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    Mrs. White’s Newsletter

    13 May 2019

    Good Day:)

    We will begin taking our Standards of Learning (SOL) tests this week on Wednesdays, for the next three weeks.  Please make sure your students get plenty of rest and eat a good breakfast. I will be teaching the students a few techniques to help them stay calm and confident.  I told them that if they believe in themselves, they can accomplish anything.

    ******The Expedited Retake Forms were due today.  Please sign and don’t forget to circle “consent/do not consent”.  This form gives the school permission for your student to retake the test if they fail (if they meet the requirements).


    Orange SOL Study Folders

    1. We are reviewing Language Arts in the classroom, but I need the students to study their folders for the other subjects that will be on the test.
    2. I encourage you to quiz your student every day.

    Homework - Their homework is to complete a math packet that they have been working on the past week for morning work.  It is due Friday.


    Mrs. White’s Fantastic Four

    May 1, 2019


    This school year is flying by.  Your students are almost Fifth Graders!  I hope you had a relaxing Spring Break because now’s the time to really hunker down with your student to help them review for the Standards of Learning Test (SOL).  I have bought Orange Folders for each student. Inside the folders are helpful study guides. Their homework every day is to study their “Orange Folders” and read for AT LEAST 10 minutes.


    IMPORTANT:  Visit - this is a nice site to practice SOL type questions.

    Upcoming Events

    Mobile Dentist visits school - May 6 & 7, 2019

    Standards of Learning Tests:  

    May 15 - Reading

    May 22 - Virginia Studies

    May 29 - Math

    This quarter we are concentrating on Math:  Geometry, Patterns, Measurement; Virginia Studies:  The Civil War and Reconstruction; Language Arts: Reviewing Compare & Contrast, Fact & Opinion, Summarization, Main Idea & Details, Author’s Purpose, and Sequence of Events; Science:  What is a Black Hole? Weather patterns, Moon phases, Where does faucet water come from ?


    Contact information:,  phone:  (540) 658-6380, or Remind:  Text @mscwhite4 to 81010.

    Sincerely, Mrs. White