Instructor: Mr. Trotta   
    Welcome! This site is for all 6th-8th grade gifted students at Rodney E. Thompson Middle School and their parents. Please check the site often to stay informed about upcoming events and classes. As the Focus Resource teacher, I provide guidance for teachers to reach our students, as well as services and programs for all identified gifted students as well as students who have been referred for the Focus program.


    Gifted students are those whose potential for achievement is such that they require services beyond those provided in the regular classroom to meet their educational needs. 

    In Stafford County Public Schools, differentiated services are provided for students in elementary through high school who have been identified as gifted in general intellectual aptitude; for students in grades 3 through 12, services are provided in gifted education for a specific academic aptitude, verbal-linguistic or logical-mathematical; and for students in grades 4 through 12, gifted services are provided for visual arts. Criteria used for identification include student work, a parent survey, teacher evaluations, and,  in the academic programs, ability and achievement test scores (generally above 95%). The identification procedure begins with a referral from a teacher, specialist, parent, or peer. Self-nominations are also accepted. 

    If you believe that your child has exceptional ability in one of the above areas, or you would like more information, please contact Mr. Trotta ( trottajs@staffordschools.net ), the resource teacher for gifted education at RTMS.
    Please see the brochures below for further information about RTMS's program for Focus students and for information regarding SCPS Gifted Identification:

    Focus MS Identification Brochure.pdf



  • Focus Students ~ The Time is Rapidly Approaching for Focus Festival:

    Please remember that it is an expectation for all Focus students to enter a project for consideration to the Focus Festival, Please submit any items that you wish for consideration for Focus Festival to Mr. Trotta! Excellent items will include:

    - Projects for which you are especially proud;
    - Essays on which you did a great job;
    - Special products that you prepared for unique opportunities at school (Nat. Hist. Day, Science Fair, Virginia Military History Project... etc.)
    - Independent Study Projects - please see the independent study attachment at the bottom of the page and let Mr T know if you would like to pursue an independent study throughout the weeks to come in Feb. / March.

    The list goes on... If you feel it is worthy, chances are, it is! Please see Mr. T. or email him if you have any questions at trottajs@staffordschools.net. Students may submit their excellent works to Mr. T. in his office any time between now and April 11th!












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  • CGS Information Session @ RTMS

    8th grade students: The Director of the Commonwealth Governor’s School will be visiting RTMS during ACT period on Friday, October 16 to share some information about the “Governor's School”. If you are an Algebra or Geometry student interested in the program and would like to attend the info session, please write your name on the sign-up sheet on Mr. Trotta’s door or in the guidence office.   This meeting will take place in the library.







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  • Field Experience Permission Slip - Commonwealth Governor’s School


    Dear Parents/Guardians:


    Eighth grade students interested in applying to the Commonwealth Governor’s School (CGS) program next year have the opportunity to visit a CGS base school on Tuesday, December 18.  During this visit, students will attend CGS classes and meet with CGS staff and students. This visit will help students develop a clearer understanding of the program and hopefully assist in the decision to apply for CGS.


    The base school selected for this visit is Colonial Forge High School. Students will leave RTMS at either 11:15 AM or 12:15 PM and return at approximately 12:45 PM or 1:45 PM. Transportation will be provided via SCPS school bus. Counselors and / or Mr. Trotta will serve as chaperones on this trip.


    If your student is interested in attending this visit, please see outside of Mr. T’s office for the permission form. 
    The permission form no later than Wednesday, December 12.
    If you have questions, please contact Mr. Trotta at 540-658-6420 or trottajs@staffordschools.net.














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  • Sign up for  Khan Academy & Google Classroom https://classroom.google.com/h

    If we have not already done so, please sign in to the Google Classroom and Khan Academy to create accounts for use throughout the school year.  Students can sign up for both using their school lastfirstm@scps.net accounts – student’ initial passwords for the google login will be their birthdate (mmddyyyy) in 8-digit form.  Students should change their password after to RTMS##### (#'s = last five digits of the student' number, or lunch code).

    Once in logged in to google, students can log in to google classroom.  Google classroom will be the Focus resource page containing documents for my math class, Focus projects, and more.  To sign in, students should use following access codes:

    Math 7x for 6th Grade: ouzrx9w

    Focus Students: ehpkar5


    The Khan Academy is an excellent resource for learning things a different way or for tutorials on all content areas, but especially for math.   Here you will find video links for tutorials about most anything you need help with!  Students must create an account and can do so using their scps.net account.   Students in my math class should go to the “Coach” icon and add the following code to access our class page:  NCY8HB.

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