Description of JROTC

  • Program Information: Welcome to the Colonial Forge High School Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) Eagle Battalion! The JROTC program focuses on the development of better citizens by building skills in leadership, citizenship, life success, civics, geography, wellness and dozens of other topics in a structured, interactive environment. The Army JROTC program is a cooperative effort by the US Department of Defense (DoD), the US Department of Education, US Army Cadet Command and host institutions to provide secondary school students opportunities for total development. The Colonial Forge High School "Eagle Battalion" was established in the summer of 2005. We currently have approximately 170 enrolled cadets.

    Army JROTC produces successful students and productive adults while fostering a constructive, disciplined learning environment. The program is the centerpiece of the DoD’s commitment to America’s Promise for Youth through its emphasis on service learning, community service and teen anti-drug efforts. Mastery of these concepts is accomplished through classroom and hands-on instruction, placement of cadets in leadership positions, and participation in Integrated Teams. Satisfactory completion of at least two years of the program may lead to advanced rank if enlisting in the Armed Forces after high school.  

    JROTC classes are electives, designed for progressive challenge and complexity. Students must satisfactorily complete all course requirements at each level prior to progression to the next level. Students must be actively enrolled in a JROTC class in order to participate in our extra-curricular teams and events. JROTC instructors are retired Army officers and non-commissioned officers, vetted and trained by the US Army Cadet Command, and employed by Stafford County Public Schools. Instructors, who are licensed under the Virginia Department of Education, teach all JROTC classes and coach/supervise the extra-curricular teams and activities. The JROTC instructors at Colonial Forge are Sergeant Major (Retired) Lee Worthan (, who teaches all Level 1 cadets, Sergeant First Class (Retired) Phillip Roberts, who teaches Level 2 cadets, and Colonel (Retired) Mark Strong (, who teaches Levels 3 and 4. For more program information, please plan to attend one of our new cadet/parent orientation nights (see "Announcements' and the calendar for details).

    Uniform Requirement: All cadets are required to wear the issued uniform one complete school day per week, per Army Cadet Command regulations, and to conform to published grooming and appearance standards. The US Army Cadet Command provides our cadets with the Army Service Uniform (ASU) coat, pants, tie/necktab, shirt, and initial cleaning and alterations. Individual cadets are only asked to pay for/provide those items which are unique to them and which they will keep, such as white crew-neck T-shirts, black socks, uniform shoes, and nameplate, and subsequent uniform alterations should they be required. Cadets are responsible for ongoing uniform cleaning and routine care. Pants and coats are to be dry-cleaned only. Shirts should be laundered or machine-washed after every wearing to prevent permanent staining.

    $100 Activity Fee: Expenses for activities outside the standard classroom curriculum are funded through an annual activity fee, payable once at the beginning of each year. The Activity Fee conforms to all Stafford County Public Schools regulatory requirements, and was instituted at the request of parents in lieu of frequent fundraisers. The activity fee funds the Military Ball, Awards Ceremony, Battalion apparel (hoodie or shirt) purchase, field/sports days, leadership labs, cook-outs, field trips, various team and battalion extracurricular events, remaining unfunded uniform accoutrements such as shoes (first pair only), nametags, ribbons, and other accoutrements. Students enrolled in the Colonial Forge High School Army JROTC Program are asked to provide $100 each year, or $75 apiece after the first year if two or more cadets are from the same household. We ask that all activity fees be submitted by 1 September. If parents/guardians have any questions or concerns about the activity fee or uniform items, please contact your son or daughter's individual JROTC instructor. Most issues can be worked out between parents and the cadet's instructor. Cadets may payment in cash or by personal check/money order to their instructor, made out to: "CFHS JROTC", or on-line at: OSP CFHS







  • Teams

    The Eagle Battalion currently sponsors six teams: Drill, Raiders, Advanced (competition) Color Guard, Basic (community) Color Guard, Robotics, and JLAB (JROTC Leadership and Academic Bowl). Teams are open to all enrolled cadets unless otherwise noted. Teams normally meet after, with various events and competitions throughout the year. COL Strong coaches the JLAB team,  SFC Roberts coaches Robotics, and SGM Worthan coaches the Raiders, Drill and Color Guard teams. More information on each team can be found on this webpage, or by contacting the respective coaches directly. More details about the teams will also be provided at the 14 August New Cadet/Parents night.