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    Welcome 5th grade families!

    I am so excited to be your child's teacher. This year will be full of new experiences for your student and I am excited to be a part of their educational journey. My goal as a teacher is to foster a positive learning environment where all students feel comfortable and can travel down the path of self-discovery. We will use a growth mindset as we learn, and will set targeted goals for ourselves to see how much we can achieve. Your student will make new discoveries and will explore so many new ideas this year. I am looking forward to meeting you and building a relationship together to support your student's learning!




Class Announcements

  • Happy New Year 3rd grade families! Here are the topics of focus this week:

    Math: finding the area and perimeter of shapes

    • area: find the area by counting the square units inside a shape
    • perimeter: find the perimeter by measuring the outside of the shape

    Reading: identify the theme in a story

    • the theme is the heart of the story
    • What lesson is the story trying to teach you?

    Science: cycles

    • the water cycle: evaporation, condensation, precipitation
    • day/night and seasons: rotation and revolution
    • moon cycles and the tides
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  • Here are the topics of focus in 3rd grade this week!

    Math: balancing equations and 4 digit computation

    • Balancing equations: What does the equal sign mean? How can we make an equation balanced?
      • Examples: 5 + 6 = ___ + 9 or ___ - 6 = 8 + 12
    • 4 digit computation: Students need to be able to add and subtract 4 digit numbers with and without regrouping.
      • Examples: 7,345 - 3,828 = ? and 6,029 + 1,483 = ?

    Reading: summarizing fiction and nonfiction

    • As students are reading with you each night, ask them to summarize the events in the story. 
    • When reading nonfiction, students need to be able to retell the important information and details.
    • We also use the song "Somebody Wanted Something But, So, Then What?" to help us summarize!

    Grammar: apostrophes

    • Apostrophes are used for possessive nouns - we are working on the difference between singular and plural possessive nouns
    • Apostrophes are also used for contractions, such as the words don't, can't, and shouldn't

    Social Studies: Ancient Egypt

    • Contributions include; architecture (pyramids), writing (hieroglyphics), and inventions (the clock, 365 day calendar, and paper)
    • Egypt is located in Africa and the civilization was built along the Nile River
    • The climate of ancient Egypt is hot and dry, so the Egyptians adapted by living along the Nile River and irrigating the land for their crops
    • Egypt has also changed over time and modern Egypt is very different than ancient Egypt
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  • Hello 3rd grade families! Here is our focus for the week...

    • Math: rounding 4 digit numbers to the nearest tens, hundreds, and ones
    • Reading: summarizing
    • Grammar: apostrophes
    • Social Studies: Ancient Egyptian contributions (architecture, writing, and inventions)
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