Hampton Oaks Elementary Mission and Vision

  • Hampton Oaks Elementary Motto Hampton Oaks Elementary Mission

    • All students are our first priority, therefore we create a student-centered learning environment. We take risks, reflect on our own teaching practices, learn from others, and collaborate to improve instruction. We communicate honestly and respond with urgency and integrity. This approach fosters self-worth within the community. 

    Hampton Oaks Elementary Vision

    • Our ideal school looks like a community that values the whole child, engaging them in life-long authentic learning. We do this by investing in each other: cognitively, socially, and emotionally. 
    • In our ideal school, we hear reflecting and questioning, positive specific feedback and affirmations, student-led discussions and accountable talk. We also hear respectful interactions among all members of the school community, which helps foster a culture of growth mindset. 
    • Our ideal school is welcoming, supportive, and collaborative. Students and staff feel empowered to take risks and challenge each other and themselves. We are passionate about creating meaningful relationships and a unified community. Differences are respected; families are valued.