Welcome to our Drew Chess Club!


    The Chess Club at Drew Middle School is an after school activity with the purpose of promoting the Century 21 Skills in students through challenging chess activities. During these activities, student members will have a chance to sharpen their critical thinking skills, communication, collaboration and creativity by engaging in creation of strategies to win their oponents. The students learn to follow the rules of the game, be respectful, and become good citizens. The ultimate goal is to empower the students with sharper intellectual skills and to prepare them to be better learners, more capable members of society and later adult citizens. 

    The Drew Chess Club meets every 2nd and 4th Monday of each month in room 201. During the meeting students have a chance to lear at any level and practice and advance to higher levels. The Club is sponsored by two teachers, Ms. Popescu and Mr. Washington who can handle various levels of Chess.

    The Chess Game boards are provided but students can also bring their own game set and play with their favorite pieces. In addition, any parent of the student members is welcome to attend and play along with the students Hopefully  that we can exchange a few strategies and have a chance to socialize.

    We look forward to seeing every member, each session. If you need to see the dates, please check the calendar for this activity. If you need to reach us, please call the school at (540)371-1415 or email at popescuja@staffordschools.net


    Thank you,


    Ms. Jeanine Popescu

    Mr. Devin Washington


Ms. Jeanine Popescu



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Jeanine Popescu

Ms Popescu is a teacher at Drew Middle School and she teaches 7th grade Math and 7th grade Math Extended. In addition to her math activities, Ms. Popescu enjoys playing a challenging Chess game and mostly, she enjoys teaching students winning strategies for playing chess. 

Mr. Washington is the other Chess Club sponsor, and during the day he works as a resource  teacher for the Gifted Students. His chess playing abilities are admirable, and he can definitely challenge students to solve complicated moves and win.

Together, the Drew Chess Club team of sponsors would like to welcome you to the club and would like to enshure you that this will be a great opportunity to make friends and get sharp with Chess.

Ms. Jeanine Popescu

Mr. Devin Washington