• March 2020 Newsletter

    Our area is filled with history!  We are excited about our upcoming field trip to the Fredericksburg Battlefield and Chatham Manor to provide support for our Civil War unit. If you are looking for something to do on a weekend, there are many museums in downtown Fredericksburg that allow students to explore history that they are learning in the classroom. There are so many beautiful family day outings close to home with little to no cost. Check out this opportunity to enroll your 4th grader and family for a free pass to Virginia’s National Parks:


    Currently we are working with measurement specifically mass, weight and volume. Find everyday objects to explore U.S. customary and metric measurements. Our multiplication and division facts are coming in handy as we convert units of measurement! Please continue to practice all fourth grade math standards at home. In March we will also be working on decimal computation (adding and subtracting) and starting geometry. This is a vocabulary rich unit and exposure is key. Don’t forget about Dreambox, it is a great tool to use at home to build their math skills in a variety of ways. Students should be doing the lessons on their own and solving using the digital tools. Please monitor that they are starting and finishing the lesson before they move on with something new.

    Fourth graders need to read between 20 - 30 minutes each night. This serves to expose them to lots of vocabulary. Encourage your child to read a variety of genres. Perhaps you could start your own family book club.

    We are excited to see all the science fair projects on March 6th and having families come out to STREAM night to see them all on April 2nd at 5:00-7:30pm.


    February 2020 Newsletter

    Fourth Graders should be working hard on getting their science fair project ideas approved; remember due dates are set to keep your student on track to completing and not rushing at the end. If you need help, please sign up for the after school Science Clinic taking place on Monday and Wednesday after school in February.

    Math- We will begin fraction computation with like and unlike denominators. Our knowledge of multiplication and division will continue to play a role as we convert and simplify fractions. We will then make the connection between fractions and decimals. Find fractions and decimals in everyday life, recipes, prices, mileage, etc. They are everywhere!

    Language Arts- We will continue to draw conclusions as we read; using clues found in the text and our background knowledge. The author does not always tell us everything, but they help us imagine or predict things, keeping us thinking as we read. It is very important that they are reading nightly. Mrs. Haberkost, our reading specialist suggests a minimum of 20 minutes. Please encourage them to read at least 2 or 3 Accelerated Reader books a month, so that they can take a computerized comprehension test to hold them accountable for their reading and work towards their personalized point goal. It is important the books chosen are within their reading range for optimal benefit. Higher is okay, if they are being successful.

    Social Studies- Students will begin learning about the New Nation and important documents that shaped Virginia and the entire United States. Following that we will learn about the Civil War. We are very fortunate to live in such a history embedded state. Please take the time as a family to visit the museums, battlefields, etc. that our area has to offer.

    Science- Students will be learning about weather phenomena. Please review vocabulary to help their understanding of the concepts. SOLpass.org is a great resource for this as students learn through fun Science games.

    Thank you for your support,

    The Fourth Grade Team 

    December 2019/January 2020 Newsletter

    The cold weather has arrived! This time of the year can get very hectic with holidays, family, and planning trips over the break. Please take the time to check that your student is dressed appropriately for school and the weather. We try to go outside for recess and it is not fun if you do not have appropriate clothing or outerwear.

    Fourth graders have learned about Jamestown and their uncomfortable conditions. Next we will be learning about the American Revolution.  Read and review nightly to ensure that information is not lost. Any topic taught is fair game for subsequent tests.

    Math is multiplying followed by measurement.  Knowledge of facts is essential. Go over homework and notes with your student. If they seem to not understand a concept, let his or her teacher know.  Access to textbooks can be found on the school website, teacher’s class pages, and information should be in your student’s agenda. In Science, we finished Ecosystems, and we will begin Force and Motion.

    On December 18th, we will be celebrating Colonial Day and Jamestown Outreach will come visit and bring artifacts and stories to help us learn more about Colonial times. Students are encouraged to dress the part in Colonial or Native American wear.  Please send in $2 for the Jamestown portion.

    November 2019 Newsletter

    Fourth graders are continuing to work hard each day! We have been learning fractions and will continue to explore them by comparing, ordering and finding equivalents. Look for fractions at home and while out and about to further practice that skill in the real world. As always it is important to continue practicing math facts throughout the year, fractions is another way to show division, which is related to multiplication.

    As you might be aware our students have Google accounts and we are using GAFE (Google Apps for Education). Please note that this is not an email account. Students have access to creating and sharing documents with the teacher and other classmates. GAFE also includes Blogs, a Shared Drive, Slides, Sheets, and of course Docs. Have them show you what we have done so far.

              In Science we are beginning our unit on organisms (SOL 4.3) and will be learning by doing our first research project. They will be learning about food webs, niches, habitats and animal classification.

             It’s not too early to begin thinking about an experiment for this year’s science fair! Each fourth grader will be required to complete a project at home. Specific information will be sent home sometime near Winter Break. Another great website for both Social Studies and Science review is solpass.org

              As busy as we are, we do take time each day for recess. With the changing weather, please be sure that your child is dressed appropriately. The fourth grade team appreciates your support! Check out our 4th grade adventures on Twitter Moncure Elementary 4th Grade @4thMoncure

    October 2019 Newsletter

    What a great start to the year! Students have been learning and practicing the routines in order to ensure a smooth school year filled with learning. As with any year, our aim is to make the students independent learners and problem solvers. Much of what we are doing is to get them ready for rigorous work that requires them to think outside the box. This is a challenge for many, but with a good foundation of skills and determination, we hope to see the students thinking deeper and applying these skills to their everyday lives.

    What we will be learning in October (some are ongoing skills):

    •   Math- Basic Facts of the four operations with problem solving, Area & Perimeter
    •   Reading- Problem and Solution, Drawing Conclusions and Making Inferences
    •   Science- Ongoing we will be doing the Scientific Method and will begin Planets; Earth, Sun, and Moon
    •   Virginia Studies- VS 3 The Jamestown Colony


    It is very important that the students continually practice math facts and read. Using DreamBox (online math resource found in their Clever account) and the AR log (found in their A.R. folder) will help the students improve their math and reading skills. That foundation is very important for the higher level thinking that they will encounter in 4th grade and beyond.

    Please check with your child about the supplies they might still be in need of and thank you for all you have already supplied for them and the class. An additional item we are requesting is headphones for use with the Chrome books. Everything is being put to good use! Thank you for being an academic supporter of your new fourth grader!


    The Fourth Grade Team