• Guitar I is an entry level, comprehensive, performance high school music class.  No prior experience is required.  Students will learn to read notes in first position on the guitar, read and perform first year rhythms, read chord and finger/chord symbols and charts, learn to play in a two and three part guitar ensemble, learn to play in a band with a singer, bass, guitar and box drum.   The following genre will be covered in class:  Blues, Jazz, Rock, POP, R and B and Classic music.  Written Guitar music theory will be part of this class. 

    Students will perform in two required concerts per year, those concerts being in November and May.

    Students will be graded on the following criteria:

    40% Classwork

    20% Playing Quizzes

    40% Required Concerts

    Please see the Forge Guitar Handbook for further information about dress attire, concerts, technology in the classroom and other various pertinent information.