Information about Purchasing and Submitting to Yearbook

  • The Yearbook is always looking for photos and stories to print in its pages.  Please feel free to send in anything you think we should have to  Note: We are looking for journalistic, candid photos of students doing interesting things, not just posing for the camera with friends.

    The Yearbook is available for purchase until we run out.  There can be preordered at a discounted rate before school starts, for $70 from the first quarter, $75 the second quarter, and cash and carry for $80 in May.  Yearbooks should be ordered from or Mrs. Kopcak in room 301.

    Senior Pages are available for sale first come, first serve and can be purchased from

    Ad prices are $400 for a full page (15 photos max), $275 for a half page (10 photos max), $150 for a quarter page (5 photos max), and $80 for an eighth of a page (1 photo).

    Deadline for guaranteed senior ad purchase: December 1.



  • We do not guarantee placement of outside photography - You must be photographed at the school as well.

    Please e-mail portraits to  or deliver a CD of images to Ms. Kopcak in room 301 before November 5.

    All Photos must:

    • Be at least 2" wide by 3" tall with a resolution of 300 dpi
    • Have a blue/grey background
    • Be of the full face/ no profile 
    • Be clear and crisp; no soft focus
    • NOT have the hands or any props visible
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