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    As the leaves begin to fall, and the Autumn chill begins to fill the air, we also wrap up the 1st quarter of 4th grade. I am so proud of the progress that I have seen from your children in the 1st quarter. For many of them, they had to adjust to a new school, and they have worked so hard to do that! I am exastic when I think about the progress they have had, and it mades me even more excited to think about the progress we will see at the end of the year. Students have worked hard this quarter to establish routines, understand expectations and adjust to a new school year. Thank you so much for supporting your little HAWK and for supporting our classroom and school. 

    Please check and SIGN your childs agenda/planner daily for any upcoming test, important dates or reminders. Weekly folders will go home every Friday, and need to be returned on Monday. Please check for the "Sign and Return" stamp on any papers. In addition to the planner and Friday Folder, you will also receive a monthly newsletter with information regarding important dates, testing and information about the curriculum. 

     Reading is very important to your child's vocabulary and comprehension development in 4th grade so please encourage them to read nightly and to challenge themselves. You can help your childs reading comprehension by asking them to read to you, reading aloud to them, or asking them questions while they are reading. Please let me know if you or your child need help with picking books, or if you need additional resources. 

    Thank you for your support! It would not be possible without YOU!