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  • Thank you all for applying to be a part of the crew for our One Act Play Festival. Please join me in congratulating the following students and their assigned plays:

    The Rose is the Game Crew

    Hailey Bonilla- Stage Manager

    Sydney Lazerson- Costumes/Makeup

    Hannah Hessin- Props


    Turn of Events Crew

    KD Haughton- Stage Manager

    Teah Snively- Costumes/Makeup

    Kelly McHugh- Props


    Project Renaissance Crew

    Mario Genovese- Stage Manager

    Fabian Fontanez- Costumes/Makeup

    Dana Smith- Props


    Return to Sender Crew

    Julia Goode- Stage Manager

    Anna Lane- Costumes/Makeup

    Jamie Makee- Props


    Booth Crew

    Sydney Clark- Light Board Op

    Alex Hardie- Sound Board Op


    Thank you to everyone who applied for a crew position and congratulations to the students who made the crew. STAGE MANAGERS and PROPS- will be called on MONDAY for a brief meeting from 2:30-3:00 after school before attending their first rehearsals afterwards. COSTUMES/MAKEUP and BOOTH CREW should plan on attending a meeting on THURSDAY from 2:30-3:00.

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  • 9th Annual Student one-act Playwriting Festival


    First Rehearsal will be held Monday, Dec 17 from 2:30-4 pm


    A Turn of Events - by Lilly Mamon DRAMA


    Macy Allen- Selma Ait Bella

    Isaac Reed- Vinny Solliday

    Penny Webber- Mariel McCabe

    Noah / Nora Anderson- Sarah Denning

    Mr. Webber- Josh Lindschau

    Mrs. Webber- Elisa Slater

    Detective Clark – Addy Talkington

    Sheriff, u/s- Mackenzie Kummer

    Mrs. Williams/ Judge, u/s- Josie Guckian

    Ms. Allen- Lindsey Dillard

    Mrs.  Anderson-  Amaya Montgomery



    Project Renaissance- by Amaya Montgomery COMEDY


    God-  Catherine Cook

    Michael – Allyson Burlew

    Portia- Tyla Holloman

    Vincent Van Gogh – Joe Kubicki

    Edgar Allan Poe – Fabian Fontanez

    Rosalind (Rosie)-  Katherine Nguyen

    Saint - Nathan Liston

    Rowena - Cassidy Sharp

    Trevor/Courtney - Kayla Wilkerson
    Ensemble & u/s – Gia Ball, Julia Kennedy, Autumn Ryan, Kristen Kellow


    Return to Sender - by Julia Wylie DRAMA


    Larenn/ name change- Jacob Filipponi

    Tyler – DJ Cruz

    Camilla – Cooper Crowell

    Ms. Rogers & u/s- Lydia Detar

    Rachel- Nell Hatton

    u/s – Alyssa Blankenship


    The Rose is the Game - by Jaiden Shaw COMEDY


    Jane- Grace Liston

    Shawn- Michael Parker

    Nate- Dylan Fratis

    Daniel- Jacob O’Toole

    Aiden- Chance Stephens

    Host- Riley Fulwider

    Producer- Abby Contreras

    Producing Assistant- Aidan Brown

    Dance Instructor-  Adriana Watson

    TV Crew and u/s – Chelsea Noonan, Eric Ayon, Victoria Davis, Sydney Lazerson

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  • Thank you to everyone who came out to the director interviews. Please consider auditioning or applying for crew if you were not selected.

    There will be a brief meeting after school for the playwrights and directors to discuss casting business from 2:20-3pm Please join me in congratulating the following:

    Untitled by Julia Wylie- Megan Schaefer

    A Rose is the Game by Jaiden Shaw- Samantha White

    Project Renaissance by Amaya Montgomery- Madi Wentela

    **VHSL Competitiong Piece** A Turn of Events by Lilly Mamon- Marcus Salley

    Thank you again to everyone who applied and congratulations to all who were selected!


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