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  • Thank you to everyone who applied for our technical crew. I was amazed at how many people applied!! While I would love to give each and every one of you a spot on the crew, my job demands that I make very hard decisions. Please congratulate the following technical crew members of The Addams Family:

    Stage Manager- Madi Wentela

    Asst. Stage Manager- Corrine Rogers

    Asst. Stage Manager- Megan Schaefer

    Props - Kelly McHugh*

    Props- Ebony Labaze

    Props- Riley Fulwider

    Sound- KD Haughton*

    Sound- Joshua Lindschau

    Sound- Aiden Stokes

    Costumes- Mackenzie Kummer*

    Costumes- Grace Liston

    Costumes- Kimberly Tlapa

    Makeup- Cassidy Sharp*

    Makeup- Lujain Mohamed

    Makeup- Madison Stankiewicz

    Lights- Sydney Clarke*

    Lights- Sierra Lewis

    Lights- Caroline Lewallen

    House Manager- Fabian Fontanez

    Publicity- Mia Fritz

    Publicity- Sharalyn Berry


    (*) denotes crew leaders


    STAGE MANAGERS- Please report to rehearsal tomorrow. You may see Mr. Salley or Ms. Hansen for details. PROPS, LIGHTS, SOUND, COSTUMES/MAKE UP- Please report for a brief meeting March 4th after school. The meeting will be from 2:30-3 and we will go over the details of your job as well as your start times. Props should be prepared to stay longer to begin working. 

    Thank you all very much for applying and congratulations again to those selected!

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  • Thank you all so much for auditioning for The Addams Family. This has been an incredibly long process, but we want to make sure we put on the best show possible. Because of that, hard decisions had to be made, but we are proud of our final cast list. Please join me in congratulating the following cast members of The Addams Family:

    Addams Family Cast

    Gomez - Chance Stephens

    Morticia - Nell Hatton

    Wednesday - Iris Howe

    Pugsley -Winston Perry

    Grandma - Catherine Cook

    Fester-  Amaya Montgomery

    Mal Beineke - Vinny Solliday

    Lucas Beineke - Josh Nelson

    Alice Beineke - Elisa Slater



    Maya Sutherland (and u/s Morticia)

    Catherine Piccoli (and u/s Wednesday)

    Rebecca Chung (and u/s Alice)

    Dana Smith (and u/s Pugsley)

    Julia Goode (and u/s Fester)

    Sydney Lazerson (and u/s Grandma)

    Belen Tarifa

    Maire Bailey

    Sam White

    Hailey Bonilla

    Katherine Nguyen

    Grace Liston

    Cami Roberge

    Teah Snively

    Victoria Davis

    Cassidy Sharp

    Cooper Crowell

    Alex Bourque

    Katie Woolston

    Tyla Holloman

    Jalen Mims

    Hannah Hessin

    Tiyla Hargrove

    Darby Gray

    Julianna Gronbach

    Kendyll Gabriel

    Nicole Nielsen

    Savannah Siepel

    Alyssa Blankenship

    Aiden Brown

    Dylan Fratis

    Eric Ayon

    Adam Cook

    Chase Staton


    Congratulations to all! 

    A cast list will be posted outside the drama room. Please initial next to your name on TUESDAY to accept your role. Crew applications available online and due by 2/20 (Wednesday)

    First rehearsal 2/19 - all cast required til 4:30 pm

    2/20-til 3:30   Pugsley, Grandma, Morticia, Gomez
    2/21 til 3:30  Mal, Alice, Wednesday
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