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    We have been hard at work creating games to practice at home.  These games include

    Trash It (Place Value)

    Dominoes (Identifying whole numbers and decimals)

    Payday (Addition Subtraction)

    VA Map (Bordering states, products and industries, regions, and First Americans)




    We will begin learning about the watershed. 


    We will be learning about addition and subtraction.

    Virginia Studies

    We are learning about the First Americans.

    Please remember to bring in a shoe box



  • VA Studies

    • List the products and industries for the Valley and Ridge region


    • Identify the cities for each river
      1. Potomac
      2. Rappahannock
      3. York
      4. James


    • Which season would the natives eat fish?


    • What was the name of Chief Powhatan’s home?


    • List three items that would be considered First American artifacts



    • Round to the nearest ten thousands place



    • 543,974 + 43,765


    • 500,076 – 78,997


    • 7 x 4 Show using an array


    • Compare 654,987 ___654,899
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  • If you have any empty shoe boxes at home, please bring them to class.

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