Hey Everyone! 

          MS. Hamner on this end!  Boy I really miss all of you!  What a way to end the school year.  Talk about a long summer!

          I want to encourage you to stay safe and healthy.  During this time please partcipate in some of the Virtual (distancing learning).

         There are also the websites that we have used in class available.  Dreambox, I-station, SolPass, JLab, ReadT%heory, and of course 

        XtraMath.  These will help keep your minds sharp and you won't forget what we have learned and been working on all year.  

        Stafford County has provided a packet of activities for you to be used March 26 - April 6. Hard copies can be picked up at school

        when they are serving lunch.  As we get more directives or instructions, we will also be offering additional resources and lessons

         on Google Classroom and this webpage.  Keep those brains growing!!!!


                If you need any help please call, email, or text me,  Monday- Friday, 12:00 - 2:00.


                                                       i miss you and I am here for each of you.

                                                                                         Ms. Hamner