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    The Moncure Elementary School La Clave' Azul Percussion Ensemble focuses on Afro-Cuban and other clave-based rhythm traditions. Clave' (translated as "key") is a main rhythmic idea that gives a unique "feel" to the rhythm. Clave' originated in Africa and has emerged in many different styles and traditions.

    These traditions include African, Brazilian, Carribean, and Cuban rhythms and rhythms from Central American traditions. The focus of this ensemble is to honor and advocate for these rich rhythmic traditions and their influence on music in the United States. This student group is chosen by a lottery-drawing and consists of approximately 7 fourth-graders and 7 fifth graders. Students learn to play on Tubanos (an American hybrid based on the Conga drum) and other traditional percussion instruments, such as Cowbell, Ago-go Bells, Gangokui Bells, Maracas, Shakers and other hand-held percussion instruments. We also learn about traditional Brazilian Samba percussion (Samba Batteria). 

    La Clave' Azul performs throughout the academic year including a winter concert, the SCPS Fine Arts Festival, a spring concert, and (possibly) parades (as a Samba Batteria). Applications will be available in late August of 2019. 

    Thank you, 

    Mr. Vita

  • Applications will be available beginning the second week of school. La Clave' Azul (LCA) is limited to 16 members. Students who turn in an application will be part of a lottery-drawing. Those students whose names are drawn will be given the opportunity to join this club. Students returning from 4th grade are automatically accepted into this club as legacy members. 

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