• Our Mission

    The Brooke Point High School learning community:
    Develops and celebrates students who are knowledgeable, inquiring, and actively involved in life-long learning.
    Encourages our diverse student body to discover their own talents and to expand their academic and personal horizons.


    Our Vision

    Our vision at Brooke Point High School is to empower all students to reach their maximum potential in a rigorous learning community that fosters respect and promotes citizenship in an ever-changing global society.


    Our Core Values

    As a learning community of students/teachers/parents/stakeholders, we believe that:

     All students are able to learn.
    Students learn differently.
    Students must be committed to their own learning.
    Student-centered learning must be relevant, active and inclusive.
    Integrity and service to others promote responsible citizenship.
    Awareness of diversity and mutual respect leads to international-mindedness.