Supply List 2019 - 2020 / First Grade


    October News 

    The first few weeks of first grade have been a whirlwind!  We've been learning new rules and routines in our new online learning enviroment!  Some helpful reminders for you and for us.  Please make sure students are prepared with materials needed to learn every day. We have morning meeting every morning from 9-9:20am for all students.  Please check your email frequently, important forms and notices come to your email that need your attention.  Students should be completing literacy and math lessons every day and submitting assignments through canvas. Thank you for your patience and understanding in our new online learning format. 

    On September 24 the school board voted to begin the new Elementary hybrid schedule that affects all students. Here is all of the information for the new plan: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vbW_EMu6zbXVYwxd4JfVBB3XaKJTYjO4wDo-fE7tpj0/edit

    Reading/Language Arts

         In Reading we have been focusing on asking and answering questions and story structure. 

         In Phonics, we have been focusing on knowing our vowels and letter sounds.

         In Writing we have been learning what a complete sentence is, to begin sentences with an uppercase letter, end with punctuation, and put spaces between words.  They should begin spelling common high-frequency words correctly and spelling other words phonetcally.


         We've been working on number sense and practicing our counting stratgies. We have begun addition and introduced the plus and equal sign.

    Social Studies

         We have been learning what a good citizen looks like in our new learning enviroment. We will begin learning about Virgina symbols.