• Stafford County Public Schools will be utilizing activity buses to transport students after school-related functions to designated locations in the community. The schedule for Colonial Forge buses is located at the bottom of the page. CFHS will maintain a record of who utilizes this service each day and will supervise all students prior to bus departure at 5:00 pm. It is essential that parents be aware of the following to ensure safe and efficient use of the activity buses: 

    It runs Monday through Thursday and you need a pass from your teacher, sponsor or coach.  
    Meet in Room 102 and the bus leaves at 5pm.
    * Please be mindful of drop off times. Plan accordingly to pick up your son or daughter.
    * Bus drivers will drop students at designated stops and continue with the route.
    * Drivers will not wait until a student is picked up.
    * There will be NO school personnel to supervise at each stop.

    Bus 1 (228)

    5:05   Kellogg Mill RD @ Ramoth Church
    5:07   Turn Around @ Mt. Fire FD
    5:25   Gayle Middle School


    Bus 2 (245)

    5:09   Red Oak @ Church Parking lot
    5:15   Anthony Burns @ Bus Loop
    5:27   Thompson Middle School @ Bus Loop
    5:32   H. H. Poole @ Bus Loop


    Bus 3 (230)


    5:06   Augustine
    5:18   Mt. Olive Church
    5:20   CRNR Mount Olive Rd and Arden Lane
    5:32   Stafford Lakes
    5:34   Rocky Run Elementary School