Sailing into Third Grade with Mrs. Morrish 



    Dear Wildcat Families,


    I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy at home. I greatly miss being at Widewater Elementary interacting with and teaching my wonderful 21 students. Even though we can't be in the classroom learning together, the third grade teachers are currently working on creating resources that your children can access at home to expand their learning of what we learned this school year. Your children also have access to  different instructional online resources for math (Dreambox) and reading (i-station) that we would use at school on a daily basis. Your child can get on these websites by following these steps listed below. Please feel free to email me at morrishad@staffordschools.net if you have any questions or concerns.


    Mrs. Morrish


    Steps on How to Get onto Dreambox and I-station

    1. Go to the Widewater Elementary School website homepage

    2. Click on Student Resources

    3. Click on the Clever icon

    4. Click on sign in with google (The log-in information should be in your child's agenda. If they forgot this at school, feel free to email me and I can help you get this information.)