• Welcome to Mrs. Zant's Fourth Grade Class.   Room D 031 (bottom floor on the right :)

     I am looking forward to a beautiful year with you.  Please check our web page often for important information and dates.  


     Welcome to Mrs. Zant's Fourth Grade



Class Announcements

  • Fourth graders are continuing to work hard each day! We have been learning fractions and will continue to explore them by comparing, ordering and finding equivalents. Look for fractions at home and while out and about to further practice that skill in the real world. As always it is important to continue practicing math facts throughout the year, fractions is another way to show division, which is related to multiplication.

    As you might be aware our students have Google accounts and we are using GAFE (Google Apps for Education). Please note that this is not an email account. Students have access to creating and sharing documents with the teacher and other classmates. GAFE also includes Blogs, a Shared Drive, Slides, Sheets, and of course Docs. Have them show you what we have done so far.

              In Science we are beginning our unit on organisms (SOL 4.3) and will be learning by doing our first research project. They will be learning about food webs, niche’s, habitats and animal classification.

             It’s not too early to begin thinking about an experiment for this year’s science fair! Each fourth grader will be required to complete a project at home. Specific information will be sent home sometime near Winter Break. Another great website for both Social Studies and Science review is solpass.org

              As busy as we are, we do take time each day for recess. With the changing weather, please be sure that your child is dressed appropriately. The fourth grade team appreciates your support! Check out our 4th grade adventures on Twitter Moncure Elementary 4th Grade @4thMoncure


    The Fourth Grade Team






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  •    Language Literacy Life

    Fall 2019

    Greetings Bear Nation!  What an incredible start to the 2019-2020 School Year.  We’re so delighted to welcome so many new faces to our new building.  Here in the literacy department, our year got off to a fun start meeting many of you at Back to School Night. Since then we’ve been busy! We are meeting with teams of teachers, analyzing assessment data and aligning resources to ensure ALL of our Moncure Bears build a literacy rich life. 

    This month we encourage you to support your children by simply reading aloud daily.   We marvel at the many languages spoken by our Moncure Elementary students and families. Sometimes, parents and guardians think that, “if I don’t speak or read English then I can’t help my child with school.”  This isn’t true! Stay involved because anytime you are reading, writing, listening or speaking with your child you are supporting their lifelong literacy. 

    This website readingrockets.org (and its sister site, ColorinColorado.org) have wonderful resources, in many languages!  We encourage you to check them out! 

    • At home, try to keep reading and writing a positive activity.  Don’t make it a chore.
    • Praise and encourage your child for effort, and be specific about what they do well.
    • When you finish a story, ask a few questions, or ask your child to draw you a picture of a favorite or important part of the book.
    • If you find that getting your child to sit still for 20 minutes each night is too hard, look for ways to read for smaller amounts of time. 5 minutes a few times a day adds up! 
    • Keep books in the car while you wait for a sibling at an activity or practice. You might even try waking your child up with a quick story. This helps even a stubborn sleepy head start the day in a fun way. 
    • Show your child how much you value reading. Let them catch you reading for your own enjoyment. Don’t worry too much about matching  ‘levels.’ Try to let them read what they’re interested in. Be honest, how often are you really reading a college level textbook for fun…? ;)
    • If you are struggling to find good fit books- ones that aren’t too easy or too hard, reach out to your child’s teacher, or one of us, we’re happy to help.  

    As parents of elementary students ourselves, we understand how busy the school year can be. We hope a few of these suggestions help you enjoy this fleeting time with your elementary age child.  As the saying goes, the days are long but the years are short.   

     Keep Reading, Bears! 

    Mark Your Calendars! 

    Lasagna and Literacy is Coming! Tuesday,  October 29th Join us for a night of family literacy activities, learning opportunities, food and book giveaways. Look for more information to come home with your child soon! 


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