• Welcome to the GVES Focus Program!

    In Stafford County Public Schools, differentiated "gifted" services are provided in elementary through high school for students who have been identified in general intellectual aptitude or in a specific academic aptitude, verbal-linguistic or logical-mathematical.  GVES parents, students, and teachers participate in the identification process for the need for gifted educational services, and work together to develop students' abilities/talents through appropriate learning experiences and environments.  Identification for the need to deliver gifted services is determined by the use of ability tests, student work samples, parent survey, student observation/interview, and teacher observation.  If you believe that your child has exceptional ability in any of the above areas, or you would like more information, please contact me.


    WordMasters Competition

    Students are offered the opportunity to participate in the WordMasters competition.  WordMasters is a vocabulary based competition that challenges students to complete analogies based on words they have learned.  WordMasters will be held 3 times a year, with competions held in December, February, and April.  This year, students will have access to the definitions via "Student Resources" before each competition.  The second word lists are in! 

    Math Contests

    In grades 3-5, students are offered the opportunity to participate in monthly math contests.  These contests involve problem-solving skills.

                                                                                                         Focus Referrals

    New Focus referrals must be requested by Feb. 1st.  This gives time to do a fair evaluation.

           Field Trips - 

    As a culmination to a "Lincoln's Assassination" unit, 5th grade students will be going to Ford's Theater on April 21st.  More information to come...