• Welcome to the Widewater Elementary Preschool Program. Our classroom is an inclusive learning environment that consists of students with and without special needs. We strive for a warm, welcoming, language-enriched environment where all children have fun and learn. 

    Our curriculum is aligned with the Virginia State Standards for Learning for 4 year olds which addresses such developmental skills as: Cognition, Language, Social and Emotional, Self Help, and Fine and Gross Motor. Math, Literacy, Social Studies, Science, and Arts are learning areas which drive instruction. The guiding priniciples for our classroom include:

    • Children learn best through active involvement with people, materials, events, and ideas. 
    • Consistent adult support and respect for children's choices, thoughts, and actions strenghten a child's self-esteem, feelings of responsibility, self-control, and knowledge. 
    • Children learn best when immersed in a positive, consisitent, and predictable routine. 
    • Children greatly benefit from a language enriched environment. 


    Mrs. Chris Morales

    Early Childhood Special Educator