Our Libraries



    Our school libraries support innovative teaching and learning in all elementary, middle and high schools in the division. Each library is staffed by a highly-qualified librarian. We have 35 school librarians, working in 30 schools, and serving over 28,000 students.

    We teach both the Virginia Standards of Learning and the standards created by the American Association of School Librarians.

Contact Information

  • Dr. Karen Duffy

    Professional Learning and Instructional Design Lead

    Phone:  (540) 658-6000 Ext. 296

    Email:  duffyka@staffordschools.net

    Jenni Sharkey

    Administrative Assistant

    Phone:  (540) 658-6000 Ext. 281

    Email: sharkeyjl@staffordschools.net


Tweets from SCPS Libraries

Tweets from SCPS Libraries