• Welcome to 4th Grade!




    We are off to a good start considering we are in a virtual classroom!   Students have been learning and practicing the routines in order to ensure a smooth school year filled with learning. As with any year, our aim is to make the students independent learners and problem solvers. Much of what we are doing is to get them ready for rigorous work that requires them to think outside the box. This is a challenge for many, but with a good foundation of skills and determination, we hope to see the students thinking deeper and applying these skills to their everyday lives.

    What we will be learning in October (some are ongoing skills):

    •   Math- Basic Facts of the four operations with problem solving.  
    •   Reading- Monitoring and Clarifying, Author’s Purpose, Point of View, and Characters
    •   Science- With the Solar System behind us, we’ll now learn about Virginia’s Watersheds.  
    •   Virginia Studies - We’ll learn about Virginia’s Native Americans (past and present).  


    It is very important that the students continually practice math facts and read. Using DreamBox (online math resource found in their Clever account) and EPIC will help the students improve their math and reading skills. That foundation is very important for the higher level thinking that they will encounter in 4th grade and beyond.


    Please ensure your child is on-time for Morning Meeting (9:00am) and that they don’t leave for long periods of time as they will miss key instruction. 



    The Fourth Grade Team

    You may contact us at: 

    Mrs. Anderson- andersonkl@staffordschools.net 

    Ms. DeBruyn- debruynam@staffordschools.net

    Mrs. Craft- craftjk@staffordschools.net

    Mrs. Hollyfield- hollyfieldca@staffordschools.net

    Ms. Rivas- rivasjr@staffordschools.net

    Mrs. Tipple- tipplejg@staffordschools.net