• 1st Grade Team 2019-2020

    October News

         The first few weeks of first grade have been a whirlwind!  We've been learning new rules and routines in a beautiful new school with new friends and new teachers!  Some helpful reminders for you and for us.  Please check your child's folder daily.  Many important forms and notices come home that need your attention.  It's also a means of communication between home and school as these folders are checked first thing in the morning.  Please send in a full change of clothes.  If your child has ANY kind of accident, it is helpful to have these clothes on hand so there is minimal disruption to instruction and you.  As the waether becomes cooler, please remember to label all pieces of clothing in the case that these items get separated from your child.  Finally, please put any money in a baggie or envelope with your child's name and the purpose of the money.  With fundraisers, field trips, and lunch money coming in, we have no way of knowing what money is for if it's not labeled.  Thank you for all your help!

    Reading/Language Arts

         In Reading the focus has been on decoding words and using strategies for figuring out unknown words.  Your child should have a solid foundation of letters and letter-sounds and be able to use this knowledge to decode words.  Please make reading to/with your child a part of your nightly routine.  

         In Writing we have been learning what a complete sentence is, to begin sentences with an uppercase letter, end with punctuation, and put spaces between words.  They should begin spelling common high-frequency words correctly and spelling other words phonetcally.


         We've been counting forward by 1s to 110, working with teen numbers, and ordering and comparing numbers.  We have begun addition, using the strategies of counting on and doubles to solve basic addition facts.  For time, we've been focusing on the hour- and minute-hands and teeling time to the hour on an analog and digital clock.


         Students have been learning about what a scientist is and how we learn about the world around us using our five senses and inquiry skills.  We've been also looking how the seasons of summer and fall effect animals, people, and plants.  We will soon move into our study of matter.

    Social Studies

         We have been learning what a good citizen looks like and what our responsibilities we have as American citizens in our community, state, and country.  We talked about Virginia symbols and customs and traditions that connect us as Virginian and American Citizens.  Looking forward, we will be comparing Virginia history now and then.