• Mountain View High School’s Core Values/Beliefs:  

    Learners, Community, Global Mindedness, Diversity, Integrity  

    Mountain View High School’s Vision:  

    The Mountain View High School Learning Community connects with students in a high energy, positive environment that values academic integrity, personal accountability, and rigor. 

    Mountain View High School’s Mission: 

    The Mountain View Learning Community will recognize and support the individual needs of all students.  The community will encourage all students to pursue opportunities beyond a high school diploma. The community will empower students to explore their natural curiosity and creativity and will encourage them to become healthy, independent thinkers, lifelong learners, and productive global citizens.


    Goal 1: We will provide and promote opportunities for our students, staff, and community members to interact in a variety of forums that educate and inform on topics that emphasize a positive school culture.


    Goal 2:  We will utilize community of learners made up by cross curricular and homogenous groups to establish strong PLCs. Each PLC will focus on student achievement, building relationships to cultivate an environment where students feel safe to take risks and are involved in implementing school wide initiatives that promote social-emotional well being. 

    Additionally, we will provide several school-wide initiatives where students can be involved in social-emotional well-being.


    Goal 3: MVHS will use available data to identify students who demonstrate readiness for the available programs and will increase the use of social media platforms to promote and allow for remote viewing of key MVHS events.