• Students taking AP courses: This is a reminder that AP test fees are due by Oct 21, 2022. AP Tests will only be ordered for students who have selected yes to take the test in Collegeboard.org. Please see Mrs. Muise in Counseling if you have any concerns regarding testing fees and payment. Please only come by in the morning before school, during lunch/Powerhour, or after school (not during class or between classes).

    • AP Exam Fees:  $97.00
    • AP Capstone Courses (Seminar/Research):  $145.00

    AP exams are required, unless you specifically opt out.

    Use the link listed below to make an online payment for AP Fees:

    Click this link for Online Student Payment Portal option

    Important Dates

    • Friday, September 30th -- SCPS Grant Form Due Date (return in person to Counseling Department)
    • Friday, October 7th -- Notice of SCPS Grant Awards
    • Friday, October 21 - AP Agreement letter
    • Friday, October 21 -- AP Exam Fees Due
    • Friday, November 18 -- Dual Enrollment (DE) Fees Due 




    AP Exam Fee


    AP Capstone (Seminar or Research)


    Dual Enrollment (English, History, STAT)


    Dual Enrollment CGS Chemistry


    DE Teachers For Tomorrow I


    DE Teachers For Tomorrow II


    IB Exam Fee



    • Restocking fee:  $40 per exam for failure to opt out of a test by November 1st
    • Late Fee: $40 per exam

    Late testing reasons:

    • Academic contest/event, Athletic contest/event
    • Conflict with IB or Cambridge exam, nationally or state-mandated test
    • Disabilities accommodation issues
    • Emergency: Fire alarm, serious injury, illness, or family tragedy
    • Closings: Religious holiday/observance, election, national holiday, or natural disaster
    • Two AP Exams on the same date at the same time

    Please download and print out the forms below. Mrs. Muise will not be taking electronic forms (getting them emailed), so please print out and have your student drop off the form if needed.

    2022-23 AP Letter