• Congratulations to the following Bulldogs on acceptance into the National Jr Honors Society

    Rachel A.

    Mohammad A.

    James B.

    Allison B.

    Katherine B.

    Tori B.

    Tylaiyah B.

    Madeline B.

    Olivia B.

    Lillian B.

    Aralin C.

    Danica C.

    Aiden C.

    Jaden C.

    Garrett C.

    Anna D.

    Bradley D.

    Abigail D.

    Jayden D.

    Kieralee D.

    Kiley E.

    Evan E.

    Henry E.

    Joshua E.

    Alixandra F.

    Elizabeth G.

    Jesse G.

    Savannah G.

    John H.

    Lauren H.

    Lucas H.

    Gisselle H.

    Isabell H.

    Kaylyn H.

    Emily J.

    Halee J.

    James K.

    Tayler M.

    Juliet M.

    Ty M.

    Jacob M.

    Noah M.

    Isaac N.

    Jonathan O.

    James P.

    Alexander P.

    Kaylee R.

    Tyler R.

    Benjamin R.

    Cylie R.

    Pierce R. 

    Natalie R.

    Caiden S.

    Michael S.

    Noah S.

    Kristofer S.

    Selby T.

    Jaylin T.

    Hannah T.

    Sebastian T.

    Kaitlyn T.

    Carter V.

    Aaliyah V.

    Jackson W.

    Sophie W.





    Students who met GPA criteria were sent an email with an invitation to apply for NJHS. Students must use their SCHOOL email account to access the links on our Google Classroom.  If you are having any trouble using the link in the email, students may go directly to Google Classroom and hit the + sign at the top to add code VLVMSQD.  Parents were sent a copy of the email to share the news of students' receiving an invitation to apply.  This is a great learning opportunity for students to work through the process.  All needed information is on the Google Classroom.  I will host a Google Meet on Wed, March 3 at 9:30.  Students who wish to ask questions about the application process may use code DSMS NJHS to meet with me that morning.  CONGRATULATIONS to all!


    Mrs. Arthur

    NJHS Sponsor