• The Commonwealth Governor’s School (CGS) is an academic year governor’s school that provides gifted and highly motivated high school students with a challenging, differentiated, and interdisciplinary program in English, science, mathematics, and social studies. Based on a school-within-a-school model, this half-day program utilizes real-time interactive audio/visual technology, field trips, and team teaching to create a regional community of learners. Students from King George, Spotsylvania and Stafford school divisions are offered a rigorous program of study while interacting with other talented students in the region. Students from participating high schools travel to one of the five CGS sites.

    The Commonwealth Governor's School
    Regional Administrative Office
    12301 Spotswood Furnace Road
    Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407
    Telephone: (540) 548-1278
    Fax: (540) 548-1736

    • Colonial Forge High School
      550 Courthouse Road
      Stafford, VA 22405
      Phone:(540) 658-6115
      Fax:  (540) 658-6120
    • North Stafford High School
      839 Garrisonville Road
      Stafford, VA 22554
      Phone:  (540) 658-6150
      Fax:  (540) 658-6158 
    • Stafford High School
      33 Stafford Indian Lane
      Stafford, VA 22405
      Phone:  (540) 371-7200
      Fax:  (540) 371-2389
    • Riverbend High School
      12301 Spotswood Furnace Road
      Fredericksburg, VA 22407
      Phone: (540) 548-4051
      Fax:  (540) 548-2964
    • King George High School
      10100 Foxes Way
      King George, Virginia 22485
    • Spotsylvania High School
      6975 Courthouse Road
      Spotsylvania, VA  22553
      Phone:  (540) 582-3882
      Fax:  (540) 582-3890


  • Students electing to take Advanced Placement (AP), college Dual Enrollment (DE)* or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses receive credit for successfully completing these courses. Weighted grades will be designated by a (#) and do not apply to honors-level courses. Please note the following:

    • In advanced placement, dual enrollment, or IB courses, a grade “A+” is awarded 5.5 grade quality points.
    • All other courses including honors-level courses are awarded 4.5 grade quality points for an “A+”.
    • Students who wish to enroll in a college or university and receive high school credit for a course taken will receive weighted grade for only those courses which are equivalent to those weighted courses listed in this catalog. Prior approval by the principal is required for any concurrent enrollment in a college or university. Certain student eligibility requirements apply.
    • In order to receive a weighted credit, students must complete the course and the appropriate AP or IB exam. 

    * NOTE: Any dual-enrollment (DE) course that earns less than six (6) college credits shall be assigned a .5 weight (not 1.0). This criterion would apply to CGS DE Chemistry, and all CTE DE and designated PLTW Engineering courses. Students transferring into Stafford County Public Schools will receive weighted grades for only those advanced placement, dual enrollment, or IB courses previously taken for which an equivalent weighted course is offered in our schools. All students will have their grade point averages computed using the same weighted grade criteria.

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