Hello Brent Bobcats!

    My name is Mrs. Summer Krebbs and I am the fourth grade special education teacher.

    We are going to focus this year on the motto-IT IS POSSIBLE!  When I say that, I mean that we are going to learn skills and strategies that you can use as you tackle new and more challenging tasks in your classroom.  We are going to adopt the attitude that nothing is impossible, there is always another way to do it, and success comes from hard work and your belief that anything is possible.  I will be by your side when things get tricky, not to help you or do it for you, but to guide you to the knowledge and skills you have within yourself.  It is going to be an awesome year and I cannot wait to get started.

    The 4th grade is currently working on Virginia's seperation from Britian, force & motion, solar systems, drawing conclusion, fact or opinion and fractions. 

    If at any time you have questions please ask me krebbssn@staffordschools.net.  Please visit my links for websites to practice at home.  Remember- First in Math is available from clever, you have a Raz-Kids account you can use from home, and to keep practicing those math facts.


  • Phone:  540-658-6790

    E-mail:  krebbssn@staffordschools.net