• Welcome to Ferry Farm School Counseling

    “School counselors are certified/licensed educators that are uniquely qualified to address the developmental needs of all students through a school counseling program addressing the academic, career and social/ emotional development of all students.” (American School Counselor Association Definition of a School Counselor) 

    Components of Ferry Farm Counseling Program

    Classroom Guidance Lessons

    Classroom guidance is a fundamental part of our counseling program. Lessons are geared to one of the three domains for classroom guidance :  

    1. Academic Development
    2. Career Development
    3. Personal/Social Development. 

    Classroom guidance occurs at least once a month for 30 minutes in your students' classroom. 

    Mrs. Jenkins will provide guidance lessons for grades K, 1st and 2nd. Ms. Finch will provide guidance lessons for grades 3rd, 4th and 5th. 

    Individual Counseling

    Individual School counseling is goal-oriented and generally short-term in nature. A student may be referred by a parent, teacher, administrator or make a self-referral. Parental permission is obtained prior to any group counseling experience and prior to any extended individual counseling. Please reach out to Ms. Finch via email at finchme@staffordschools.net or Mrs. Jenkins via email at jenkinses@staffordschools.net for more information. 

    Group Counseling

    Small groups are offered to students who may benefit from spending some extra time developing academic, social, or emotional skills along with their peers, and to students who are coping with similar life situations. Parent permission is always required to be in a counseling group. 

    Collaboration with Parents/Staff

    The school counselor provides information, assistance and resources in order to support parents and teachers with the academic, social-emotional, and career development of students.

    Coordination and Referral Services

    The school counselor works closely with the social worker and community agencies to provide support service information and referral services for students and their families.