• 5th Grade Rocks


    Dear Fifth Grade Families,


    Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!  I am pleased to have your child as part of my fifth grade class, and I look forward to a productive year.  This letter is a brief overview of important facts about what your child will be learning as well as some of our classroom procedures and expectations.  I am looking forward to an amazing, fun-filled year!


    The Envisions/Investigations Mathematics series will be used to help your student understand math concepts and become more successful in this area. We will be using the S.O.L. guidelines for this subject area to gear student assessments. Homework will be assigned weekly and will focus on reviewing the skills learned in class and to practice problem solving.  Your child will have an interactive notebook that he or she will need to take home every night from school and study. It is imperative that your child brings this notebook back to school every day so that new information can be put in it.

    Social Studies

    Fifth graders study United States history to 1865 focusing on the development of our nation.  Study guides will include information on important people and key vocabulary for each unit. Workbook notes taken in class will serve as a great resource to prepare for assessments.


    Students will explore the scientific method as they study a variety of concepts such as life processes, earth cycles, space, and energy.  Study guides will include information on important concepts and key vocabulary for each unit. Homework will be assigned daily to help better prepare students for tests. Assessments at the closing of each unit will be administered as well as some small projects assigned.  Please keep in mind that fourth and fifth grade standards are included on the end of course Standards of Learning assessment.  Daily review is critical to better prepare for this cumulative assessment.  Again, your child will have an interactive notebook that he or she will need to take home every night from school and study.  It is imperative that your child brings this notebook back to school every day so that new information can be put in it.

    Word Study

    We will be following the word study program, similar to what was done last year in fourth grade.  The focus of word study will be use of context clues, roots, and affixes.


    We will be practicing a variety of styles following the six traits of writing process.  Through continued practice, both in school and at home, students will become more confident expressing their ideas on paper using detail, proper grammar and mechanics.  Spelling is only checked on the final drafts; however, grammar will be assessed in all writing.

    Class Library

    Each day your child will have the opportunity to participate in silent reading for at least 20 minutes.  Students are encouraged to read at least one on level A.R. book each week and demonstrate their comprehension with the successful completion of an A.R. test.  The secret to becoming a better reader is simply to read. I hope to spread my love of reading to each and every child in Room 46.


        Time will be provided during the school day for independent reading and students are encouraged to read at home as well. There are times that I will assign a worksheet for homework that we are working on in class.  This will help reinforce the skill we are covering and also help with increasing fluency and comprehension. Students are expected to justify their responses with evidence from the text.


        Students will participate in mastering the objectives of the D.A.R.E. program which meets once a week on Wednesdays throughout the first semester.  Every student will be issued a t-shirt to be worn each D.A.R.E. instruction day. An essay is written and presented by each student at the end of the course analyzing what they have learned.


    Assignments will be sent home for each night except Friday and should take students about an hour or less to complete.  Students will be asked to write their homework assignments into their agendas during the day. Please check and initial your child’s agenda daily for confirmation of completed assignments and receipt of other important information for parents and guardians.

    Make-Up Work

    Each student is asked to bring a note stating the reason for his/her absence the day they return. Students who miss school will have the classwork collected and stored on his or her desk.  The student is responsible for completing that work and turning it in. If you are able to pick up your child’s assignments in the afternoon, please call and I will prepare the folder. I encourage your child not to be absent if at all possible because some very important skills will be missed.

    Friday Folders

    Your child’s papers will come home in a special folder every week.  Please sign the inside sheet and return it with the folder the following school day.



        Feel free to come in and eat lunch with your student on this special day! Birthday treats are shared in the cafeteria during lunch. Please keep in mind that we have children with food allergies in our class. Kindly send me a note or an email before bringing in treats for the class. There are some nut free treats I can recommend so that all students are included.


        I look forward to working with you this year as we grow our brains and build lifelong learners.  I can be reached via email, note, agenda or the school telephone number listed below. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.  Looking forward to a great year!


    Ms. Brenda Piacenti


    (540) 658-6280


  • Fun Run is Thursday, Sept. 21, at 10:30 a.m.  Parents are welcome to come cheer their students on.  Please check in at the office upon your arrival.

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