as we navigate this new process together. We are all learning, and while we don't know exactly what this will look like, we do want to encourage you to stay healthy and active with your family. A workout calendar or video cannot replace the learning that takes place in the gym together, but for now we will make it work!
    We will update this page with "assignments" and ideas to stay active and make fitness fun. In the mean time, dance to your favorite song, take a walk around the neighborhood, play a game with your family. Remember we love you and will get through this together!! 



    Please use the link below for some great at home resources during our extended time away for school!

    @ Home Activities



    Welcome to Moncure Elementary Physical Education! 

    We have a focus on fitness in our classes, and your student will be running everyday they come to P.E., earning laps toward different rewards.  Please help to make sure they either wear tennis shoes or have some packed in their backpack, especially on P.E. days, but really any day since they most likely will be playing at recess. 

    If your child must be excused from P.E. for any reason they must have a note, which will also be sent to the nurse. If they need to sit out of P.E. they will also need to sit at recess. Any excuse that extends past 3 days must come from a Dr

Mr. Baker, Mrs. Barr and Ms. Oliver