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    YOVASO stands for Youth of Virginia Speak Out About Traffic Safetyand is a statewide youth leadership program that enables teenagers and youth to work towards the prevention of their number one danger - motor vehicle crashes. Through YOVASO youth work together in school based service learning clubs to advocate for passenger, driver and traffic safety among their peers and to develop positive prevention strategies for their school and communities. By participating in our Drew YOVASO Club, you will join students accross Virginia who are role models and mentors for safe teen driving and pasenger safety. 



    YOVASO's mission is to establish and support peer-to-peer education and prevention programs in middle schools and high schools in Virginia to;

    EDUCATE youth and teens about how to reduce their risk of crashes, injuries and fatalities

    ENCOURAGE and actively engage youth and teens in developing and delivering messages to promote safe teen driving, passenger safety, and overall traffic safety

    EMPOWER youth and teens to educate and influence each other to make positive changes in driver, passenger, and traffic safety behaviors.



    YOVASO'S goal for middle schools is to focus on helping students develop safe attitudes and behaviors towards driver, passenger, and traffic safety prior to the driving years. Emphasis is placed on seat belt use and passenger safety, passenger rights in a vehicle, pre-driving skills, and other traffic safety skills such as pedestrian, bike and school bus safety. The ultimate goal is to influence a positive driving culture in schools and communities leading to reductions in the number of young driver-related crashes, injury crashes, and fatal crashes: and an overall reduction in fatalities and injuries for all teens.









Ms. Deputy Heather Scanlon



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Deputy Heather Scanlon


 My name is Deputy Heather Scanlon and I am the sponsor of our Drew YOVASO Club. During regular school hour I am the School Resource Officer at Drew. In addition to protecting the staff and students, I also sponsor and coordinate our YOVASO activities here at Drew Middle School. Last year we had a very successful year for our YOVASO club. Mrs. Popescu (the previous YOVASO sponsor) was able to recruit 48 additional active members and she participated in all the campaigns throughout the year, advocating for traffic safety, reaching out to all the students at our school and to the community. We also won two state awards, First Place among all middle schools in Virginia in the Save Your Tail-Gate Buckle Up Campaign in November and Third Place among all middle schools in Virginia in the Arrive Alive Campaign in June.

I am very excited to continue educating our teens on the importance of following the traffic safety rules and together to be able to reach out to our community and have a positive influence toward promoting traffic safety and prevention toward enjoying having safer schools and communites.   

  • Monthly YOVASO meetings will be held on the 3rd Thursday of each month. The meetings take place right after school until 4:30. Please be sure to pick up your child promptly at 4:30. Thank you!

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