Attendance Office Information Page

  • All attendance related email messages should be sent to this address:


    Please include the following in your email:

    +Student's name
    +Reason for absence/tardy/etc
    +Parent contact information


Attendance Policies and Procedures

Reporting an Absence

  • When a student is absent, parents are responsible for reporting the absence by emailing our attendance office or calling the school. A written note is not required if the parent has submitted an email to our attendance office or called the school to report the absence.

    Attendance office email address:

    If a student is out for an extended time, more documentation may be required. See the SCPS Code of Conduct for more information.

Tardy Information

  • Mountain View has two types of tardies; Late to School and Tardy to Class.

    Parents are encouraged to send a note, write an email, or call the school anytime their child is late to school for an excused reason. 

    Attendance office email address:


    Late to School

    Students that arrive after 7:30 a.m. are considered Late to School. Discipline is assigned once the student accumulates three or more late arrivals.


    Tardy to Class

    Students that do not enter their classroom door by the bell each block are considered Tardy to Class. Discipline is assigned once the student accumulates three or more tardies. 

Pre-Arranged Absences