About Learning and Organizational Development

  • The Learning and Organizational Development team supports learning for all students and adults throughout the school system.  We provide support and service to all of our schools, campuses, and educational community in the areas of curriculum, instruction, and professional learning.  These areas include:  K-12 literacy, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Fine and Performing Arts, World Language, Health, and Physical Education. Members of our team also focus on supporting CTE, STAT Academies, Learning Service, AP, APPX, Gifted Education, ESOL, and other signature programs. 

    In support of the SCPS mission, our team collaborates with all other departments in developing strategies to support timely, high quality professional learning focused on improvement and positive change that results in innovative, high quality learning for all of our students enrolled in Stafford County Public Schools

    Information about the Virginia standards of learning, SCPS's curricular frameworks,  learning objectives, and programs can be found under the Academics and Programs tabs on our web site





Contact Us


    Dr. Jan Streich

    Executive Director of Learning and Organizational Development 


    Phone: 540.658.6683



    Mrs. Chris Cayer

    Administrative Assistant


    Phone: 540.658. 6666


    Additional team members' contact information appears under the Academic and Program tabs above