• Battle of the Books

    Reading competition  



    Battle of the Books is a reading program in all middle schools in Stafford County.  All the students participating in the Stafford county Battle of the Books will read from the same list of 15 books, chosen by the librarians in the county.  During the school year each school will have games, activities and contests with the students to prepare them for the final competition.  In January each school will bring the final, competing team to a countywide competition.  At this final competition teams will participate in elimination rounds until only one school team remains as the countywide CHAMPION OF THE BOOKS!

    Students in any grade can try out for the Drew Battle of the Books team.  Students will hear about the program during a visit to the library in the fall and practices will begin in in September. 

    The competition

    The questions used for practice and the countywide Battle of the Books competition are very specific and will require students to remember many details about the books.  The librarians have prepared 500 to 1000 questions for each book on the list so students will need to read carefully!

    Final competition team

    The final team representing Drew will be made up of students who are experts in the books.  Those students who would like to participate in the final competition representing Drew should strive to read as many books as possible.  However, it is even more important to remember the details of the books you read so pay close attention to characters and events as you are reading.