Welcome to Third Grade!!!

    I am so excited to take on this year! Third grade will be an awesome year filled with new challenges and opportunities to grow. This year we will be doing so many amazing things that help us to become critical thinkers and learn in several different ways. I am looking foward to watching every child grow into thoughtful students and bright young kiddos throughout the year. I will be by their sides the whole way! 


    Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset...

    We want to instill a growth mindset in all of our students. What does this mean, you ask?? A growth mindset is where students believe that they are capable of expanding their intelligence and capabilities through hard work and perseverance! We want to praise students for their hard work and encourage them to never give up, even when faced with a challenge. There is no such thing as a "limit" to a child's potential! Even when mistakes are made, there is opportunity for growth. I am excited to help students grow and believe in their incredible abilities this year.



    I look forward to working with parents to make sure their students recieve everything they need to have the best year possible. I truly believe every child is capable of incredible things. Let me know if there is anything you may need:




    Bring on the year!!!