• RES Welcome to Preschool At Rockhill!

    The Early Childhood  program follows a developmentally appropriate curriculum with a strong language base. Each special needs child in the program has an Individual Education Plan (IEP). These goals are specifically tailored to meet the needs of individual children.  The IEP goals are both incorporated into the daily routine as well as direct instruction.  Our preschool program is fortunate to have typically developing peers who serve as role models for language and social skills.

    THe following are some general goals common to preschool programs and are important for all children to develop.

    • growing socially and emotionally
    • becoming accepted and accepting others as part of a peer group
    • developing play skills
    • learning to share
    • learning to be independent and taking care of one's own needs
    • development and use of motor skills
    • development and use of communication skills
    • development and use of viaual and auditory skills
    • developing skills in representing experiences, thoughts and ideas throughimitation, role playing and art expression
    • development of pre-academic skills such as rote counting, color, number and shape recognition, logical reasoning, letter recognition, patterns and pre-writing.