• Welcome to the Grafton Village Math Specialist's Page!

    My name is Stacie Batchelor and I am the math specialist at Grafton Village. This means that I work with teachers, students, and parents to promote the awareness and value of math in school, home, and everyday life. It is important that students understand how math ideas connect to their lives and to feel that they are capable of solving math problems. In my role as a math specialist, I work with teachers to increase their understanding of how children learn mathematics so that they can provide opportunities during instruction for students to make sense of the math for themselves.   As a resource and coach to teachers , I model best practices in teaching and learning mathematics in the classroom and during professional development. This includes collaborating with teachers and administrators to collect, analyze, and use data to inform instruction in meeting the needs of all of the students at Grafton Village.  
    I am committed to helping our " Grafton Grizzlies" reach their potential by becoming mathematical problem solvers through the processes of communication, representation,  justification and reasoning while making connections to other math ideas, other areas of the curriculum and to their everyday life.