I am very excited to spend this year with your children. I LOVE teaching 4th grade and I guarantee that they will have a fabulous year.

    Please contact me via DOJO messenger, email:  hunterrd@staffordschools.net, or by jotting a note in the agenda. I will be signing it every day and ask you to as well in order to keep our lines of communication open on a daily basis. Please check the DOJO daily as well or set your notifications for alerts when your son/daughter has made notations on it.


    Here are my personal and professional goals for this year:

    • to improve student reading comprehension skills at least a year's growth
    • to improve student writing skills to independently write and type a three paragraph essay
    • to ensure student mastery of all fourth grade objectives
    • to teach students to think critically as well as communicate and collaborate as a team member
    • to provide an enjoyable environment where all students develop an intrinsic love for learning

    My expectations:

    • respect themselves and others
    • be responsible for their actions and assignments
    • work hard and give their personal best