Your G Suite for Education Students Account

G Suite for Education

About Your Student G Suite for Education Account

  • Our high school is proud to be a G Suite for Education school, along with our entire school division.  Our high school wants to continue to challenge our students and bring life skills into the classroom each and every day to make learning relevant and exciting.  Google Workspace for Education allows for our entire school and school division to collaborate with one another on a single platform.  Many of the apps provided by G Suite for Education are also available for free on mobile devices.


    Student Google Workspace for Student accounts end with while Staffulty Google Workspace for Teacher accounts end with 


    All of our students and Staffulty have Google accounts that have been created for them for school use only.  With Google, students and our Staffulty have access to the following features: 

    • Calendar:  Organize your schedule and share events
    • Contacts:  Manage your contacts and easily contact your teachers and classmates
    • Drive:  With Google Drive, you can create, share, and keep all your stuff in one place.  Share files with others, and edit them in real time (unlimited storage)
    • Gmail:  Get a fresh start with email that has less spam
    • Sites:  Create, share, and publish websites (students can only publish websites that are only accessible inside our division's G Suite for Education domain)
    • Hangouts/Meet (Currently not available to students on the G Suite for Education domain):  Collaborate with others in real-time by sharing documents and seeing each other face-to-face
    • Classroom:  Keep track of what's due on the Stream and begin working with just a click.  Teachers can quickly see who has or hasn't completed the work, and provide direct, real-time feedback and grades
    • Docs:  Allows you to create different kinds of online documents, work on them in real time with other people, and store them in your Google Drive

    Learn about all of the tools and products our students and Staffulty have access to for free.

What is G Suite for Education?

Accessing Your G Suite for Education Account

  • Students and Staffulty alike can login to their G Suite for Education account through the Google Chrome Web browser (recommended) or through the Google mobile applications.  Students and Staffulty can point their Web browser to  Students and Staffulty can access their account in school, at home, or on the go.  It is recommended that you use your G Suite for Education account with Google Chrome.  Download Google Chrome for free.

    A student's username is the first ten (10) characters of their last name, the first eight (8) characters of their first name, and the first letter of their middle initial (if they have one) with added to the end of their username.  Their username is in all lowercase with no special characters.

    A student's password for Google is the two-digit month and the two-digit day of their birthday with the last four digits of their student ID number added to the end in the format MMDDLastFourDigitsOfStudentID.  Students will be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions for responsible account use and change their password immediately upon accessing their account.

    Students will keep the same G Suite for Education account for as long as they are a student enrolled in our school division plus an additional one year after the student graduates.  After the student graduates, the student is encouraged to use Google Takeout to move files, folders, and Gmail from their G Suite account to another Google account, including a personal, school, or work Google account.  In order to retain the G Suite for Education account files, folders, e-mail messages, and other settings, students are responsible for downloading their data from their G Suite for Education account.   Learn how to use Google Takeout.  

G Suite for Education

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    Student Data Privacy in G Suite for Education and Chromebooks
    Privacy and safety in an online, collaborative environment is one of our top priorities and G Suite for Education maintains student privacy and safety when they are interacting with their accounts.

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