The Importance of School Attendance | Good Attendance = Good Student Success

    • Reporting Student Absences and Tardies - We strongly encourage parents to report and submit ALL absences and tardies using the BPHS Student Absence Form and the BPHS Student Tardy Form.This will ensure it is received and excused in a timely manner, prior to the daily automated attendance callout. This portal is closely monitored.
    • * If a voicemail is left, please note it may not be received in a timely manner due to the high volume of phone calls received daily.

    • Reporting Early Dismissals- Early dismissals will not be accepted over the phone.. Due to the high volume of attendance phone calls and voicemails daily, and busy assisting students throughout the day, we want to ensure all early release requests are received in a timely manner. Rather than leaving a voicemail, please request an early release using one of the options below:
    • PARENT/GUARDIAN Pickup in Main Office - ALL OFFICE PICKUP REQUESTS should be in the form of an email or note to the main office. Email request to Calvin Booth at Please include the student name, date and time of departure, and the reason for the early release.  Upon arrival, parents MUST show identification before checking their student out.
      *Parents may not walk into school for dismissals after 1:45 pm.
      Students will NOT be allowed to meet their ride out front.

        • Preferred method for reporting STUDENT DRIVER early dismissals: Please use the following Student Early Dismissal Form  for reporting student driver early dismissals. 

        • If a parent CANNOT access the online parent portal, the request must be received in the form of an email to the attendance office ( OR a written note signed by a parent or guardian provided to the attendance office before 7:30 am.  All Student Driver early release requests must state the student's first and last name, date and time of departure, and the reason for leaving early, to include “student driver” on the note. Once the email or written request has been verified, a pass will be delivered to the student to depart in their own vehicle at the designated time.

          STUDENT DRIVER REQUEST - This is ONLY FOR STUDENT DRIVER REQUESTS. Please submit the request using our online parent portal feature (closely monitored throughout the morning), using the following Early Dismissal Form link below.

    • ILLNESS: If your child is being released early due to illness, they must report to the clinic. They will be dismissed from the clinic after contact with a parent is made.

    • PEP RALLIES AND ASSEMBLIES: ALL students are expected to attend pep rallies and assemblies. Any early outs on these days require a note the day before or a parent to walk in to sign the student out no later than 1:45 pm.