March 8, 2019

    Dear Families!



    Just a reminder that I am now using CLASS DOJO for all of our communication!!!  We still have a few parents that have not connected and if you'd like another invitation......please let me know!!! If you have a phone, you can have DOJO!!!!!


    You'll also get to see amazing pictures of your children hard at work!!!!


    Please feel free to email me with any questions at all!


    Katy Baker




    Dear Families!


    The students seemed to have a wonderful, long weekend!!!!  Even though we're just the the first month or so of school, long weekends are fabulous!

    Today was AAAAAMMMMMAAAAZZZZIIIINNNNG!!!!  The students all followed the routines and were completely on task!  I loved watching them explore place value with the base ten blocks!!!  We are still working on our matter unit in Science.  We are hoping to finish that next week!

    Any donations of cereal would be greatly appreciated!  The SCA is collecting boxes of cereal and the class with the most donations will receive an ice cream party!  Not that we want to teach kindness because you GET something.  But......if there is going to be a winner, why not be our class, right????:-)  I really want the kids to feel good about donating and helping people!;-)

    Have a great night!


    Katy Baker






    Dear Families!


    Wow.....it's October 3rd already!!!

    Just a reminder that interims went home today along with a newsletter from the third grade!  It's got great information in it as well as dates to remember!

    We are still on a NO WATER watch here at FFES.  Students may bring bottled water with them or I have some here in school!  No student was without water today!  I had a cooler full of water and then we were given a case......so plenty of water and santizing gel!

    Hope you have a great night!


    Katy Baker



    Dear Families!

    Can you believe it's almost October?  Where did September go???

    We had SCA Elections and our class was well represented by Ella P!!!  Although Ella had a FABULOUS speech and did and AMAZING job, she did not win!!!  There were many wonderful people running for Treasurer and we're just happy that Ella was representing our class!  Ella will be part of SCA and keep us informed as to what's going on at FFES!

    In other news..........Interims will go hom on Wednesday!  Also, we have an early out on Friday!

    Lastly, if you haven't joined our Class Dojo, I would love to have you join!  I'm able to share pictures, announcements, and other things that pertain to our class ONLY!  It's a great way to connect!  I've sent a few invitations out already!  If I have missed you, please let me know!;-)

    There is no homework this weekend - except to be nice to each other!!!!

    Enjoy each other!




    Homework Schedule:

    M/W - Reading/Language Arts

    T/TH - Math

    Friday - NONE!:-)




    Dear Everybody!


    Happy Wednesday!


    Tomorrow, Thursday, September 20th, is an early release.  We will be releasing the students at 1:10!


    Agendas were not signed today!  We had a fire drill towards the end of the day and time just got away from us!  Thank you for understanding!


    Also - students recieved their working level in reading!  Please ask your child to explain it to you to ensure they, themselves, understand it!  If you have any questions - please don't hesistate to ask!


    Anybody going to the Breakfast Buddies next Friday? If you are and haven't RSVP'd, please let us know.  If you don't have the form, just write a note!  


    Thanks so much!!


    Katy Baker







    Dear Families,


    Happy Monday!


    Thank you all for your patience as your students made their way to car riders and buses later than usual.  Stafford County prides themselves in making sure all students, as well as staff, are safe in times like today!  The warning was issued and I'm sure you all got a phone call or two as I did, since I have students in Stafford County Public Schools!:-)


    Although car riders and buses were later than usual, all students were safe and that's the important part!  I'm sure they were a bit hungry.........  I tried to give anybody who didn't have a snack and were second loaders some goldfish!;-)


    If students don't have their binders or agendas.......NO WORRIES!!!!  We really just wanted them to get home as soon as possible so some things were left in Mrs. Sparico's room....and that's okay!  It was such a long day for the students, no reading is needed tonight....unless they want to read!;-)


    Thanks for being so patient while we made sure you chickadees were safe and taken care of!;-)


    Have a great night!




    Dear Families,

    Happy Friday!!!  


    We had a great week of working on getting the classroom procedures perfected!  We will continue working on this next week, as well.  Once we get our routines easily understood, our classroom will run like a well oiled machine!:-)


    Mrs. Sparico and I are trying to tweak our routines a bit to help our students meet the expectations of our classes!  We will try a few new things next week to ease transitions and bathroom times, as well as getting a full recess for our chickadees!!!  Please know we have come up with a few ideas, so keep your fingers crossed!:-)


    Keep safe this weekend as I hear our weather is going to be a bit chaotic through Tuesday as well as keeping those affected by Hurricane Florence in your thoughts!


    A few gentle reminders:

    1.  We are a peanut free classroom so please double check your snacks.

    2.  If you have a form that has not been returned, please do so!

    3.  Early release on Thursday - 1:10 dismissal.

    4.  If you have not signed up for Class Dojo, please do!  It's really fun to see what the kids are doing and an easy way to communicate!

    5.  The rules of our classroom are extremely important.  Please encourage your student to follow our rules:

    • respect yourself
    • respect others
    • do the right thing

    6.  Homework will be M/W - Language Arts and T/Th Math.  Students will get something for HW most nights.  There are sometimes when we forget to pass it out.  I try very hard to NOT let that happen......but, it does!  If your child does not have HW in their red folder, chances are I forgot to pass it out and apologize.  Most times, it is right there, though!;-)

    Any questions - feel free to email........bakerkf@staffordschools.net


    Have a great weekend!


    Katy Baker




    Dear Families!


    Happy Wednesday!


    We had a great day today!  Mrs. Sparico and I talked to all of the students at once so our expectations are clear for both of our classes and explained that we are a team and together we can do anything!


    Thank you to all who returned the inclement weather paper!  Those are important to keep on hand!  If you haven't returned your form, please do so!


    Please be on the lookout for papers tomorrow!  There seem to be quite a few take home papers regarding box tops, "Operation Warm", and PICTURE DAY!!!  You won't want to miss those papers!


    Today, some people received an important paper.  Please fill this out and return ASAP!


    Homework - Read 20 minutes, a worksheet on synonyms, and wear GOLD on Friday in support of Pediatric Cancer Awareness!


    Also - a special thought goes out to all people affected by Hurricane Florence.  I know it's changed it's path and we won't suffer the devastation we have all been preparing for.........but some people are really going to be hit hard and I can't help but send thoughts to these people in the areas affected!  I know we are going to get our share of rain........  


    Thanks for all you do to help your students!!!!






    Dear Families,

    Happy Tuesday!  We had a day of trying to get our classroom routines and procedures a little more ‘natural.’  We will continue this week with this goal!

    We celebrated Patriot Day by creating a class mural where each person colored on piece of it and when we put it together it was amazing!  We also talked about kindness and empathy being so important in our world, even when mean things are going on!!!!  We talked about how we can make the world better and brighter.

    Also, transportation forms went home yesterday.......we need those back ASAP!  We want to make sure we have them in case our weather changes quickly!!!!

    Homework last night was a math paper.  Next week, we will begin Reading HW on M/W and math homework on T/TH!

    Today (WEDNESDAY), we are having a team meeting with both classes to review our team expectations!  

    T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Achieves More!:-)

    Have a great day and thanks for sharing your chickadees with me!





    September 5, 2018

    Dear Families!

    Day 2 was great!!!  Your students went home today with a 3rd grade newsletter and an information sheet to be filled out by you!:-)  We love to have as much information as possible to help us better teach your chickadees!  If you haven't signed up for Class Dojo, please feel free to do so!  I sent home the log in information yesterday for the morning class and today for the afternoon class!!  If you need another one, please let me know!  As I've said before, I am learning this and I appreciate your patience while I continue to work on this new program!


    Just a reminder that we are a hand-washing, peanut free/tree nut class room!  We wash our hands when we get to school and again after lunch!  Please monitor snacks in our classroom to ensure that we can provide a safe environment to all our students!  I love when snacks have ingredients listed on them or they are the snack....  


    Lastly, don't forget about the PTA Ice Cream Social Friday night beginning at 5:30 pm!!!  Our PTA does so much to help the students and staff of FFES, let's come out and support them!  Hope to see you all there!;-)


    Homework will begin next week....so have no fear!!!!  We just want the kids to get back into the swing of things first before we add some homework!


    Any questions at all, please let me know!


    Katy Baker




     September 4, 2018

    Happy First Day of School!!!!!  We had a fabulous day today!  The students were both excited and nervous...........and by the end of the day they all seemed happy and content.....and tired!

    As I mentioned before.....we have peanut and tree nut allergies in our classroom!!  If your snack is not labeled..............and I'm fearful of not knowing exactly what is in the snack, I may ask that your child NOT eat their snack and give them a different one!  I don't mean to question your judgement - I just want to be safe!  If your child is eating a snack that is of question - please feel free to send me a quick email with a snapshot of the ingredients and we'll be good to go!  I just really want to make this a wonderful, safe environment for all!;-)  I greatly appreciate your kindness if I do question a snack!:-)

    Some papers went home today!  The Class Dojo log-in paper as well as a note about the first day and the calendar for FFES for September and October!  The papers are in a red folder that should be returned nightly!  This is how I will send home papers on a daily basis!  When the students come in, they will put them in their mailboxes!  (We should have permanent numbers by tomorrow!;-)

    I hope all of the chickadees had a great day and if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!:-)

    Have a great evening!


    Katy Baker




    September 3, 2018


    Dear Families!


    I am so very excited to see everybody tomorrow!  Believe it or not, I get a little nervous, too!:-)


    Some of you may be receiving a notification for Class Dojo!  I believe that if my 3rd grade chickadees are going to learn lots of new things, I should, too!  It is my goal to try to figure out Class Dojo within the first two weeks!  Keep your fingers crossed for me! I'm not the most computer literate person in the world!  I will be sending more information home about my plan to learn and master Class Dojo in the coming days!;-)  Basically, Class Dojo is a private way that I can share pictures and information with you all and keep you up to date on what we are doing in class!  It's something that I manage throughout the day, so it will take a little time for me to learn, so please be patient!  If I think it's going to take too much time away from my sweet chickadees, I will change my methods and practice it next summer!;-)


    I am so looking forward to our first day of school together!  Please know I can be reached at bakerkf@staffordschools.net



    Katy Baker


    OPEN HOUSE - 2018/2019



    Dear Families!


    I am so very excited to meet you all this evening or on Tuesday morning!  I can already tell that this is going to be a fabulous year!


    I truly get as excited and as nervous as the kids!


    If you need anything at all, you can contact me through my school email bakerkf@staffordschools.net


    Hope to see you tonight with your supplies if you have them!  If you have any trouble getting supplies, don’t worry about it!  Just let me have your sweet child and I will will make sure he/she has supplies!


    It is my sincere hope that our year will be filled with many memorable moments that turn into many treasured memories! 


    Katy Baker



















    June 22, 2018


    Dear Families,


    I can't believe it's been a week since our last day of school!  While you all have been sleeping in and playing......I've been taking a class!  Today is my first day off....  I miss my chickadees and hope they are running outside, playing games, doing dishes........and enjoying each other.  Summer is a great time to reconnect!!!


    In the craziness of the last week of school, I forgot to pass back recorders.  I want you to know that I have them in a very safe place and will give them back in September to your homeroom teachers......whomever is lucky enough to get you all!!!!


    Tell your chickadees to enjoy summer........read.......do some math..........and know how much they are loved!


    Katy Baker


    June 12, 2018

    Oh my goodness.......it's Tuesday already!


    Tomorrow we plan on having lunch outside!  Fingers crossed the weather cooperates with us!:-)


    Thursday - feel free to bring a game to share!


    Friday.......Well, it's our culminating movie!!!!  Ask the kids what we are watching!;-)


    Just an FYI, SOL scores will be going home tomorrow afternoon!  They will be in a sealed envelope and my name will be written across the back of the flap!  I truly, as one parent to another, would like to you to look at the SOL scores before your amazing student sees them.  No matter what the score says......each child worked very hard and each and every one of them should be proud of their effort!!!!!  I know I am very proud of their effort!


    Have a great night!!!!








    June 11, 2018


    (copy and paste the above into your browser!)




    Dear Families!


    We had a lovely assembly today celebrating our students today!!!  I loved how the students were able to stand up and celebrate their greatest accomplishment for the year!  The accomplishments ranged from FIM points, to helping friends, to meeting their AR goal, to being kind!  Love these kids!!!!


    For the remainder of the week, we've got a few special things going on!

    • Tuesday - bring a book and a blanket or towel for a little extra reading time!;-)
    • Wednesday - we're going to picnic (outside hopefully)
    • Thursday - bring your favorite game to share
    • Friday - LAST DAY:-)


    Just a reminder that our early out times for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are now 2:15 thanks to that lovely FLOOD DAY we had last week!


    Let's finish the 2017/2018 school year STRONG!!!!


    Love your kids!;-)


    Katy Baker

    June 8, 2018

    HOLY MOLY......Field Day was a blast!  We had a great time!  The PE Department did a fabulous job planning a fun day for all!  The VOLUNTEERS were AMAZING and we truly couldn't have had the day without them!  A huge thank you to everybody who donated to our pizza lunch!  It was delicious.......!!  Pizza, chips, juice boxes, watermelon, oranges, and cookies for dessert!  Does it get any better than that???  Thank you to all who came to the 3rd grade PTA Spirit Night!  We used those funds to purchase the pizzas!:-)




    This year each child is going to be responsible for coming up with an award for themself!  This can be a huge accomplishment in the classroom or outside of the classroom!  It is something that they have accomplished and are very proud of themselves for doing!  I love that the students are doing some soul searching and really finding something that is meaningful to them!  We will also have a few other awards to present which include top ten for FIRST IN MATH, top ten for AR POINTS, and 600 SOL Scores!  


    It's a new twist on awards this year and I think it's going to be great!  


    There will be a note going home on Monday about how we will spend the rest of the week!  Be on the lookout for that!


    Please be aware that early outs for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will be at 2:15 instead of 1:10!:-)  That 'FLOOD DAY' we had last week was lovely - but it has caused us to make up the time by adding on time to the early out days.:-)  


    As the year winds done, I just want you to know how much I have enjoyed your chickadees!  Each and every one of them has a very special place in my heart!  Thank you for having such fabulous children!  I know each and every one of them will be a huge success next year in fourth grade.....and, more importantly, in life!:-)  Kindness is our theme and your sweet kids have really shown kindness all year long!


    Have a great weekend!


    Katy Baker



    May 30, 2018

    Dear Families,


    Happy Wednesday!!!


    Our SOL Day was great!  You would have been so very proud of how hard our chickadees worked on their test!!!  They had great stamina, they persevered, they did their very best and I could never ask for anything more than their very best!


    A HUGE thank you to the PTA for providing breakfast last week on the opening day of Reading and this week for our Math SOL!!!!!  The kids completely appreciated your kindness!


    We have a few kids that are doing make-up tests tomorrow and Friday!  After that, we'll have a few kids who are going to do retakes and then we are completely D-O-N-E!!!!!


    So very proud of all of our kids!


    Have a great night!


    Katy Baker


    May 29, 2018


    Happy Tuesday!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


    Tomorrow we have our Math SOL!  I'm super excited for the students to SHOW WHAT THEY KNOW!!!!!  No matter what happens tomorrow on the Math SOL, I have seen growth in their skills, their strategies, and their accuracy!  More than anything, I have gotten to know what kind of people they are and OUR CLASSES are AMAZING!!!!!


    Please make sure everybody gets a great night's sleep, eats a good breakfast, has a sweatshirt or sweater, and comes to school with a fabulous attitude!!!!


    I am soooo proud of this group!!!!!


    Any questions - please feel free to email me - bakerkf@staffordschools.net


    Have a great night!


    Katy Baker



    MATH SOL STUDY GUIDE https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FEuI1Khp_ie-gCgryKEw919X3xacgVEb1TRehfSrnCs/edit

    (You have to copy and paste the link - but it will work!)  If you have any questions - please email me - bakerkf@staffordschools.net


    May 25, 2018

    “I don't have to tell you how fragile this precious gift of freedom is. Every time we hear, watch, or read the news, we are reminded that liberty is a rare commodity in this world.” – President Ronald Reagan


    Dear Families,

    As we go into Memorial Day weekend, it's important for our kids to know WHY we get a lovely, three day weekend!  We honor those who, while protecting us, lost their lives.  We also honor their families, who have also sacrificed so much for our country.......  


    This week was fabulous!  Sooooo proud of our chickadees!


    All students who were in school today went home with a study guide for math.  I don't want them spending hours and hours - BUT.......if they could spend 15-20 minutes going over a few things, that would be great!  You can ask them questions, have them ask you questions, make up problems, or find some on the internet!  The vocabulary is very important in third grade!  Also - I didn't put addition and subtraction on there - but, that goes without saying!!!  Multi-step problems with different operations would also be a great thing to practice!  If they students are able to explain and 'teach' you, then that demonstrates their comprehension of material!!


    Please encourage your chickadees to:

    1. Read the question once for enjoyment
    2. Read the question the second time for information
    3. Highlight all important material
    4. Underline the question
    5. Solve
    6. Check
    7. Solve again.
    8. Double Check
    9. Do not move on until they are 100% sure because there is NO GOING BACK on this test!  Once they submit their answer, they are DONE with that question so they have to be 125% confident.


    I truly hope you all enjoy your weekend and your time together.  Summer is going to be here before you know it!


    Some important dates to remember:

    • May 28 - No school - MEMORIAL DAY
    • May 30 - Math SOL
    • June 8 - Volunteer Breakfast
    • June 8 - Field Day
    • June 11 - 3rd Grade Awards - afternoon
    • June 13 and 14 - Early Out
    • June 15 - Last Day of 3rd Grade

    Let's all finish strong, finish happy, and finish being proud of our efforts this year!


    Your kids are amazing!


    Katy Baker


    May 23, 2018

    Dear Families!


    Day One of SOLs was a total success!  Your kids worked hard this morning!


    Thanks to our FABULOUS PTA, we started off today with delicious muffins and yogurts!!!  The kids were thrilled!!!  They were at ease and didn't seem too stressed!  Then we had our morning meeting and we talked about what amazing people they are!!!  I put the letter that we sent home to each student on the ELMO and we talked about the amazing things that these kids do outside of school and how this is just a snapshot of their year!  We talked about the character traits that make them unique and special!!! We talked about how they are kind and loving and how that can change the world!!!!


    Then we went to our desks...........and they opened your letters!!!!  Each and every child had a letter from someone special in their life and they just smiled ear from ear while reading the letters!  Thank you for taking time out of your day to make their day special!!!!


    The letters were so fabulous, I put them on their desks for tomorrow, too!!!!!


    Please help your sweet pea get a great night sleep, have a good breakfast, and have a jacket or sweater!  They also keep two books in their mailboxes so they can read when they are done!


    Lastly, please gently remind your kids to take their time, find their proof, use their tools, double check their answer, and be 100% confident before moving on!!!!


    I'm so excited to see them ROCK part 2 tomorrow!!!!  Just a reminder, scores will go home in their report cards on June 15th!  


    Any questions - please ask!!!


    Katy Baker



    May 22, 2018

    Dear Families!


    Happy Tuesday!!!  What a great week we are having!  


    Tomorrow we have our first SOL test....Part 1 Reading!  You should have received a reminder about what to do for tomorrow!  Basically, get a great night sleep, eat a yummy breakfast, and come to school with a happy heart!!!!  Also, have a sweatshirt or sweater just in case it's chilly!!  We have been working hard in both reading and in math........and we are confident that the chickadees are going to do THEIR very best!  We, as teachers and parents, have to remember that THEIR very best is different for each child!!!!  :-)


    Students also took home a letter about Mrs. Sparico and I being so proud of the PEOPLE they are!!!!  We truly love each and every chickadee and recognize them for being fabulous people first and foremost!  One SOL test cannot, and will not, define what they have done all year long!!!!  All year your kids have worked hard, behaved well, and been a fabulous friend to someone else!  That's what life is all about!!!!


    If you have not sent a letter in for your child to read in the morning, please feel free to send it in tomorrow morning.  If you haven't sent it in, you may now have two copies as I sent home a second copy to those who hadn't returned it as of yesterday!  The kids really do love to read some encouraging words from you all!


    Also - EXPEDITED RETAKE forms are due, as well! Please remember to circle consent or not consent has to be circled, please!!!


    If you have any questions or concerns - please email me at bakerkf@staffordschools.net


    We try very hard to let the kids know that we believe in them!  Please add to this encouragement and please don't add stress!!!!!  There is no need to stress our sweet peas out tomorrow, Thursday, or next week!!!!  


    Have a great night!!!


    Katy Baker


    May 15, 2018

    Dear Families!


    Happy Tuesday!!!


    We are rocking and rolling in third grade this week!  We are reviewing many concepts in Math so we are prepared and confident for our SUPER BOWL on May 30th!


    We took our Universal Screener today!  The students took this at the beginning of the year, the middle of the year, and now this test is the end of the year!  Can you believe that???


    I am so very proud of the growth that all of the students have made!  They took this Universal Screener confidently and filled their paper with work and strategies!  I can ask for nothing less!  EXCEPT..............parents, friends, grandparents, aunt, uncles.............we need help with SUBTRACTION!!!!  If you could spare 15 minutes a night and work on subtraction with your chickadees, it will improve their confidence!  


    This video is a great resource if you are not sure how we are doing subtraction in the classroom!  I know it looks elementary (because we are elementary) - but the step by step process is only going to help you help your child!  I literally do it just like this video!  Not only does it BREAK down the subtraction process - but, it SSSSLLLLLOOOOWWWSSS them down, as well!!!




    Lastly, we still need interims back from some people!!!:-)


    Hope you continue having a great week!!!


    Love your chickadees!


    Katy Baker




    May 13, 2018

    Dear Families,

    I cannot believe it's been two weeks since I've posted about your amazing children and my amazing students!!!!


    It truly has been a whirlwind!


    We had a fabulous week with our field trip!  You would have been so proud of your chickadees!  They behaved themselves so well and they had a BLAST!!!!!!  They made me very proud and represented FFES well!


    Also, thank you to everybody who spoiled me with love for Teacher Appreciation Week!  I felt so much love!  Your children make my job so fulfilling!  There is nothing better than watching children grow academically and emotionally!  Thank you for your kindness and entrusting your children to me!  I am honored!


    This week, in math, we are starting to check on some of the previous standards to see what the students have retained!  The checkadees will be doing some IA tests at least once, maybe twice a day in math! Please be aware the IA tests that they are doing are only five questions each - so when they tell you they have had 2 IA tests - please know that will be a total of 10 questions broken up in two sessions!


    We do try to go heavy on the IA tests this time of the year because we want your students to feel confident in their skills and comfortable using the computer and the tools!


    The SOLs will begin on 5/23 with Reading Part 1 and continue on 5/24 with Part 2 of Reading!  Math will be on 5/30!


    While one test can never tell us everything about your child.....it's merely a glimpse.....we want our students to feel prepared and confident. That is why we are doing the IA tests and small groups in math this week!  Please take a moment to go through the backpacks and look at the papers being sent home! The papers going home will show you how your students are doing on some of the review items!  Please feel free to take 15 minutes and go over some skills.....subtraction would be great to go over!  For some reason.......subtraction is a mental block for kids!  Have them talk you through a problem.......we use certain words and go very slow......and help them make the connection between trading and subtraction!  For problems with lots of zeroes - ask them to show you the 'take a penny' trick!  It's been found that when kids 'teach' adults, the vocabulary, skills and conversation all improve!  Also - telling time to the minute......  We have so many digital clocks in our world that students are not used to telling time to the minute on an analog clock!  Draw one, point one out, look on the computer for a game.......time to the minute is very, very important in third grade!  Look at the time on an digital clock and ask the student to draw an analog clock.  Look at the hand....do they know the HOUR hand is the SMALL (same amount of letters) and the MINUTE hand is the LARGER (same amount of letters)??  Multiplication, repeated addition, can be practiced in the form of story problems!  Division can also be a story problem....talk about fair share!!!!  Your kids have done a fabulous job this year! 


    Let's help strengthen what they know by giving them practice and confidence........yet not STRESS!!!!!!  We may be taking the SOLs on those three days......but, there will be no stress!!!!  For us, it's like getting ready for a big game!  We've been practicing all year long and now it's time to play in the Super Bowl and show us what they know!  NO STRESS......just confidence!!!  Will every student pass the SOL?  Unlikely (ask you student what unlikely means - we use that word with probability)!  Not every student will pass (although, that would be fabulous) and that's okay because I know that every student has made growth this year and, to me, that's more important!!!  Not every student is a great test taker, not every student will have a great morning the day of the test, not every student will be able to have their mind on this test due to other things.........and that's all okay!  We are going to do our very best and celebrate when we have finished and have tried out very best!!!!  


    So, please don't stress your child out.  Do encourage FIM, Jefferson Labs, problems that you give them.....but not more than 15 minutes or so!  No stress - just confidence!!!!


    If you haven't returned your Interims, please do so!!!!  Also, Math Club ended this past Thursday!!!  Thanks to all the students for their hard work!


    Lastly, I hope every mom, grandmother, aunt, and dear friend of a child had a fabulous Mother's Day today......and to every dad who is both mother and father to their child, too!  Every child benefits from having so many positive role models in their lives!!!!


    Have a great week and I will do better at updating this page!


    Katy Baker



    1. Read each problem twice......once for enjoyment......once for INFORMATION.

    2. Highlight what you need........ignore the FLUFF.

    3.  Solve.

    4.  Solve again.

    5.  Check with the inverse operation if you can.

    6.  If you can't pronounce a word.....substitute it for one you can or just call it by the letter.

    7.  Eliminate any answers that are NOT reasonable.

    8.  Make your best choice.

    9.  Double, Triple, Quadruple check because once you move on - you may NOT GO BACK TO REVIEW.............  


    April 27, 2018

    Happy Friday!


    Our third grade class had a fabulous week!  We had a great field trip on Tuesday to Stafford High School!  The play was amazing.....and if you'd like to see it, there are performances tonight and tomorrow!  Some of the performances even have a carnival in the cafieteria!


    Speaking of CARNIVALS....  FFES is having one on Saturday, May 5th!  Who doesn't love a CARNIVAL, right????  Each classroom is responsible for creating a basket/tricky tray and Diana Cloud has graciously volunteered to take on this role!  A few flyers have gone home with your chickadees asking for donations of anything you think might work for the basket...........  Movies, blankets, pillows, snacks, juicies, RED BOX cards, regular movie passes.....anything at all!!!  Every donation will be used because everything can be tied into the awesome MOVIE IN basket!  If you don't have time to go shopping for a donation, please feel free to send in a dollar or two and we'll do the shopping for you!  I hope everybody comes out on Saturday, May 5th!  It's sure to be a great day!


    ANOTHER FIELD TRIP!!!!!!  May 10th we are going to Motts Run for a fun day!  We'll go on a nature hike, have an animal presentation, and, hopefully, catch some frogs!  We will eat lunch at Motts Run!  I'm super excited about this field trip.........so excited that I hid the permission slips somewhere that I can't find them!!!!  I will make sure I find them by Monday!!!!  Please be on the lookout and return them ASAP since I am late getting them out to you!  My apologies!!!!


    The SOL schedule is up on the FFES website! 


    Please feel free to encourge your child's mathematical thinking by asking them math questions.........  We are leaving our house at 12:30 pm and it takes 3 1/2 hours to get to Aunt Bertha's house....what time will we get there?  If the movie is 2 hours long and ends at 2pm, what time did it start?  Please feel free to have them count money for you, do addition and subtraction problems, share their multiplication and division strategies.......anything math related!  If you have access to a computer, please encourage Jefferson Lab and First In Math!  The more we do at school and the more you encourage at home, the more solid their math foundation will be!  This foundation is not just for this year, but for a lifetime of mathematical ability!


    Most of all......thank you for having kind, hard-working, respectful young ladies and gentlemen!  I'm so lucky to be their teacher!!!


    As always, if you need anything, feel free to call or email.......  bakerkf@staffordschools.net


    Have a great weekend!


    Katy Baker






    April 19, 2018

    Holy Moly......how have I not updated in almost a week????

    I am so sorry!

    We've had a great week!  We finished our MONEY Unit and most of the kids were very successful!!!!  If you are looking for something to do......at home or in the car.......ask your chickadees to add a few amounts of money and then make change when paying for it with a $5.00 bill.  We are really working on our strategies which include the traditional method of subtraction, the 'take a penny' strategy, and the adding on, you never have to subtract again strategy!  It's really fun to watch each child and see what strategy works best for them!!!

    TOMORROW is our Earth Day/Garden Day for third grade! Please remind your kids that we will be working in the garden from 2:30 - 3:15 so they may not want to wear their SUNDAY BEST!!!:-)  If they have gardening gloves, they are welcome to bring them!

    We are super excited for our Field Trip next Tuesday, April 24, 2018, to see 'James and the Giant Peach' at Stafford High School!  I always like to teach students that you 'dress for the occassion' and plays are pretty special.  I'm not saying the have to wear anything in particular - but, it's nice for them to know that plays are special and we don't go to them often, so maybe dressing up a tiny bit wouldn't hurt!  We will proudly represent Ferry Farm on Tuesday!  I'm more excited than the kids!

    If you haven't returned your report card, please do so!!!!  One more time and you won't have to return them at all!!!  Where does the time go????


    Dates to Remember........

    April 25 - Freddy's SCA Spirit Night - 4:30 - 8:30

    May 3 - Last Day for Running Club (and Jimmy Baker's Birthday)

    May 5 - Spring Carnival

    May 10 - Interims

    May 23 - Testing Begins......(Please don't stress your child out about these tests........  We don't stress them out so no need for you to do it!;-)

    May 25 - Early Dismissal

    May 28 - Memorial Day


    As usual, thanks for sharing your kids with me!  I love them!


    Katy Baker





    April 13, 2018

    Happy Friday the 13th!

    What a fun week.......Reptiles Alive, Fraction Unit Test, and temps in the 70s.....  Does it get any better than this????

    We are beginning our money unit today and continue our energy unit in Science.  

    A few reminders:

    • Report Cards go home MONDAY, April 16, 2018!  Any questions or comments, feel free to email bakerkf@staffordschools.net or send in a note!  We will be happy to set up a conference!
    • Ideas for our class tricky tray for the May Carnival are being accepted!:-) Diana Cloud is our 'Volunteer Tricky Tray Lady'.
    • Field Trip Forms are due 4/17.  Field trip is 4/24.
    • Wednesday, April 18th, is an EARLY OUT for ELEMENTARY ONLY!  Dismissal will be 1:10.
    • Third Grade Spirit Night is Wednesday, April 18th from 4 pm to 8 pm.  This will directly benefit our grade level!  The class with the most participation will receive a little treat!  (I'm a really good winner!!!!:-)
    • Service Project Clean-up will be Friday, April 20th.  Information went home about that the other day.
    • Garden Club sign ups are going on NOW!  There are only 15 spots......  Forms went home the other day...
    • Recess reminders.......please wear appropriate clothes, shoes, and jackets.....  Our temps have been fluctuating....and when it's in the 50s, students should have a jacket.....  When it's in the 70's, they can skip it!  I use my 'mom sense' to decide if students need to take a jacket outside....  Our weather has been crazy this year!

    Have a great weekend!


    Katy Baker




    April 9, 2018

    Dear Families!


    We did it!  We survived the first day back after Spring Break and even had a few flurries to amuse us!

    It was so nice to see the chickadees and hear about the week off!  We jumped right into our fraction review as we have our Unit Test on Wednesday!  After we finish fractions, we are moving to money!  If you have some coins, feel free to start asking you kids what coin it is, what's the value of the coin, and have them add and subtract money!!!  It's soooo fun when they can show you what they know.......and we can fine tune it here!:-)

    A few reminders........

    • A field trip form is going home tomorrow.  The third grade is going to see "James and the Giant Peach" at Stafford High school on Tuesday, April 24th!  The play is free to all third graders - but we do have to pay for transportation.  The cost is $2.50 and everybody will get to go no matter what!  If you are unable to send in the money, just send a note in and everything will be fine!;-)
    • There will also be a field trip to Motts Run in May!  More information on that field trip will be coming soon!  The date of that field trip will be May 10th!:-)
    • Reptiles Alive will present a program to us on Wedneday!  We will see the program at 2:30 in the afternoon.  There is also an evening program so all families are welcome, too!
    • Report cards go home on Monday, April 16.......  Please sign and return ASAP!;-)  It's soooo hard to believe we have finished the 3rd quarter!  If you have any questions, or would like a conference, please let me know and I'll be happy to get in touch with you!
    • Wednesday, April 18th is an early out for elementary ONLY.  We will dismiss at 1:10!
    • Wednesday, April 18th is also the PANERA PTA NIGHT TO BENEFIT 3rd Grade!!!!!!!!!  Our PTA is amazing and works so hard for us!  We are looking for an adult or two to 'man' the table where kids sign in!  The class with the most participation will win a treat!  If you are interested in signing up......please let me know!!!  The hours of the PTA night are from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm!  Our grade level directly receives funds from this night........so come on our and have some FUN while FUNDRAISING for THIRD GRADE!!
    • Lastly, TRICKY TRAYS will be here before you know it and that means that our SPRING CARNIVAL will be here, too!!!!  May 5th (yes, Cinco de Mayo) is the date of our carnival!  It will be a Saturday filled with old fashioned carnival fun!  Each class is assigned the excitement of creating a TRICKY TRAY for this amazing event!  DIANA CLOUD has volunteered to be our coordinator for this basket - so be on the lookout for more information!!!!! 

    Thank you for having amazing kids!!!!  I love them!


    Katy Baker






    April 8, 2018

    Happy Last Day of Spring Break!


    I am so very excited to see your chickadees tomorrow and hear all about your Spring Break!!!!  The Bakers have had a very nice Spring Break filled with baseball, softball, and a little cleaning!!


    Enjoy your last day of Spring Break!


    Katy Baker








    March 29, 2018

    We did it!  We made it to Spring Break!!!! Yayyy for all of us!!!!


    I hope you all have a lovely week of snuggling your chickadees, watching movies, taking walks, cleaning bedrooms, and having dinner together!!!


    The little things in life really are the big things!


    We have no homework for this break!  Lexia and FIM are available online.......but, no required homework from Mrs. Sparico or myself!


    Enjoy your kiddos........and each other!


    Katy Baker


    March 28, 2018

    Dear Families,

    Happy Woo Hoo Wednesday!

    We continued working on fractions today!  We are learning to compare fractions as well as identifying fractions as a mixed number or improper fraction!  Such fun!!!!

    Our science quiz/test is tomorrow!  The students completed a paper today that will be very helpful to them tomorrow!!!!  They have a study guide as well as a 'word bank' paper!  If you study both - they will be fine!:-)

    My mistake............one of many................Spelling Contracts were given an extra day by Mrs. Sparico and I didn't know that!  I'm so sorry!!!  Contracts are due tomorrow as well as the test being tomorrow!  I didn't realize both Science and Spelling tests would be on the same day.........  My apologies.........I try not to do that!  I do want to have the science test tomorrow so we can do some fun fraction math on Friday, our EARLY OUT DAY!!!!


    Some reminders:

    • Morning Math Club (invited students only) will be on Thursday!:-)
    • After School Math will be on Thursday, as well
    • Running Club Form due by Friday
    • Yearbook forms due by Friday
    • Early Out on Friday!!

    Have a great evening!


    Katy Baker




    March 27, 2018

    Dear Families!

    Happy Tuesday!

    Just a few reminders for this week!

    • Spelling Contracts are due tomorrow!
    • Spelling Test is tomorrow.
    • Soil Test (study guide in Binder.......no need to panic, the kids will be ready after tomorrow's class) is Thursday.
    • AR Points are due Friday!  Ask your student if they have met their goal?
    • Weekly homework continues to be a READING THUNK and  MATH THUNK - nightly!
    • Morning Math Club (invited students only) will be on Thursday!:-)
    • After School Math will be on Thursday, as well
    • Running Club Form due by Friday
    • Yearbook forms due by Friday
    • Early Out on Friday!!

    If anybody has any extra dry erase markers, pencils, wipes, or page protectors, our class would greatly appreciate any donation!:-)  

    Hope everybody is ready fo a fabulous Spring Break!!


    Katy Baker


    March 23, 2018

    Happy Friday!


    We had a great week.....and the fact that it was only three days made it really GREAT!  It was so nice that there was finally a snow that was beautiful, wet enough to build a snowman, and then gone relatively quickly!!!!!  So, now...........on to SPRING!!!


    We continue to work on FRACTIONS!!!!  Our unit test will be after Spring Break so we have all next week to move forward with fractions!  Our SOIL test in Science will be Thursday or Friday!  This snow has goofed up our plans, but we will get back on track next week! Stay tuned for the exact date of the test!


    I was lucky enough to win a teacher raffle by the PTA (our PTA is the BEST)....and I chose to use it for the kids!  Each student was allowed to go to the library to pick a book in a certain range!!!  The PTA and volunteers pulled a box of books in the range and each student was able to pick one!!!!  I think it was more fun for me to see what the kids picked!!!  A HUGE thank you to the PTA!!!!!


    Some reminders:

    • The FINE ARTS FESTIVAL is this weekend!  Thank goodness it wasn't snowed out!  We have a handful of students who have art work on display as well as one student, Aiden M., who is in the third grade performance.  This performance is always a treat to watch!  If you get a chance, please stop by!  I am always in AWE at the artwork and talent!
    • The bookfair will be open on Monday......at least in the morning....
    • Literacy Night, sadly, has been canceled!  Mother Nature took over but stay tuned for something at the end of May.........possibly!!!
    • Yearbook Order forms are due 3/30!
    • The Running Club forms are due 3/30, too!
    • SPRING BREAK will be the week of April 2nd!  I hope you and your families do something fun.......or nothing at all!!!  Either way, it's a great break from school and let's the kids just be kids!!!

    Lastly, I'm super sad that April Fool's Day will happen while we are not in school...............  April Fool!!!!  


    Any questions - please ask...........


    Have a great weekend!


    Katy Baker



    March 20, 2018

    Happy Almost Snow Day!

    I have to admit......if we are in school tomorrow, I might just be a tad bit grumpy!!:-)

    I told the kids that they have their math THUNK to do and if we are not in school - they can just keep going on it.  Their reading THUNKS are somewhere between Mrs. Sparico's room and my room.......  They are MIA so if they don't have their reading THUNK, it's not their fault!  They will do it when they return!

    Some points to ponder:

    • AR POINTS are due 3/30.  Each of the student's points are written in their journals.  They really, really, really need to read and meet their goal!  Since their reading THUNK is misplaced - they have more time to READ!!!!!
    • I worked really hard to get their Timed Test back to them TODAY so they would know their working number and be able to study appropriately!  Please encourage them to study their facts!  
    • Our classroom is built on the foundation of kindness and respect.  Please remind your students of this as I remind them of this daily.  We have had a few instances in the past two days of students not being kind or respectful to each other.  That is never okay and my expectations are that our class will continue to be based on kindness and respect.
    • Stay tuned for LITERACY NIGHT plans if school is canceled that day!
    • The Fine Arts Festival will be Saturday.  Right now - it's still on......but, again, stay tuned.  If your student brought home a yellow piece of paper, they have their art displayed at the Fine Arts Festival!  Also, one of our classmates will be performing in the third grade play!  Super proud of all of our chickadees!!!!
    • Thursday Morning Math Club will be 'on' if school is in session 'on time'!!!  If we have a late opening - I'll let you know via a phone call or email if we are having it with a late opening!:-)

    Enjoy the snow......snuggle your babies!!!


    Katy Baker

    March 17, 2018

    Dear Families,


    We had a fun week!  Two more weeks until Spring Break!  I think we can, I think we can!!!!!


    We continue to work on FRACTIONS and NAMING THE WHOLE!  The whole can be whatever we want it to be!  We've introduced the numerator and the denominator and discussed what each part means!  We've drawn pictures to discuss this, too!!!


    In science, we took our Life Cycle test and have just started our Soil Unit!  This will go well as we continue to discuss the life cycle of plants.......and how soil helps!


    We have some afterschool clubs for math and reading.  If you received an invitation, please help us remind your student by putting a note in their agenda reminding them to stay!  Sometimes, the students are afraid to stay for fear of you not knowing they ARE staying!  We have our Reading Club (Invite Only) on Tuesday and our Math Club (Invite Only), Thursday morning or Thursday afternoon!  If you have any questions - please let me know!!!:-)  Thanks for doing what you do to get your child here or let them stay late!:-)



    • HOMEWORK - THUNK worksheets for Math and Reading each night!  We try very hard to quick check them so the students get their papers back the same day!  
    • TIMED TESTS - are given every Tuesday/Thursday in Math.  They students have their 'working number' and that's the number they are currently studying!  We are studying the numbers in a particular order........ 2, 10, 5, 3, 6, 4, 8 for now.......  The timed tests are 25 multiplication problems in 3 minutes, then 25 division problems, in three minutes and finally, 25 mixed problems in three minutes!  After they achieve success there, they move on to our next number!  You can help your child by studying for 10 minutes every night or in the car!;-)
    • BOOK FAIR KICKOFF is tonight!  It will run through next Friday morning.  There is a way you can arrange a debit type of transaction (with a limit, of course) or send check or money.  Our Library Day is Tuesday so students may come home with a wish list on Tuesday!:-)
    • LITERACY NIGHT - will be Thursday, March 22 from 6 - 7:30.  A flyer went home about pre-ordering pizza for your family dinner, if you'd like.  If you need any more information, please let me know!

    As always........thanks for sharing your kids with me!  They are amazing young ladies and gentlemen!!!


    Enjoy your weekend!!


    Katy Baker



    March 12, 2018

    Happy Monday!!!


    Today was a great day!!!  We started FRACTIONS and reviewed for our test on LIFE CYCLES!!!!  


    The big question that we are trying to get through to the students is 'what is the whole?'  The whole is truly whatever you say it is - you just have to define it!!!  So much fun talking about the numerator and the denominator!


    We are having our Science Test tomorrow.  We will review before the best - but the kids will do great!!!  Every person left with their study guide today!!!!  A quick review of vocabulary and concepts is all they will need!:-)


    The Science Posters of the Biomes were AMAZING!!!!!!  They are hanging in the hallway right now and will be sent home by next week!  I was impressed with the facts, information, and their presentations!!!!  Your kids are fabulous!!!!



    • Sol Remediation starts on Tuesday for Reading and Thursday for Math.  Invitations were sent and paperwork.  If you haven't sent the paperwork in, please send me a note.  The lists are finalized but, please let me know if you are late with your paperwork.
    • Morning Mathematician's Group starts Thursday morning at 8:00.....this was done through invites only!
    • Wednesday 3/14 is an early out day!  1:10 is dismissal time and it's for elementary only!
    • Friday 3/16 is the St. Patrick's Day Dance!!!!!  Wear your GREEN and come dance a JIG!!!!

    Looking forward to a great week with your chickadees!!!!


    Katy Baker

    March 7, 2018

    Happy Wednesday!


    HW - Thunk for READING and Math!  Study FACTS!  Timed Test tomorrow, read 20 minutes!


    The PATTERN TEST is on Friday!  The Science Test right now is scheduled for Tuesday!!!

    Read Across America Day is Friday!  Wear your CRAzY Socks on Friday!  It's sure to be a fun day!  Don't forget to bring a stuffed animal, if you'd like!


    Congrats to:

    Holley H. for being Student of the Month for January - COURAGE

    Miller B for being Student of the Month for Respect!!! 

    Both are completely deserving of this honor!!!



    We had a unique afternoon and your kids rocked it!!!!  


    We plan on finishing this week strong and showing kindness everywhere we go!!!


    Thanks for sharing your chickadees with me!


    Katy Baker








    March 5, 2018

    Happy Monday!

    Here's the scoop!

    • HW all week........THUNK for READING and MATH!  One THUNK per night is all they need to do!  Please do the math on a seperate piece of paper so I can see the work!
    • IA Test on Patterns on Friday!!!!  The pretest was promising - so please don't stress about it! 
    • Town Hall at FFES - Thursday Evening!  Please come and show support of our fabulous school! 
    • Read Across America - rescheduled for Friday 3/9

    Let's have a great week - together!!


    Katy Baker

    March 4, 2018

    Dr. Suess/Read Across America Day has been rescheduled.  The new date is Friday, March 9th!  We will wear our CRaZy Socks that day!  If you wear them tomorrow.......you'll just wear them again on Friday!!!!


    Hope everybody had minimal damage from the crazy weather this weekend!!!



    March 1, 2018


    HOMEWORK for Math tonight was to practice facts.  I did not send home a worksheet...sorry!  Interims and the Tornado Drill were all at the end of the day!:-)  I told the kids to practice their facts, work on their BIOME PROJECTS, and to do their READING THUNK!!!:-)

    Can you believe that it's March 1st???? Where does the time go????


    Interims went home today!  Please returned after you've signed it!  It you have any questions at all.......please let me know!!! I'd be happy to discuss your chickadees with you!


    A note went home yesterday for our Read Across America Day which is tomorrow!  The third grade is participating in the celebration of Read Across America by wearing CRaZy Socks!!!  Students may also bring in a stuffed animal if they'd like! At 2:45, the whole entire Ferry Farm Family is going to spend some time reading together!  After all, reading is a life long skill that can truly take you any place you'd like!


    We contine with our multiplication/division/mixed timed tests every Tuesday/Thursday!  Please take 10 minutes a night to review the 'working number' for you child.  (The 'working number' for your child is the number they are currently working on for their timed tests!)  Don't forget - TIMED TESTS (TT) are every TUESDAY/THURSDAY (TT)!!!!!  While it may seem that we are moving on to patterns in Geometry......we will continue to work on multiplication facts for the remainder of the the year!  Our SOL states that students will be fluent in facts through 12!  Thank you for your help with these facts!


    The BIOME POSTER PROJECT is due Monday!  As excited as I am to see what you learned about YOUR biome.....it's not to be a stresser!  The poster board was sent home with the requirements on Monday.  Please do your very best without stress!  You may draw, print pictures, use markers, highlighters, crayons.......anything that makes your poster pop is great!  


    As the weather is changing kids are wanting to go to recess with no coats.......  I have to tell you, with the nasty flu still around, I'm a fan on students wearing coats!  I know 50 can 'feel' warm....but,  it's still tooooo cold to be without a coat!


    Starting next week, students will be receiving a MATH THUNK along with a READING THUNK!  This will be their weekly homework starting MONDAY!  Students are asked to show their work on a separate piece of paper so I can see their strategy!  These 'THUNK' papers are a great spiral review of the concepts we have studied!  Don't panic if there is something on the THUNK that we haven't touched on yet....I promise we will before the end of May!


    Lastly.......thanks for all of the effort you put into helping your child with homework, signing the agendas, and making sure they come to school ready and willing to learn!  It is very much appreciated!


    Have a great weekend!


    PS - UPCOMING THINGS..........March 16th - Dance and kickoff to the BOOK FAIR!!!  Will post more later!

           Carnival Plans are in full swing - please let me know if you're intersted in helping and I can pass your name along!

           Thanks to Diana Cloud for volunteering to be our 'Room Mother'!  Ms. Cloud will be in charge of our 'basket' for the carnival so look for more information on that the closer we get to the carnival!


    February 22, 2018

    Happy Thursday!

    We've been working hard this week on our Multiplication Facts!  Please continue practicing these facts at home!  Our order for facts are ........2, 10, 5, 0, 1, and 3......  Ten minutes a night will do wonders for their fact fluency!


    HOMEWORK........THUNK.....Read 20 minutes......Practice Facts........Art tomorrow!


    Have a great weekend!


    Katy Baker



    February 16, 2018

    Dear Families,

    Our class had a great Velentine's Day Party!  We had beautiful doughnuts provided by the PTA as a prize for the Fun Run!  Third grade rocked the donations for the fun run and the PTA rocked our Valentine's Party with doughtnuts!  It was a day full of love....like every day should be!


    We are working so hard on our multiplication facts - but, we need your help!  Timed tests will be given every Tuesday and Thursday!  The students have 3 minutes to complete 25 multiplication facts.  When they pass that test, they'll have 3 minutes to complete 25 division facts on the same number as the multiplication facts.  And WHEN that is mastered......25 mixed multiplication and division facts will be the next challenge.  We are doing our facts in a certain order........2s (they're doubles), 10s (their friendly), 5s (their friendly, too), and we'll move on to 0s and 1s.  Zero facts are not quite as easy as you'd think.  We are really working on more than just memorizing the facts........we want the understanding first and we are doing this by showing our respresentation by set models, arrays, or number lines.  We are teaching division at the same time because division is the inverse operation of multiplication..........if you know one fact, you should know the other!  The more you can help with this, the better off your student will be!  Fact Fluency is an ongoing lesson!  Feel free to use First in Math, flash cards, calling numbers out, a deck of cards to put two numbers together.......or making timed tests by yourself at home!  Most importantly, practice is great - but not to the point of tears!:-)  Ten to fifteen minutes of practice each night is perfect!


    Our Biome Project is an in school project - but, the kids might want to explore at home!  That is awesome!  Their assessment for biomes will be based on the biome their group is reseaching.  They will be the expert on these biomes, therefore, the assessment will be easy!:-)


    Enjoy the long weekend with your kiddos!  They work very hard in school and this time will be great for them to unwind!


    Have a great weekend with your chickadees!





    Just in case you need another copy of our class list.......... 

    Class List for Valentine's Day


    February 11, 2018

    Happy Sunday!


    I realized I forgot to post on Friday!  My apologies.......


    We had a great time exploring multiplication!  We had a day of activities.....a pre-test....(that did NOT count as a grade - just good information) and we began with the 2s on Friday!  We will continue with the 2s on Monday, start quizzes on Tuesday and move to the 5s!  We are going in a particular order with our multiplication and division facts! The order is 2, 10, and 5s will be the order we are using.  While you and I may have learned our multiplication facts basically by memorizing, we are really working hard to have our chickadees learn the whole concept with number sense in mind!  Memorizing is also a part of the progression - but, not until they understand what is going on!  Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!  Ask your students to share with you the set model, an array model, a linear model (using the number line), or the area model........  The students are really doing great with their representations and we want this to continue!  Also - you read correctly - we are tackling multiplication and division at the same time!  They are the inverse relation to each other, so why not double the fun (math joke)!!!!???!!!!


    We continue to explore our biomes and will finish early this week with a quick quiz on Tuesday!  We will be doing a project based assessment for our culmination of this unit before we move onto Cycles...  This will be done in school and the students will be able to tell you more about it after we talk about it at school!:-)


    Valentine's Day is this Wednesday!  The students got a list of students in the class.  They made their Valentine's Bags on Friday so we are all good to go!  Our celebration is going to be simple so I will be providing everything we need!  We may take advantage of the PTA Cookie Party that we earned through the FUN RUN.......we are not quite sure yet!  No matter what - we will be good to go for Wednesday!  If your child is doing Valentines.....please make sure there is one for each student in the class!  Nobody want's to feel left out on Valentine's Day! Also, if you have difficulty getting or making Valentines, please let me know and I will make sure everything is taken care of!  Our class is based on love and respect, so I'm super excited to celebrate with our chickadees on Wednesday!  Please don't forget - WEDNESDAY IS AN EARLY RELEASE for ELEMENTARY ONLY!!!! Yayyyyy, US!!!!!  Release time will be 1:10!!


    If you have not returned your report cards, please try to get them in!;-)


    Upcoming Scoop:

    • 2/14 - Valentine's Day - early release - 1:10 pm
    • 2/15 - PTA Spirit Night - Chuck E. Cheese - Where a kid can be a kid......  3:00 - 9:00!  Woo hoo hoo!!!
    • 2/19 - President's Day - NO SCHOOL!
    • 2/21 - Spring Picture Day - SMILE!


    Any questions or concerns.....please ask!  Thanks for sharing your chickadees with me!


    Katy Baker




    February 6, 2018

    Wow!  Where does the time go!!!!  

    No Math HW tonight!  The copier did not cooperate with me!  Be looking for it tomorrow night!

    We started multiplication and division today!  What a fun day!  We are so excited for this unit and so are the students!  Even though we are moving on to multiplication and division, we still need to continue working on basic fasts and number sense.  If you all could help with this at home, that would be fabulous!

    Report cards go home tomorrow!  We have an early out on Februrary 14th!  What a great Valentine's Day for the students!!!

    As always, any questions - please ask!


    Katy Baker


    January 25, 2018

    Dear Families,

    Woo hoo hoo.......we've almost made it through a five day week!!!!  We haven't had to do this since the middle of December!!!


    We had a great day!  Your kiddos ROCKED their perimeter and area tests this week!  I am soooo proud of them for 'showing what they know'!!!!


    Don't forget BINGO is going to be here, at FFES, next Friday!  February 2nd is the BINGO DATE!!!!  Be on the lookout for more information!!!  Monday, January 29th is an early release day and Tuesday, January 30th is a Professional Day for TEACHERS ONLY!


    Also...........there was a meeting tonight for the Spring Carnival!  It's going to be AMAAAAZING!!!!!!  But, with anything of this grand caliber, many hands are needed to help!  If you could spare some time to help with the planning or volunteer the day of the carnival, that would be fabulous!!!!!!!  We also need a mom who wants to coorindate a Raffle Basket for our class!  If you are interested in helping at all, please contact Lesley Buchanan, the PTA President!!!  She's awesome and so is the rest of our PTA!  They truly make our school one that exudes love!


    As always.........thanks for sharing your chickadees with me!  I love them!


    Katy Baker




    January 24, 2018

    Dear Families,


    Happy Wednesday!


    We're having a great week!  The students took an assessment on Perimeter on Monday and really showed their knowledge!  I was very proud of their efforts!!


    A letter went home yesterday talking about the importance of First in Math!  First in Math is a fabulous computer program that helps with the basic fundamental skills that math is built upon!  We love how the repetition and games encourage and students to improve their skills and keep working on their basic facts!!  With that being said, we also know that not every student has a computer available to them so we will do our best to provide some time during the week to have students take advantage of the FIM program.  This is not a mandatory HW assignment......but, if you have a computer available, please take advantage and practice.  If a computer or internet is not available, I have multiple sets of flash cards that I loan out along with other math games that will strengthen the basic fundamentals of math!:-)  Any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch with me!  bakerkf@staffordschools.net is my email!:-)


    We continue working on area!  If you want to see something fun - give you student a box of Cheez-its!  We have thoroughly explored area and perimeter with Cheez-its!  In fact, we've gone through 4 family size boxes in the last week!  We've explored area using cheese balls, noodles, beans, toothpicks, gummibears and other things!  Math is really quite a hands on class!!!!


    Just a few reminders.......... Monday, January 29th, is an early out and Tuesday, January 30th, is a professional day so no school for students!!!


    When the students come back on Wednesday, January 31, 2018, we will offically be in the second semester of 3rd grade!  How in the world did that happen????  Please ask you child to check their toolbox!  Please help them by replenishing pencils, dry erase markers, glue sticks, and scissors!  Donations of page protectors, lysol wipes, pencils, dry erase markers and snacks for after school are always appreciated!


    I'm excited to see what the second half of the year will bring!


    Your kiddos are awesome!:-)


    Katy Baker


    January 19, 2018


    Holy Moly - this has been a crazy week!

    No School on MLK Day.  School on Tuesday.  No School Wednesday!  

    We finally got two days in a row here at FFES!


    Perimeter and Area were the focus this week!  We were very hard working on hands on things in math.  We created perimeters with pretzels and we covered the area of polygons with noodles.  Life was fun!  By the way..........who knew a square was a rectangle????  Not me!!!!!  The things you learn in third grade!


    Club pictures are Monday!!!!  If you have a shirt for your club, please wear it on Monday!


    Students of the Month for November and December were voted on by our class.  Congratulations to Jake D. for being the Student of the Month for November!  Jake represents HONESTY with pride!  Also, Congratulations to Kaydence T. for being Student of the Month for December!  Kaydence is always a kind person in our class! 


    When we vote for the Student on the Month, we talk about the word, what it means, and  what it looks like in our class.  The students then nominate a person and share their 'justification' as to why that person demonstrates the word!  Finally, we have a secret ballot!  The kids are really taking this seriously and the chickadees selected as Student of the Month should be very proud!


    Dates to remember...:

    1/29 - Early Out

    1/30 - NO SCHOOL (and Mrs. Sparico's Big Birthday!)

    2/1 - BINGO

    2/7 - Report Cards

    2/14 - Early Out (with LOVE, of course)

    2/19 - NO SCHOOL - President's Day

    2/21 - Spring Pictures - SMILE!!!


    Have a great weekend!


    Katy Baker


    January 12, 2018

    Happy Friday!!!

    Happy Long Weekend!!!

    We are beginning to wrap up perimeter!  Please ask your chickadees to explain the process to you!  The more the students can see the relevance, the more they will learn!  Ask the to find the perimeter of the kitchen table, the book they are reading or a picture frame!!!  They can use anything to measure - as long as it's the same unit for the while thing!  They can measure the kitchen table in cereal boxes........so the perimeter may be 44 cereal boxes!  Make it fun for them........  Sharing is a great way of learning!

    NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY!  This is in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  I've asked the students to do a random act of kindess in honor of MLK!  Simple gestures are sure to change the world!:-)

    FIM and AR need time at home, too!  While you can't take tests at home, you certainly can read and come in ready for a test!

    Some important things are happening..........:

    January 18  Chick-fil-A Spirit Night 

    February 2  6:00 PTA Bingo  (10 games, gift card, pizza sale, and door prizes)  Scream it with me.......... BINGO!!!!!!

    February 15  Chuck E Cheese Spirit Night 

    March 16  PTA St. Patrick’s Day Dance

    April 28  Spring Carnival - This is going to take all hands on deck to make it successful!  Our PTA works so very hard to help the students of FFES, let's all pitch in and help make this day amazing!!!!


    Lysol wipes, pencils, dry erase markers, and snacks are always accepted and appreciated!:-)  I've really been trying to wipe things down every single day and, knock on wood, we've been lucky!  As far as dry erase markers and pencils.......we just eat them!:-)  Snacks are used for students of late buses... By 4:00pm they are HUNGRY!!!  Also, if a student doesn't have enough in their lunch, I supplement!  You can't learn if you are hungry!:-)

    Thanks for all you do - but, most of all for sharing your chickadees with me!  I think I am the luckiest teacher in the school!


    Have a great LONG weekend and help the kids keep in mind why there is no school on Monday!  It's important for them to realize it's not just a day off - but a day off to honor a great man!:-)


    Katy Baker

    January 11, 2018

    We had a great day today!!!  We continued working with finding perimeters!  Today we used geoboards as our math tool!  So much conversation about squares, rectangles and vertices!  Wow!  The math vocabulary was flying!


    We got to go outside for RECESS!!!!!!  It was so nice to have fresh air!


    Dr. Slunt from University of Mary Washington was a guest speaker this afternoon!  The students performed a hands on science experiment in small groups!  Students were given a diaper, a cup of water, a water dropper and some instructions!  They were to find out what part of the diaper held the most water.  They also learned there is something in diapers that can be made into 'snow' and what salt does after it's made into snow.  Ask you chickadees to explain!  It was awesome!  A huge thanks to Mrs. Lee for setting this up with our crazy schedule as of late!


    Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!  Woo hoo hoo!!!  No school on Monday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr!  We had a great conversation about this amazing man today in our circle time!  


    Agendas that are signed get tickets for your sweet chickadees...........  Yes, it's their responsibility to ask you to sign it, but if they don't feel free to ask for it, too!:-)


    As always........if you need anything please ask!


    Katy Baker

    January 10, 2018


    We did it!!!  We had a whole day of school and I think we will tomorrow!

    Our chickadees are working very hard on finding the perimter of polygons in math!  Feel free to ask them about it!  We will finish with perimeter next week and move into area and then............we are ready to begin MULTIPICATION!!!!!  I know many of the kids are excited to beging this concept!!!

    Mrs. Spraico went over the AR points with the students today!  Points are due at the end of January so all of the kids know where they stand as far as their points go!  Please encourage nightly reading as well as FIM time!  Both will enhance their skills!

    We have another new student in our class.  We welcome Christophe to our class!!!

    Hope you all have a great evening!


    Katy Baker

    January 8, 2018

    Dear Families,


    What a crazy Monday!  Your kids did a fabulous job today despite the craziness of the late opening and the early release!  I trust your chickadees all got home safely!  In the craziness of the late start and the early out, the only thing that matters is the kids get home safely!  A huge shout out to everbody who made today go smoothly - especially the bus drivers who provide such a constant to our students and our county!


    We set some goals for ourselves this morning and they are displayed in the hallway!  The new year is a great time to set some goals - including what food they'd like to try??:-) 


    We are working on area and perimeter in math!  We worked on some perimeter problems in math today!


    Students do not get breakfast on late openings - but, everybody had lunch today!


    Homework was supposed to be a worksheet but I didn't get it printed due to no planning and making phone calls to parents during lunch!  So, I apologize for that!  I'll send it home tomorrow!;-)


    Thank you kids for being so flexible and fun today!  Who knows that they weather will bring tonight and tomorrow - but I'm hoping I get to see your chickadees for a whole day soon!:-)


    Stay warm,

    Katy Baker




    January 3, 2018

    Dear Families,

    We did it!  We survived the first day back after Winter Break!


    It was great to see the chickadees and catch up on everything that happened over the break!


    We also are lucky enough to have a new student!  We welcome Allie K. to our class!!!


    We will not be going outside at all for recess this week!  Temperatures look better next week.  Please make sure your child has a warm coat, a hat, and mittens!  If you need any of these essentials for cold weather, please email me or send a note!  I'll be happy to help!!!


    Any donations of Lysol wipes would be greatly appreciated!  So far we've been lucky with illness in our class and I'd like to keep it that way!


    Some quick reminders:

    • January 15th - no school - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
    • January 18th - Chic-fil-a Spirit Night.........  Central Park location!
    • January 29th - Early Release - 1:10
    • January 30th - No school for students.........  Professional Day for Teachers


    Thanks for sharing your children with me!  I'm so lucky to have the classes I have this year!


    Stay warm and wear your jammies inside out, backwards, put ice cubes in the toilet and a spoon in the mailbox...........maybe we'll get a little snow????


    Katy Baker



    January 2, 2018

    Dear Families!,

    I hope you all have had a fabulous holiday!  I also hope you all have stayed warm these last few days!

    I am anxious to see everybody and hear about their Winter Break!

    A few reminders.....  

    • ask you student if they need anything for their toolbox
    • please know that we will be going outside for recess unless the county says that it's too cold.  Hats, gloves, and winter coats are a must!  If you do not have a hat, glove, or coat, please let me know by sending a note and I will make sure your child has what they need to be warm and toasty at recess!!!
    • winter is a time for flu, viruses, and strep........  If anybody has any Lysol wipes that they'd like to donate, I would greatly appreciate as I ran out before Winter Break.  I do try to wipe down their desks and the classroom every day to ward off any germs we can!
    • students are earning tickets by having their agendas signed.....  While it's their responsibility to get it signed, I consider it a partnership and feel free to ask for it!  With constant communication because you and me, it's a win, win combination!
    • lastly........1/15 is a holiday and we will NOT HAVE SCHOOL in honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr........  His dream is my dream........and, hopefully, your dream, too!  To live in a world that coexists with love and respect........

    As always.......if you need anything send a note or an email!

    I cannot wait to see my chickadees tomorrow!!!


    Katy Baker







    December 21, 2017

    We did it!!!!  We made it!  Thank you to everybody who sent in goodies for our Winter Extravaganza today!  We had a lovely day of feasting, watched 'The Polar Express', talked about the good in the world and then had a fabulous PIZZA PARTY thanks to our PTA and our friends and relatives who donated to the Fun Run!  Third Grade ROCKS!!!!


    Thanks, also,  for sharing your sweet chickadees at this time of the year.  Truly.....through the eyes of a child, you can see all the good things we have in our world!


    Enjoy WINTER BREAK!  Watch movies, play a game, drink hot cocoa, or go for a walk together!!  Enjoy each other.....for those are the best things!


    I love your chickadees, each and every one of them!


    See you all in 2018!!!


    Mrs. Baker


    December 18, 2017

    Woo hoo hoo!!!!  Can you believe it's December 18???  Today was 'stuffed animal' day.


    Tomorrow is Career Day! 


    Wednesday is HERO/VILLAIN Day! 


    Thursday, OUR EARLY OUT DAY, is JAMMIE DAY!!!!!!!  Woo hoo hoo!!!!!!  (Yes, we do have specials on Thursday so bring your recorder!)  We are also having our WINTER EXTRAVAGANZA on Thursday!  Thank you for those who have offered to send something in.  You should have received a confirmation note from your child today!  This is a crazy time of the year....  If you can't send something in this time - there will be more opportunities....so it is not a problem!!!


    Interims went home on Friday!  Please return ASAP!:-)


    Let's keep working hard........  Let's keep being KIND.......  Let's keep taking care of each other!!!!


    Katy Baker



    December 6, 2017

    We contine to work on addition and subtraction with and wthiout regrouping!  Please feel free to jump in and have your child teach you what we are doing in class!


    Our box is very hungry......  Donations very much appreciated!


    HW - Read 20 min and FIM!:-)


    Important scoop - Recorders tomorrow!  Science Fair Day - 12/12/17.........Stem Night 12/12/17!


    Have a great evening!


    Katy Baker




    December 5, 2017

    Happy Tuesday!

    We are working sooooo hard on addition and subtraction with and without regrouping!  Any extra help you can give at home would be greatly appreciated!!!!

    Also......our food donation box is a little 'hungry'.......if you have any extra cans or non-perishables at home and would like to donate them - that would be fabulous!!!!

    Homework - Read 20 minutes/FIM/Spelling Test tomorrow and Contract due tomorrow as well.  PE will be tomorrow!!!!:-)

    We had a surprise arrival today.........our Elf arrived and scared me to death!!!!:-)  We had a democratic vote and 'Jingles' is the name of our sweet elf!  I'm sure Jingles will be watching every move our chickadees make!:-)

    A few things to celebrate:

    Student of the Month: (voted on by peers)

    September - Rachel

    October - Aiden


    PE Student of the Month: (Named by PE Teachers)

    September - Jake

    October - Rachel

    Novebember - Aiden


    Math Player of the Month for our Class:

    October - Joey

    November - Joey


    Spelling Bee Winner for the Class:


    Annabella went very far in the competition along with Adriana from Mrs. Sparico's room!  We were very proud of both the girls making it to the semi-final round!:-)


    Most of all....I celebrate the kindness, friendship, and empathy that each and every one of your children has and brings to our class on a daily basis.  Your chickadees are amazing!

    Katy Baker



    December 1, 2017

    It's December already????  How did that happen????

    Saturday, December 2nd is our Annual Pancake Breakfast from 8am until 11am!  Please come by and have some pancakes, listen to the Super Singers, and maybe visit with Santa, too!  Oh yes........don't forget about the FABULOUS PLATE AUCTION!!!!  I'm very proud of our plate......I think it looks adorable and speaks volumes for what we need in our world!;-)


    Homework:  Read 20 minutes, FIM, Spelling Test and Contracts are due Wednesday!  Don't forget to memorize the Months Poem!!!!:-)


    Also.........our canned food drive is underway for the American Legion Post 290.  We have 1 can right now.......let's see if we can increase that number!!!:-)


    Have a fabulous weekend and thanks for sharing your kiddos with me!;-)


    Mrs. Baker


    November 29, 2017

    Happy Wednesday!

    Reminder.....the Pancake Breakfast will be on Saturday, December 2, 2017 from 8am-11am!!!!  

    Homework:  Read 20 min., FIM, Spelling Contracts go home tomorrow........no spelling test this week!


    The American Legion Stafford POST 290 Food Drive us underway!  Please donate if you can........  Boxes will be picked up 12/14!  No glass containers or jars, please.  

    Items Needed:  canned fruit, vegetables, soup, tuna, spam, beef stew, spaghettios, mac and cheese, potato mixes, pasta/noodles/rice, cakes mixes, muffins, frosting, cereal, dry soup, snacks/crackers, and juice boxes.  New or gently used toys and books would also be greatly appreciated!


    Have a great week!


    Katy Baker


    *  FYI....I have been assigned Jury Duty for 12/1, 12/8, and 12/15...  I won't know if I have it until I call the evening before.  If I am not here on those Fridays - that's where I will be!:-)


    November 26, 2017

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving with your family and friends!  I truly would love to see the spirit of Thanksgiving be every single day and not just on day out of the year!:-)

    With the holidays quickly approaching.........you may want to consider a few things to replenish your child's tool box!  Pencils, dry erase markers, and crayons are all becoming scarce!:-)  If you have any extra supplies at home, please consider sending the supplies in either now or when we return to school in January!:-)

    Thanks so much!!!

    Katy Baker


    November 21, 2017

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my TURKEYS and their families!


    I am very thankful for all of you!;-)



    Mrs. Baker


    November 20, 2017

    Happy Thanksgiving.......almost!


    I'm not assigning HW over Thanksgiving.....but, FIM and reading are always options!


    Honestly, my hope is that each and every chickadee of mine is surrounded with friends and family.........and maybe some yummy food!


    I am honestly thankful that each of your children are in my class and look forward to hearing all about their Thanksgivings next week!  Safe travels to everybody who will be on the road and for those staying at home.....enjoy each other! 


    Gobble, Gobble!

    Mrs. Baker


    November 17, 2017

    The FUN RUN was super FUN and so was watching Mr. Freeman 'pie' Mrs. Colucci!!!!  What a great day at FFES!!!!

    A huge thanks to the PE Department and our amazing PTA for this fundraiser!  We appreciate everything you do and are so excited to see if we have raised enough money for our new sign at our school!


    Next week we only have school MONDAY AND TUESDAY!  We will be off Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for Thanksgiving!  Even though Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 23rd.......let's try to find something to be thankful for EVERY DAY!!!!:-)



    LA - Spelling Contract due Tuesday......Spelling Test - Tuesday! Read!!!

    Math - FIM

    Please return REPORT CARDS ASAP!:-)  You may keep the report cards at home for your own file/memories!:-)


    Thank you for sharing your chickadees with me!  I truly am a lucky teacher and your kids are the reasons why!!!!:-)


    Have a great weekend!


    Katy Baker


    November 16, 2017

    WE HAVE THE...

    GOLDEN SHOE!!!!!!

    Thanks so much to all the parents, grandparents, friends, and relatives that have contributed to the FFES PTA FUN RUN this year!!!!  Our school and our students benfit so very much from these donations!  In the past, programs have been brought in, technology has been purchased, and other materials have been purchased through the donations of amazing people!  Sincere thanks for those who have donated or gathered donations as well as the people who donate throughout the year!  Everything given to our school through this FUN RUN stays in OUR SCHOOL!!!!  Our PTA is working so hard to do this FUN RUN themselves so we keep every last penny!  A hugh shoutout to the PE Department, Mrs. Scott and Mr. McClellan, for helping with the set up of the fun run as well as the OBSTACLE COURSE!!!!  Truly, it takes a village and FFES is an amazing village!

    FUN RUN SCOOP - Lunch - 11:00 - 11:30

                                FUN RUN - 3rd grade - 12:40 - 1:25

    Please wear sneakers!!!!!!  Shirts will be given out in the morning!!!!!  Please bring a snack for the afternoon since our lunch is sooooo early!!!!!



    LA - Spelling Contract due Tuesday - Spelling Test - Tuesday - Read 20 minutes

    Math - FIM/Math Worksheet/Test on Graphing tomorrow!

    No specials tomorow due to the FUN RUN!:-)


    Have a great night!


    Mrs. Baker




    November 15, 2017


    Just a reminder that it's PTA Spirit Night tonight!!!  The Panera at Central Park is the location for this amazing event!!!


    And..............who's ready for THE FUN RUN???????  We will have lunch early (11:00 am) and our FUN RUN will take place at approximately 12:35 or so!  You are welcome to come cheer your 'runner' on during this event!!!!!  This is always such a FUN event at Ferry Farm!!!! We truly appreciate everything the PTA does for our students and staff here at FFES!!!  Honestly.......they spoil us!! Let's help make this an amazing event for our school!!!!


    Spelling Contracts are due next TUESDAY!!!!! The TEST will be TUESDAY as well!!!!


    We are having a test in math on Friday!  The test will include bar graphs, pictographs and line plots!!! We will be reviewing tomorrow and should be good to go on Friday!:-)


    Hope you have a great night......I'm off to Panera!!!:-)  (Have you tried their roast turkey/cranberry on flat bread????  It's ammmmaaaazzing!!!!


    Have a great night!


    Mrs. Baker


    November 14, 2017

    It was a Terrific Tuesday!!

    Wednesday evening is the PTA (see, there the go again doing fun things....) Spirit Night at Panera in Central Park!  Please stop by, sign your name, and enjoy something yummy to show support of FFES!!!!

    We have an exciting day on Friday!  It's the FFES FUN RUN!!!!!  All students will receive a t-shirt compliments of the PTA and, hopefully, are collecting pledges/donations for our PTA!  We really need to do anything we can to help the PTA because they do so much for our school!  

    HW - Spelling Test/Contracts are due TOMORROW!!!!!  Two sided math paper on pictograhs!  Ask your children to teach you all about pictographs!!!!

    In math we are working on graphs!  We have studied bar graphs and pictographs!  Tomorrow we will introduce line plots!  

    Our test will be coming soon - Friday or Monday!!!  I will let you know as soon as I see how the kids are doing with line plots tomorrow!:-)


    November 8, 2017

    Happy Wednesday!

    Mrs. Sparico and I have had a great time meeting with the parents/guardians of our amazing students!  It truly has been a pleasure to conference with you!  If you weren't able to come this past Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, please know that we are able to conference with you any time and we'd be happy to set up a time to talk about your student!  There is nothing we like more getting more information about our students and sharing how things are going here in school!;-)  It truly is a partnership!

    It is hard to believe we have just begun the second nine weeks!!!!  Where does the time go????  Report cards will go home next week!

    Most everybody has received their fun run packet.......  A few have them in their mailboxes so they will taking them home tomorrow!!!!

    Tomorrow is the VETERAN'S DAY PROGRAM!!!!!  Our chickadees are so very excited to be able to honor our Veterans with beautiful songs and maybe even a dance!:-)  The breakfast for Veterans who have signed up is 9:15 with our performace beginning at 9:45!  This is sure to be a fabulous concert so feel free to pop on by and enjoy the show!  PLEASE WEAR RED, WHITE, AND BLUE tomorrow!!!!!

    To all of our Veteran friends and families....thank you for your service!  We are truly grateful for the sacrifices you have made!

    Homework......Spelling Contracts due next Wednesday........FIM..............wear RED, WHITE, and BLUE tomorrow!!!



    November 3, 2017

    Happy Friday!

    Conferences will be next week!  We still have plenty of spots if you'd like to conference with Mrs. Sparico and myself.  Please send in your form ASAP so we can get you scheduled.  If you have turned in your form already, you should have received a confirmation!!:-)

    Next week - NO SCHOOL TUESDAY and FRIDAY!!!!

    Let's keep working on First In Math and let's keep taking AR tests!!!!!  We want the whole school to know how hard working the third grade is!  Both FIM and AR Tests are great ways for the kids to strengthen their number sense and math foundation as well as comprehension with the AR tests!

    We are having a spelling test on Wednesday as well as a Science Test on Wednesday!  Spelling contracts will be due Wednesday, as usual!(Both will be on this 9 weeks!)

    Congrats to Joey E. for being the student of the month for FIM in our class!  We are super proud of Joey!!!!


    October 30, 2017


    Woo hoo hoo - we had a blast today!!!!  Pumpkin Math was AMAZING!!!  We weighed, measured the height, talked about circumference, and BEST OF ALL.........pulled the GUTS out and COUNTED THE SEEDS!!!!


    We also explored STATIC ELECTRICITY with our 'dancing ghosts' today!  The kids all got a 'Science to Go' goodie bag with a balloon and a 'dancing' ghost!!!!  Maybe they can teach you about the electrons and static electricity???:-)


    Tomorrow is ORANGE DAY!!!!!  Students were asked to pick a character from a book and they are going to give hints about their character!  We are sooo excited to make guesses as to who they are!!!!!  IF YOU CHILD LOST THE FORM ABOUT THEIR CLUES - JUST HAVE THEM WRITE THEIR CLUES ON A PIECE OF PAPER!!!!!  Some students are not participating and that's okay, too!!!;-)  We're hoping to see lots of orange tomorrow!


    We are doing some more science tomorrow........hoping to wow the kids with a super cool activity!!!


    Our ORANGE PARTY is tomorrow!  Thank you to all who donated already and to all who are sending things in tomorrow!!!!  It is greatly appreciated!!!!


    Hope everybody has a great Halloween tomorrow evening!!!



    October 24, 2017

    Tomorrow is RED, WHITE, and BLUE day in honor of Red Ribbon Week!

    Please return your ORANGE DAY papers ASAP!:-) We are excited to have such a fun filled day with your chickadees!  Character Day, along with ORANGE DAY, is definitely going to make some wonderful third grade memories!  Oh.........and don't forget.........IT'S AN EARLY OUT ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31ST!


    EARLY OUT ON OCTOBER 31, 2017!!!!!


    HW:  Spelling packet is due and test tomorrow, math worksheet, read for 20 minutes!:-)


    What's going on THIS WEEK?  Tons of fun!!!!

     Monday - Dress in red from head to toe!!!!  RALLY IN RED!!!  DARE MARCH!!!!  March is at 1:20 - third grade is lining up at 1:10!:-)

    Tuesday - Crazy sock day!!  From head to TOES, I am drug free!  

    Wednesday - Red, white, and blue day!  Working for my FUTURE to be drug free!!

    Thursday - Wear NEON colors!  Too bright for drugs!

    Friday - Jersey Day or FFES shirt day...!  Team up AGAINST drugs!


    October 23, 2017

    The Dare March was awsome today!!!  Everybody had a great time!  It was great fun to parade as a unit to send such an important message to our youth!

    HW - Reading 20 minutes.  Spelling contract due Wednesday and the test is Wednesday!  Math - FIM - SS - Test tomorrow - study guide is in BINDER!


    October 20, 2017

    Happy Friday!!!!  

    Just a reminder that the DARE MARCH is Monday, October 23, 2017!  In the past, this march has been on Friday of the Red Ribbon Week............BUT THIS TIME IT IS GOING TO BE ON MONDAY!!!!!

    HW - Read!  Spelling Contracts are due Wednesday!  Spelling test is on Wed!  SS test will be on Tuesday!!!!

    Have a great weekend!


    October 19, 2017

    Goodness - this week has flown by!!!!  Reminder that tomorrow morning is the last day for the bookfair!  The DARE MARCH is on MONDAY, OCTOBER 23th!!!!!  We sent home a letter about ORANGE DAY today!  Please let us know if you have any questions at all!


    HW - SPELLING CONTRACT and TEST on WED!!!  Read 20 minutes!  Math - worksheet and FIM  SS - Study Guide in binder and test on Tuesday!!!


    I'll try to be better about updating this!  As always - you can reach me at bakerkf@staffordschools.net anytime!!!


    Have a great night and a wonderful weekend!!!



    October 11, 2017

    Reminder for all students...  I am in need of three forms!  Some have turned in all three and I appreciate it!  Some need to turn in their forms!  We are in need of the GREEN IMPACT AID FORM, our class interim, and our t-shirt form for the PTA to purchase t-shirts for our FUN RUN in November!  Also...PICTURES went HOME TODAY!!!!  If you aren't purchasing pictures, please return them to me!:-)


    HW for tonight.........read 20 minutes and do First In Math!  Our homeroom really needs to take some AR tests!!!!!:-)

    Have a great evening!



    October 10, 2017

    Happy Tuesday!!!!  Whew!  We had a full day today!  There should have been papers that went home.....including the Science Test from last Friday!  Please return your GREEN IMPACT FORM and the TSHIRT FORM that was sent home today!  The PTA needs the student's sizes ASAP so they can order shirts for the FUN RUN in November!!!!


    Homework tonight is to read for 20 minutes....and do a rounding worksheet!  FIM is always a great thing to go...but not mandatory on Tuesday and Thursday evenings when there is a worksheet!!!


    Have a great night!


    October 6, 2017

    Happy Friday!!!!  I hope everybody has a great weekend!!!

    If you haven't brought back your GREEN FORM or your INTERIM, please try to do so soon!

    HW - Read 20 minutes!  FIM is optional this weekend!!!  Enjoy the long weekend and see how many ways you can be kind to others!:-)  Kindness makes the world better and brighter!:-)



    October 4, 2017

    Where in the world did this week go????  It's WEDNESDAY already!

    Just a few reminders:

    1.  Students are welcome to bring a snack for dismissal.

    2.  FIM stands for First in Math and is on the computer.  Some people were having trouble logging in. Please log in through your child's CLEVER account.  The log in card is ALWAYS in their binder.  Logging in through CLEVER will automatically take you to FIM (you may have to scroll down a bit).  FIM is a fabulous way to practice your basic skills and give a solid foundation.  Besides that, I'm competitive and want to win the penant for the week!:-)

    3.  The test on MATTER will be Friday for our classes.  The study guide is in a page protector in the science section of your child's binder!

    4.  Friday is an EARLY OUT FOR ELEMENTARY!!!  Students will be released at 1:10!  

    5.  Interims went home today!  Please get it signed and returned ASAP!

    6.  Green Impact Aid forms went home on Monday!  Please return ASAP......and by the 13th at the latest!

    7.  Trunk or Treat is next week.......Friday the 13th............whaaa haaaaa haaaaa haaaa haaaa!!!!  Forms (bright orange) went home earlier this week.  There is also a dance after the trunk or treat!  Yayyy!!!!!

    Have a great rest of the week and thank you for all you do to prepare you child for a great day at school!  It is very much appreciated!


    September 29, 2017

    Happy Friday!  We reviewed for our math test today!  Don't forget the study guide is in the math section of your student's notebook!

    Please help your student remember to read for 20 minutes and do FIM every night! I logged on to see the point totals for FIM and many students have never even gotten on the website!  FIM is a great way to practice what we use every day!!!!   How can we capture the FIM banner if we aren't doing it????

    Hope everybody has a great weekend!

    September 28, 2017

    Woo hoo hoo - it's almost Friday!  We had our pictures taken today AND took the Universal Screener in math!  It was quite the day!!!  We also had af fire drill!!! Yayyy us!  

    CHANGE OF PLANS!  We thought our test was going to be tomorrow.......but, we don't feel we have reviewed enough....  Tomorrow we will review and have the test on Monday!!!!!  I am very hopeful after our review tomorrow - they will be completely ready for Monday!!!!!!

    I love your chickadees!


    September 27, 2017

    Wow!  What a fun day at Ferry Farm!  We were able to listen to amazing speeches by the candidtates running for SCA!!!!  Our own Aiden M. rocked his speech, and although he was not chosen...........Aiden made our class so proud and will represent our class at SCA meetings with pride and dignity!  Great job, Aiden!!!

    There is an Abbreviation Quiz tomorrow in Language Arts.

    Tomorrow, our third grade class is taking a Universal Screener in math!  It will NOT be counted as a grade, so please don't worry when your children come home and tell you it was soooooo hard!!!!:-)

    However, OUR math test on place value and comparing numbers to the 1000s will be on Friday and there is a study guide in a page protector in the math section of the binders!


    Have a great night!!!:-)



    September 22, 2017

    Another fabulous week at Ferry Farm!  

    If you still have the 'Information Sheets' that I sent home, please send them in!  I love having more information about your children!

    Also............FIRST IN MATH........has a gliche for 3rd and 4th graders!!!!  We are currently working on it - but, have no fear...........it will be fixed very soon!!

    There will be an early release for Elementary Students on Wednesday, September 27!  Early release time will be 1:10!:-)

    Picture day is Thursday, September 28th.  Wear your smile!;-)

    Recorder money is due October 3rd!  I know everybody is getting excited for their recorders!!!

    As always......if you need anything, please call 5403737366 or e-mail.... bakerkf@staffordschools.net

    Have a great weekend!




    September 19, 2017

    Happy Tuesday!!  Just a reminder that 'Information Sheets' for my use were sent home last week!  Please return them at your earliest convenience!

    Also.....students have been taking papers home in the RED FOLDERS......  Please check the red folders and return them the next day!

    Recorder order forms are due by 10/3 for Music!  Third grade is sooooo exciting!  You get to be on the BIG PLAYGROUND and you get a RECORDER!!!  Life doesn't get any better than that!

    As always.......feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!




    September 15, 2017

    We did it!  We had a great week!  Hope everybody has a fabulous weekend!!!!

    Parents, important papers are in the red folders!  Please look at the papers and send the red folders back on Monday!

    Have a great weekend!  


    September 14, 2017

    Great Thursday today everybody!!!

    We had a LOCKDOWN DRILL and the kids give a fabulous job!!!

    Please don't forget to pack a snack to eat at the end of the day!

    ALSO......we have some new DISMISSAL procedures!  Car riders will now be housed in the cafeteria!  The end of the day will be silent dismissal for the rest of us!  The buses will blink on a screen during silent dismissal and we will all have our eyes glued and be watching for the buses!  Everything new takes time and patience......!:-)  My class did a great job with our new dismissal routine!!!

    We are doing a great job getting agendas signed!

    HOMEWORK - read 20 minutes and do a math worksheet!!!:-)




    September 13, 2017


    Happy Wednesday!


    Another great day!  We are starting to use our red TAKE HOME FOLDERS!  The students will use them every time they take papers home.  They will keep them in their mailbox and RETURN them to their MAILBOX!

    We have SNACK at the end of the day.  Please feel free to send a peanut free snack every day!

    The HOMEWORK for today was to read 20 minutes, do a math sheet, and have parents or guardians fill out the FAMILY SHEET.  This FAMILY SHEET will help us know a little more about your child........and the more I know........the more I can do to connect with your child!:-)



    September 12, 2017



    Happy Tuesday!  No homework tonight!  The students all took the STARS test in Mrs. Sparico's room today!  They received their log-in cards and those cards are placed in the 'schedule' sleeve!  Please let you children know that FIRST IN MATH is available NOW.........so they can start playing!!!


    If you've not sent in your art shirt - please do so by FRIDAY!  I believe they are painting on Friday!


    Also - some people sent in white shirts.........and I'm not sure if they are ART shirts or the shirts to TIE DYE!!!!  Look for a note in the agenda tomorrow evening!


    EVERYBODY had their agenda signed today!!!!!  LOVE IT!!!!!





    September 11, 2017

    We have no homework tonight......unless you need to bring supplies in!:-)  Some of our kids still need a pillowcase, art shirt and/or headphones.  Also, SUMMER READING PACKETS are due by Wednesday!!!!





    September 8, 2017

    We did it!!!!  We survived the first week!  The week was filled with new friends, new teachers, new routines......and, best of all, the BIG PLAYGROUND!!!! Thanks to everybody for making this week fabulous!


    We have been filling out our agendas and ask that you sign them in the evening!  This week we have not had homework so we were just practicing!  Next week, will be 'for real'!:-)


    In math, will start working on place value next week by beginning with place value!  Science with begin with the Scientific Method and Matter!


    If you've not brought your headphones, pillowcases, and art shirts, please do so!  If you are having trouble gathering these supplies - just let me know!


    Monday, September 11th is Patriot Day!  Feel free to wear RED, WHITE, and BLUE to help remember how our country came together in love, compassion, empathy and respect for each other at a very sad time in our history!  We are proud of our country and Patriot Day is a wonderful opportunity to display our pride!



    September 6, 2017

    Woo hoo hoo - we organized our binders and started practicing with our agendas today!!!!  More excitement in 3rd grade!  Parents - if you could have your child tell you about their binders and agendas that would be great!  Also, please sign by the highlighted line at the bottom of the agenda!!!


    Thanks for helping us get your child organized and on the right track!!!:-)



    September 5, 2017

    We had a fabulous day in 3rd grade today!  I was soooo exited to see each and every child today!  All of the students were exited and nervous......and did a fabulous job!!!  I'm excited for this school year and hope you all are, too!!!



    Dear Ferry Farm Families,


    Welcome to third grade!!!!!  I am so very excited you are with us and I am very excited to get the 2017-2018 school year started!


    I hope you all have had a great summer and that you are ready for a great school year!


    I cannot wait to meet you all at BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT or on the first day of school!


    If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at bakerkf@staffordschools.net



    Mrs. Baker















    Dear Families,

    Hope everybody enjoyed the long weekend and hope everybody took a few minutes to think about the men and women who lost their lives while active in our military.  It is for these heroes that we have our freedom.


    Thursday is the LAST SOL OF THE YEAR!!!!!  Woo hoo hoo!!!!  I know the kids are ready to be done with these tests.......and, to be honest, so am I!:-)  I appreciate all that you are doing at home to assist in the studying!

    No matter what the outcome of these tests.......the hard work and effort that your children have put into these tests is admired by me!  As I told them in my letter......no test will ever be able to tell you how amazing you are, how kind you are, see the empathy you have, and all of your other hidden talents!  Those are for your parents, grandparents, and me to see......and we do see those amazing attributes!  I'm a little biased.....but, I firmly believe we have the best class in 4th grade!!!:-)

    Thanks for all you do!!


    Mrs. Baker



    HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!  Let's honor all the brave men and women who have lost their lives while on active duty protecting our freedoms!  Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice!



    Alrighty, Mrs. Baker's CHICKADEES!!!!!!  I know it's MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND......and I usually don't give homework on the weekends......so we have an OPTIONAL ASSIGNMENT!!!!

    Anybody who gets a parent signature verifying they have studied for 30 minutes Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.....will get a prize on Tuesday!  Remember - you have your flashcards, your VA History Daily Review Sheets, and GOOGLE CLASSROOM (SS......lots of games)!!!!!  Remember - I don't want you studying 2 hours in one day.......that's too much! Thirty minutes a day will be perfect!  

    Thirty minutes once a day will sooooooo help you!!!!

    Hmmmmm..........who will take this challenge?????



    Two down......one to go!!!!!

    Our VA Studies SOL will be Tuesday, June 1st!  While that sounds like plenty of time to review.......we miss Friday and Monday due to the Memorial Holiday!  So, that gives us tomorrow, Thursday, and next Tuesday and Wednesday to review everything we have done this year!!!!  This is where you parents/guardians come into play!!!!

    The students have a packet of 'foldable' flash cards!  I'm asking that they review them every night for 30 minutes with an adult or older sibling!  I'm also asking for verification of studying by means of a signature!  If your chickadee knows an answer easily - put a star on it.........  If they don't know an answer at all.......put a line by it........and if they kind of know it - put a ? by it!  This will let you all know which ones to concentrate on!  If they get bored with the flashcards, there are review games on GOOGLE CLASSROOM, there are many games that they can study!!!!  These are grouped according to strands so if someone is feeling weak on a particular strand, it will help them review in a different way!

    VA Studies really is about memorizing and being familiar with the material.  The more they see and hear it, the more they will retain!

    I sincerely thank you all for taking the time to study VA STUDIES with your chickadees!

    I do want to tell you that your kids worked so very hard today on Math!  I was soooo proud of their effort and stamina!!!!  No matter what......they all persevered!!!!!  

    Thank you for all you do!  This is an insanely crazy time of the year for all of us!!!!!

    Mrs. Baker



    Dear Fourth Graders and Families!


    YAYYYY!  We have another SOL this week! We are going to ROCK math on Wednesday!!!!!  Remember........practice your 'brain dumps' and your facts!  First In Math is a great review!


    VA Studies will be on June 1st!  Students have flash cards to study........and in Google Classroom (Social Studies), there are tons of review games they can play, too!  The more familiar students are with the materials, the more they can show what they know!


    Yayyy for the 10 students who put forth great effort this weekend and studied for an hour (verified by a parent signature)!!!!!  Soooo proud of your extra effort!!!!


    Just think..........it's almost Memorial Day!!!!  Time flies when you are having fun!


    Have a great week!


    Mrs. Baker






    Dear 4th Grade Families,


    Reading is behind us......and math is in front of us!  Our math SOL will be on Wednesday!  First in Math is a great way to review!  Also, doing some flash cards, going over long division and review of fractions, elapsed time, and measurement are all fun things that we can review between now and Wednesday morning!

    ******* Parents, if we could all remind our chickadees to slow down, show their work and check their work on any assignments, the quality of work would dramatically increase!!! Slowing down would be a wonderful addition to our study skills!!!



    Dear 4th Grade Families,

    We are so excited that it's May!!! Hard to believe summer will be here very soon!  BUT........we still have a ton of learning to do!!!!

    Please help your child by asking them if they need glue sticks, pencils, dry erase markers or highlighters??????  We really are in need of all these items! I seriously think we eat these items!!!!!

    Thanks for your help......and keep signing those agendas!  It is very much appreciated!!!


    Mrs. Baker





    Dear Everybody!


    The weather for the next few days is going to be very warm!  Please make sure you child brings a water bottle and stays hydrated!!!



    Katy Baker



    Dear Families,


    I hope you all had a fabulous SPRING BREAK!  It's hard to believe we are winding up the year!


    Please encourage your children to keep reading for their AR points and to stay on top of their homework! Even though we are all looking forward to the summer, we still have so much that we want to learn!!!


    Also - please encourage your child to check their toolbox.  Seriously, we eat gluesticks, dry erase markers and pencils in our class!


    Thanks for staying on top of the agendas!  Constant communication makes everything go so much more smoothly!!!


    Mrs. Baker


    Just a reminder......NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY, April 14th!!!  This is a schedule change the early release that was scheduled! I hope everybody has a fabulous SPRING BREAK!!!!!!  


    Can you believe that Monday, April 10th is the FIRST day of the LAST nine weeks???? Where does time go? Just a reminder there is no school on Friday, April 14th!  This is a change from the original calendar!  






    The nine weeks ends on Thursday, April 6th!  All FIM and AR points are due Thursday! The new weeks will begin on Monday, April, 10th!  Can you believe it's the last quarter????  Enjoy your long weekend!:-)



    FIM/AR points are due Thursday!  No School Friday!!! If you have pictures at home, please send the money or pictures back ASAP!  Seven more days until SPRING BREAK......CAN WE DO IT????  YES, WE CAN!!!



    AR and FIM points are due 4/6!!!!  The students are really starting to get very close to their goals!!!  Please continue to encourage them to read and take AR tests.  AR tests have to be done in school, but FIM can be done at HOME!:-)  Opportunities are giving in school during morning work, lunch (voluntary), and during our reading station!:-)



    PENNIES FOR PATIENTS - anybody is welcome to bring in pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, dollar bills......anything to donate to Pennies for Patients!  Donating makes everybody feel warm and fuzzy!:-)  Winner of this donation contest will get a class lunch from Olive Garden!:-)  Woo hoo hoo!!!!!


    Our Electricity Test has been moved to Monday, April 3, 2017!!!!!  Yayyyy - we have one more day to prepare!!:-)



    Good luck to all students who are particpating in the Art's Festival this weekend!!!  Also....congrats to students who were chosen to have artwork in the festival!





    LITERACY NIGHT TOMORROW.............3/23/17........6-7:30!!!!!



    Wow!!!  What a great field trip we had today to Jamestown!!!  Besides the weather being PERFECT, the entire field trip was just amazing!  I know this was a pricey field trip.....but, please know it was soooo worth it!  The kids really got to see first hand what Jamestown was like!  Not only were they presented with some new facts, they were questioned on their 'old' facts and did a great job recalling the information!!!


    A huge SHOUT OUT to our chaperones today:

    Mr. Ennis

    Mrs. Gentry

    Mr. Nicholas

    Mr. Perez

    Mrs. Reyes

    .....and our follow behind the bus parent, Mrs. Humbert!!!


    You really helped to make this field trip a fabulous memory for our kids!;-)


    NO HW...NO AGENDAS SIGNED FOR TODAY!!!  Just enjoy the evening!:-)





    Happy St. Patrick's Day!


    Just a reminder that Monday is our field trip to JAMESTOWN!!!! Here are a few highlights if you've misplaced any information!;-)

    1.  We are leaving at 9:15..........prompt!!!! Please be on time.

    2.  Eat a good breakfast!  

    3.  Bring a bagged lunch and a snack and a water bottle for the trip home.

    4.  No electronics whatsoever.  No cell phones at all.  Cameras are allowed - but not CELL PHONE CAMERAS.

    5.  Check the weather.  Be prepared for walking.

    6.  Students may bring books to read/things to color/cards.....or whatever keeps them happy on a two hour trip!  They will be allowed to leave these items on the bus but these items are their responsibility!!! Four hours of reading would certainly help their AR points, right???

    7.  MOST IMPORTANTLY..............RIDES MUST BE HERE BY 6:15.  If your plans have changed and you cannot by here by 6:15, please make plans with a friend or neighbor.  

    8.  You may e-mail me if you have any further questions over the weekend.  bakerkf@staffordschools.net


    ********Please reinforce to you child that manners, respect, and appropriate behavior are always expected no matter if you are at FFES or Jamestown.  The bus ride will also have appropriate expectations that they are to adhere to.  


    I want this field trip to be one of the memories that stays in their hearts forever.  





    Dear Families,


    Happy almost St. Patrick's Day!!!


    Tomorrow the 4th grade will be LUCKY enough to have a guest speaker, Mr. Packett, talk to us about electricity!


    The St. Patrick's Dance/Book Fair will take place tomorrow evening from 6:00-8:00!  We go to the book fair tomorrow afternoon!:-)


    Just a reminder, we got outside most days!  Please make sure you sweet pea is equipped with warm and toasty clothing!!!  There is nothing like a breath of fresh air in the middle of the day!


    FIM and AR points are SNEAKING UP ON US!!!!  The points for both FIM (25) and AR (individual goals) are due 4/6!  It will be here before you know it!



    Katy Baker







    Dear Families,


    By Friday, I'd love for everybody's tool box to have 2-3 dry erase markers, 2-3 highlighters, 2-3 glue sticks, 2-3 pencils, and scissors!!!!

    When the students have what they need - right at their fingertips - it lets us all be so much more productive!!!!


    Thanks for your help with this!

    Mrs. Baker



    Dear Families,


    If you've not turned your field trip permission form/money......and/or chaperone form/money.......may we please have them ASAP????  If you need another, please ask!  If there are any problems with the field trip - please send me a quick note and we will make sure that everybody is able to go!

    Also.......I'm thinking/hoping for snow tonight!  If we have no school tomorrow, your chickadees have their homework for tonight and tomorrow night....and Wednesday, if need be!!!  They have weekly HW for Math and History!  

    Also......we need to keep working on AR points and FIM points!!!  Before you know it, their due date will be here!!!

    Here's to hoping for a SNOW DAY TOMORROW!:-)  There's SNOW HOPE, right?


    Mrs. Baker




    Field trip forms were due today!:-)  If you haven't returned it, please do so.....and if there are any issues whatsoever, please e-mail me or send a note!  We are all very excited for this field trip and are exited for all students to experience Jamestown!!  Chaperone notes went home today, as well!!!




    Field trip permission forms, chaperone forms, and interims are all due!!!!  History Test will be Friday, March 10th!!!!  Keep reading and working on FIM!!!! Oh......keep your fingers crossed for SNOW!!!



    FYI.........the History Test that was originally scheduled for Thursday, March 9th......has been moved to FRIDAY, MARCH 10th!!!!  One more day to STUDY!!! Yayyyy!!!!!!  The study guide should be in the sleeve in their notebook and students should have their journal with them, as well!!




    Dear Families,

    Happy Friday!

    Today, students were given their interims, field trip permission, and their Pennies For Patients boxes.

    Interims need to be signed and returned ASAP.  Please note the dates for FIM points and AR points.  Individual goals are new this month for AR points and are written on the reminder.  All points, FIM and AR, are due 4/6.

    The Jamestown Field trip permssion slip made lots of chickadees smile!!!!  We sent home a 'save the date' notification a few weeks back....but, this is the real thing!  If there are any situations regarding the field trip, please just send me a note!:-)

    Pennies for Patients is a school-wide program that we are participing in! Any money is accepted in this box........but, it's totally voluntary!!!!!  No pressure at all!

    Again, thanks for all you do by signing the agendas!  It really makes a difference when you and I can have a constant line of communication!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Mrs. Baker




    Dear Families,

    I cannot believe tomorrow is March 1st!!!!

    We've got an exciting month coming up at FFES!!!

    Thursday is Read Across America Day!  We are going to celebrate Dr. Suess by bringing towels and blankets on Thursday and having some outside reading time!!!!  Soooo excited for this!

    In honor of Read Across America, we have teamed up with Mrs. May's first grade class and we are going to buddy read with them once a week!  Not sure who is more excited - Mrs. May's class or our class???

    The BOOK FAIR is coming to FFES!!!!  The kick-off date is 3/17 and we are lucky enough to go on the very first day!  The last day of the book fair will be 3/24 (at noon)!!!

    Also..........it's FIELD TRIP month!  Our field trip to Jamestown is March 20th and we are all sooooo very excited!!!  Stay tuned for more information coming soon!!!!  It's going to be such a valuable field trip..... Memories while learning are the best!

    Spring seems to have sprung, despite the fact that I am still wishing for a HUGE SNOWSTORM!!!!!  With the fluctuation of temperatures, please make sure your child has the appropriate outdoor clothing for outdoor recess.  And.......with the spring temperatures, I'm starting to see signs of spring fever!  Gentle reminders in regards to respect, kindness, and doing your best from home are always helpful this time of the year!

    Thank you for all you do at home signing agendas, helping with homework, and studying with your child.  It does not go unnoticed and is very much appreciated!

    Mrs. Baker




    Dear Families,

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Thanks to all who sent in healthy snacks, we had a fabulous party! The kids had a blast handing out their valentines and I had a blast watch the excitement of the students GIVING their valentines to their classmates!  We truly have an amazing class!!!!

    Don't forget to remind the students that FUN FACT FRIDAY will be on multiplication facts 0-5 this week!!!!  Practice, practice, practice!  Those who want to will eat in our classroom and then do some fact practice!

    Thanks for sharing your children with me!!

    Mrs. Baker




    Dear Families!

    Woo hoo hoo - tomorrow is our Healthy Valentine's Party!!!!  Please remember if you are participating, bring a Valentine for everyone!!!!

    Also.........very important........the front office will now be checking IDs at the front desk of EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT WALKS IN THE DOOR. Even if our wonderful staff have known you for years and years, they will ask to see your ID.  Please don't be offended........it's just to be safe in our school!!!!:-)

    Have a fabulous week!  

    Mrs. Baker




    Dear Everybody!

    Just an FYI.......report cards went home today!:-)  Please sign the signature page and return in the envelope!  You may keep the report card!

    We will be having a Valentine Party.  If you would like to participate in sharing Valentines with the class, please make sure you have one for each student!  I sent home a list yesterday!  We will be having some healthy snacks while we pass out Valentines!  If you'd like to send a healthy snack in - just let me know!

    We had a wonderful field trip to downtown Fredericksburg today!  I hope the kids enjoyed it as much as I did!  Ask them where we went and what they learned!  It was really interesting!

    Again.......thank you for all you do!


    Mrs. Baker




    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Happy first day of the second semester!  Time is flying!:-)  We have a field trip on Tuesday!  We are very excited to explore some places downtown that will enhance our learning of VA Studies!


    We have a few changes with our behavior system.  Every single day you should see a color written in the agenda!  Gold is fabulous, Green is pretty good, Yellow is in the danger zone.....and Red is .......wow, we need to get it together soon!  If you child is clipped down, we will be using the tickets as payment for not being on gold! This incentive will really help because the kids want to be on GOLD!! The students get a ticket for being on GOLD at the end of the day!


    Also - we are going to have some math problems as homework some nights to allow the students to have some extra practice!  You are welcome to HELP your child, but please let your child DO the problem first so you can see where errors are being made or if they are doing great!


    Daily, we will have some bonus problems posted!  This is a new addition to our room.  If students finish their work early, they are welcome to work on these problems! They will get a ticket for each problem answered and have the opportunity to trade tickets for a piece of candy on Fridays!


    Lastly, we really need to master our multplication facts!  Fridays will be FUN FACT FRIDAY during lunch!  Students are invited (totally optional) to come back and play around the world with facts!  Tomorrow we are working on 3's and 4's.........  Next Friday will be 5's and 6's!  Any work you can do at home to help these chickadees master their facts would be greatly appreciated!


    As always......thank you for signing the agendas nightly.  It's a great way for you to know what is going on at school and a great way for me to communicate with you!


    Thanks for sharing your kids with me!  They are awesome!


    Mrs. Baker





    Thank you for the supplies that are coming in!!!!  They are very much appreciated and I promise we will put them to good use!!!!



    FIM points are due Monday, January 30th!  AR points are due Friday, February 2nd!!


    History Test Monday - Revolutionary War.  Study Guide on Pg 30 of their VA Studies Journal.....  We've been studying all week......I think they are ready for the test!!!!:-)


    Thank you to all who brought supplies in today!  It is very much appreciated!!!!  Monday is an early release day!!!  Tuesday there is no school for students!!!!  Tuesday would be a great day for your children to show you their long division!  It would also be a great day for you to help them practice!!!!:-)



    Reminder - Points for FIM and AR are due soon!  Keep working on these points!!!!


    History Test - Monday 1/30.............  I don't LOVE giving tests on Mondays - but wanted to give the weekend to study a little bit more!:-) This test grade will be on this nine weeks report card!:-)




    Reminder - Club Pictures will be on Wednesday, January 25th!  



    Dear Parents/Guardians!

         We needed one more day to prepare for our Science Test........  The Astronomy Test will now be on Friday, January 20th! 

         Thanks for your understanding!

    Katy Baker



    Woo hoo hoo - 4th grade is going on a field trip to Historic Fredericksburg.  We will be visiting the Rising Sun Tavern, the Apothecary, and Mary Washington's House.  This exciting field trip will be 2/7 from 9:30 - 12:30 pm.  The form went home today and the fee is 3.00 due by 1/30.  If there is any difficulty with the fee, please send me a note!  We want everybody to experience this amazing field trip!!!!




    Dear Families!


    I can't believe we are in the middle of January already!  Your children are working so hard in our class...........that we are running out of supplies!  At the beginning of the year, I had said you could take some extra supplies home........  Well, we're in the middle of the year and we could stand to replenish our supplies!


    We are very much in need of:

    page protectors


    lined paper



    possibly new colored pencils - check with your child

    lysol wipes would be great, too!:-)


    If you could share some supplies with our class, it would be greatly appreciated!


    Students now have a new agenda!  It STAYS in their binder!  (The last one didn't have three holes to hook in the binder - but, this one does!)

    Please keep an eye out for the agenda every night!  I love for you to be informed as to what we are doing in school as well as HOW your child is doing!  By signing this agenda, we are in constant communication and I love it!


    As always, please let me know if you need anything!


    Have a great night!


    Katy Baker


    PS - Your kids are AWESOME!!!!!!





    Dear Families!


    Hope everybody had a fabulous Winter Break!!!!

    We are so excited at what 2017 has in store for our class - lots of learning, lots of fun, and lots of happiness!


    Mrs. Baker




    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Thank you so much for all of the donations you have sent in for the FOX BOX of food, the Jamestown Fort, and the $1.00 for the Fairy Godmother Project!  Everything is greatly appreciated!

    Just a reminder, on Wednesday, December 21st...........it is an EARLY OUT!!!!!  We will be doing our mug exchange that day, as well!


    Katy Baker




    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    Just an FYI........we go outside even when it's COLD.  Please send your child with a coat every single day!!!!!  Hats, gloves, and scarves are also a great idea!



    Katy Baker





    Dear Parents/Guardians!

    We have so much going on at FFES this time of the year!  If there is anything you could help with, we'd greatly appreciate it!  If it's a crazy time of the year for you, too.....no worries.......  They'll be many more opportunities through the year to help!

    1.  Class Store - the students have been saving/hoarding their tickets and we are going to have a Class Store on Thursay.  If you would like to donate any small thing that we could use for the store, that would be wonderful!!!  The Dollar Store and Five and Below are great resources!

    2.  Jamestown Settlement - we are looking for graham crackers, frosting (canned), plastic knives, food service gloves, candy for the settlement and HELP!:-)  We could use a few volunteers if you are looking for something to do!

    3.  Pennies for Patients - please feel free to donate any pennies you may have for a very worthy cause.  I've told the kids to keep their eyes out when they are out and about.  The winning class of this contest receives an Olive Garden Lunch........how fun would that be???  

    4.  Food Bank Donations - Our FOX BOX is empty and looking for a few things to fill it with!  We'd love to help people who need a little help!


    Lastly, we are running out of pencils, dry erasers, page protectors, and colored pencils.  If I sent you home with anything that I thought was too much and you know where it is right now.......we'd love to have it back!:-)  If not, maybe some of these things would make great stocking stuffers!:-)

    I know we have so much going on..........and if you could help with one thing - that would be fabulous.  If you can't help right now......I promise there will be more opportunities to help as the year goes on!


    Thanks for all you do on a daily basis!:-)  It is very much appreciated!


    Katy Baker



    Dear Mrs. Baker's 4th Grade Class,


    You have no idea how excited I am to be your teacher for the rest of the year!:-)



    Mrs. Baker





    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    Tonight (12/1/16) is SPIRIT NIGHT at Panera in Central Park!  This benefits our 4th grade!!!!  Come out and support the 4th grade AND skip cooking!:-)  It's a win-win situation!


    Also, we are running out of our supplies!:-)  Please ask your child what they need!  If you'd like to donate something to the class, we are in short supply of pencils, page protectors, dry erase markers and/or lysol wipes!;-)  Anything would be greatly appreciated!


    Thanks for all you do to help our class!


    Mrs. Baker



    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    It is really chilly out some days - please, please, please make sure you child has a jacket!!!! We go out even if when it's COLD.....so hats, gloves, scarves are all perfect, too!

    Thanks in advance!:-)

    Mrs. Baker



    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all our families!  I am very thankful that your chickadee is in our class!





    • Ferry Farm Fun Run - Friday, 11/18 - 1:45 - 2:30
    • Tuesday - 11/22 - Weather Test
    • Tuesday - 11/22 - Non-Turkey Project
    • Thanksgiving Break - 11/23 - 11/28 

    Room 101 has many things for which we are thankful!  Ask your children some things that they are thankful for in our class!:-)









    Don't forget Tuesday, November 8th and Friday, November 11th are both NO SCHOOL DAYS in Stafford!  Don't forget to vote on Tuesday.........and thank a VETERAN on Friday!


    Starting today the students should be writing down what color they were at the end of the day.  The following is our color chart:


    Gold - great day - will put a star by my initials.

    Green - moved their clip once

    Yellow - moved their clip twice

    Red - moved their clip three times


    Our behavior plan was discussed at our Back to School night - if you'd like more information, please let me know!:-)





    D.A.R.E Drug Free March - Friday, October 28th at 1:20 pm!  Feel free to join us!  It's always a great afternoon!  "One School, One Goal" - wear RED!:-)


    Conference Confirmation Slips - if you sent in a conference form, I have sent home a confirmation slip or a note asking you for an additional option for a time.  




    Conference Forms went home today in the red folders.......or stapled to the papers if they didn't have their red folder!  Please be sure to sign up for a conference to talk about your child!!:-) They are one of my favorite subjects to talk about!



    The Science Fair will be held on Thursday, October 21st, 2016!  We are in great need of any adult who would be willing to be a judge!:-)  No experience necessary!!!! Please send a note (if you haven't already), if you'd like to volunteer your time!  It should be approximately from 8:30 - 12:30.......  Breakfast and lunch will be provided!:-)  This is a fabulous time to watch our students shine with pride as they present their projects!







    MRS. BAKER!:-)


    Welcome to OUR 4th grade class!!!!


    I am so very excited to be with this class of amazing fourth graders!  It is going to be a fabulous year full of learning, loving, and laughing!:-)


    If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to send an e-mail to bakerkf@staffordschools.net  I will get back to you as soon as I can!


    Thanks for sharing your child with me!